The Pennsylvania School Health Law mandates the following immunizations:

    2023-2024 Immunization Requirements

    1. Your private health care provider 
    2. PA Department of Health Immunization Clinic: Call for information and an appointment, (814) 865-0932.


    The Pennsylvania School Health Law requires a physical and dental examination for all Kindergarten and New Students.
    It is recommended that these examinations be completed by your personal physician/dentist.  An examination performed 12 months prior to the start of school and any time during the school year is acceptable. Please return the completed Private Physical Exam Form/Private Dental Exam Form to the school nurse.  A computer generated physical form from your healthcare provider which includes a review of systems is also acceptable.

    Physicals and dentals may also be completed by the school physician/school dentist, but please note these exams are only a screening and are not treatment oriented. Should a health problem be diagnosed, a referral will be sent home for parental follow-up. To request the school screening health exam, please complete the School Physical/Dental Request (see website under forms) or speak with your school nurse.