Resources for Families, Teachers, Tutors, and Readers

  • The brochures below are provided by author and reading expert Jim Trelease and are also available as downloads from his website. Additionally, offers additional brochures and information, as well as translations of these brochures in several other languages.

  • If you enjoyed what you read above, please check out these great links:

    • Excerpts from The Read-Aloud Handbook - a personal favorite of mine-- though my own copy is too dog-earred and cluttered with Post-Its, you'll get so much from the portions of Trelease's site
    • Trip to Fenway - a great read-aloud excerpt to try out with your middle grade student, particularly if he or she enjoys baseball
    • Ozma of Oz - another awesome read-aloud-- this time a little magical and a little mysterious
    • - Jim Trelease has endless great information to share about your young reader, his background, and some of our favorite children's authors. Find more on his site (above), or check out his publications for loads of great read-alouds and more information than you ever thought possible about the development of reading skills.