•  Generally...

    students who have Mr. Roth for SS will have Mr. Tranell for Science. 

    students who have Mr. Kellander for SS will have Mrs. Reed for Science

    students who have Mrs. Dougherty for SS will have Mr. Schmidt for Science

    (and vice versa :) 

    Grade 6  Course Description - This course of study is designed for students at any ability level. Using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), students will develop an understanding of “What Constitutes Life” and “Their Place in the Solar System” while incorporating physical science concepts of matter and forces.  To help students better understand the science concepts embedded in these units, the appropriate NGSS Science Practices and Crosscutting Concepts will be applied. Emphasis is given to the development of quantitative skills necessary for scientific measurement and establishing evidence based explanations and conceptual models.   Throughout the course students will develop good reading skills, motivation, perseverance and the ability to share thinking both verbally and in written form. The course includes hands-on/minds-on and STEM related activities, as well as laboratory experiences correlated with large and small group work.

Last Modified on August 7, 2021