• On behalf of the district’s transportation department, I’d like to welcome your incoming kindergarten student. 

    Some families may be in the process of arranging childcare.  I’d like to make you aware of district guidelines regarding school bus transportation to/from childcare sites.

    1. The childcare site must be located within the geographical attendance boundary of your student’s school. For example, if your student will be attending Radio Park, the childcare site must be located within the Radio Park geographical attendance boundary.

    2. There must be adequate seating space available on the requested bus. Students legally residing along the bus route receive priority.

    3. Students will be boarded/discharged at the closest available stop to their child care site. No new routes or stops will be created.

    4. The requested childcare transportation should be on a consistent five (5) day per week basis. It’s too confusing for kindergarten students, as well as school bus drivers and teachers with many students under their supervision, to remember different arrangements for different students on different days.

    5. The initial request, as well as any subsequent changes, must be made in writing to both the student’s school and the district transportation department. Requests are date stamped by the transportation department as we receive them, and assignments are made on a first come-first served basis.

    I would like to invite you to attend our Summer Bus Orientation Program.  Students, parents and siblings are invited to attend and learn about bus safety rules.  Enjoy a short bus ride around the neighborhood.  Registration is not required.  

    Van E. Swauger, Director of Transportation

    Tips for Kids

    At the Stop:
    Students should arrive at the stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Children should be respectful of other people's property and stay out of the street while waiting.
    Wait at the stop until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door is open. The red light will be activated at this time and the stop sign should be out.
    Never retrieve anything that falls beside the bus. Students should tell the driver or their parent/guardian.

    On the Bus:
    Children should remain seated on the bus, keep their hands to themselves, and should not yell or scream. The bus drivers will assign seats during the first weeks of school.

    Going Home:
    Kindergarten children wear bus tags. Please make sure that your child's tag is filled out correctly when you attend open house. The drivers will be checking the tags to make sure the kindergartners are getting off at the correct stop. If your child needs to go to a stop other than the home stop, please send a note to school and the office staff will give your child a bus pass for that day.


Last Modified on March 1, 2019