• Mrs. Shoffner’s Supply List:

    Only the bold items need to be provided by parents...all other items will be provided by the PTO this year!  Thank you, PTO!

    2 packs of Crayons (16 or 24 count)

    2 packs of Colored Pencils (12 or 24 count)

    1 pack of thin line markers (not Sharpies!)

    1 pack of regular markers (not Sharpies!)

    6 Small Glue Sticks

    1 dozen #2 Pencils (your choice)

    2 Erasers

    1 pack of Pencil top erasers

    Plastic Crayon/Pencil Box (standard size about 8”x 5”)

    1 Math Folder (no prongs, must have 2 pockets)

    1 Backpack folder for papers to go home (no prongs, 2 pockets)

    1 box of Tissues (no lotions, no scents)

    1 Set of Headphones-Please place in a separate Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. (whatever kind is comfortable for your child)

    1 container of Clorox/disinfectant wipes


Last Modified on July 9, 2020