• School Supplies!Thank you to our amazing and generous Ferguson Township Elementary PTO for purchasing most of the supplies that our students will need to begin our school year!  Our PTO will provide:

    * markers

    * crayons

    * glue sticks

    * sticky notes

    * folders 

    * pencils

    * playdough

    * white board markers


    What Should My Child Bring to School?

    • Headphones to keep at school
    • Change of clothes - we will keep these in a plastic dresser drawer in our classroom restroom
    • Daily Snack
    • Friday Folder
    • Backpack
    • Individual pack of Kleenex to keep in your student's cubby
    • Individual hand sanitizer
    • ChromeBook
    • ChromeBook charger - please remember to label your charger with your name!

    What to bring to school?

Last Modified on August 16, 2023