• I am so fortunate to have the ability to work with a span of grades (6-12) here at Delta. Though my role may change as you go from middle to high school, there are some things that stay the same:

    School counselors are advocates for students to succeed academically, emotionally, socially, and become career minded. 

    I do this with holding individual meetings, small group discussions, and classroom or large group presentations. 


    Some things to remember:

    -A counselor is not a disciplinarian. I can provide support to students in conflict or distressing situations but you will not see me for discipline. 

    -Everything you tell me in meetings is confidential and will only be shared without your permission if there is a safety issue regarding yourself or someone else. I try to be very upfront and inclusive with you in difficult discussions.


    In Middle School, some examples of why you may see me:

    -Career development activities

    -Conflict resolution and peer mediations

    -Solving academic challenges like organization, test taking skills, etc.

    -Support to new students making a transition

    -General emotional support and referrals to community counselors if need be

    In High School, some example of why you may see me:

    -Career development activities

    -Academic planning including scheduling courses each year.

    -Post-secondary planning and college applications

    -Anxiety or stress reduction 

    -General emotional support and referrals to community counselors if need be

Last Modified on July 11, 2023