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  • Thursday - LAST DAY OF 2ND GRADE AT LEMONT ELEMENTARY! It was a rainy, but memorable last day with friends saying farewell and enjoying our time together as a part of history. I have truly enjoyed having your children in class and am excited that I will get to see most of you at Spring Creek. It was bitter-sweet to say farewell to four friends who are moving to new locations across the United States! I hope you all have a great summer and an even better third grade year!

    Wednesday - Day 1 - I'm not sure who is more thankful: the kids for a half day or me for the coooool air and sunshine!  We started the day with highs and lows of our day at the class meeting. During math time, we enjoyed some free choice time on our chromebooks. I have to say that we've come a long way with independently working! the literate little friends wasted no time showing their skill as we practiced contractions and paid close attention to editing work for conventions! Readers shared their 'favs' of reading which led to discussion on the importance of reading fluently.] After an early outdoor lunch, we played Guess My Rule as Eli sorted the class into 2 groups. It's been another good day of 2nd grade!

    Tuesday - Day 5 - We welcomed 4th grade to our classroom for Book Buddies before wishing them well for Field Day. Math time was buzzing with students working toward their fluency goal. I admire the excitement they feel toward reaching the goal. We had an early Music time for our last at Lemont. After lunch, readers re-shelved books to the classroom library for packaging, then read on epic.  KONA ICE was a welcome treat for all in the afternoon. We celebrated Nate's & Ben's summer birthdays with some chocolate chip cookies! Having Mr. Swartz and his puppets as our special guests in the afternoon topped off the perfect day!

    Monday - Day 4 - We began with our class meeting where students celebrated and shared highlights. Next, I could hardly hold them back for math stations. Today kids played two multiplication games: CUPS! with Mrs. Williamson and ANTS at my station. They also independently tried their hand at multiplication on the IXL platform. Readers heard the of the riveting historical fiction book, I Survived the Hindenburg, and were thrilled to have choice reading time using books or Chromebooks. It's interesting to see that there is a mix of students who prefer each! Our final STEM class of the year produced many cute creatures who you should see coming home today. During writing time, we were surprised by some the PSU Men's Basketball players who popped in with a random act of kindness offering students ice pops and taking a moment to chat with them. This only seemed to further energize our authors who are intent on telling their stories. Playing Guess My Rule during Social Studies had kids on their toes, trying to identify the rule as they scanned the group. We also celebrated Olivia's and Rylans's summer birthdays today. Thanks for the treat, Olivia! 




  • Friday - Day 3 - I am so happy that Ms. Lloyd could be with the class today in my absence! They kicked off the day creating a celebratory poster for Eli, then worked on Math, engaged in reading stations and discussed their Scholastic News articles. Hearing Ms. Lloyd read the continuation of I Survived the Hindenburg was a highlight for many students. After lunch and Art, the class had the treat of being led in writing by a seasoned writer! Scientists ended the day with cutting and sorting animal pictures into the proper classes. Finally, students designed their wetland reptiles to hang from our ceiling during the final week of class! This class should be very proud of sharing their very best with Ms. Lloyd on this final Friday of 2nd grade! I'm so lucky to be their teacher!

    Thursday - Day 2 - Multiplication stations had kids fired up. Readers cleaned their book boxes and narrowed selections to choice reading before practicing skills. After recess and lunch, they were happy to spend some time at PE with Mrs. C. for their last gym class as 2nd grade students. Writers embraced free writing and shared bits of their writing with peers to celebrate. Finally, we reviewed and practiced classifying animals into the five groups. They're getting quite good at this! Before the day was done, we received word the our very own Eli won TWO gold medals in the softball toss and the 50 M. So happy to hear the enthusiasm of this tight little community sharing in the celebration of his victory!

    Wednesday - Day 1 - Mathematicians participated in stations to practice fluency on Reflex and with a game called Close to 20. They also worked on repeated addition (aka- multiplication) in the DUO DICE game. Readers read fiction text. Writers created cards for our soon-to-retire Mrs. Ferretti and recorded their findings of plants and animals from Millbrook Marsh. We used Science time to sort and group animal characteristics into one of the five animal classes we've been studying. We celebrated Malachi's birthday with a compliment train and enjoyed the Popsicles he shared. Recess was a little wet, but this hardy class was thrilled to spend a little time playing in the sprinkling rain. 


    Tuesday - Day 5 - What a great day for a field trip AND our last Lemont Field Day! After a morning of mixed math and reading stations, we had great guides at Millbrook March! Ask your child to find out what they learn and what they liked best.  You can also check out our Twitter page to see some pictures. Upon our return from the marsh, kids had lunch in the cool of the classroom before heading off to field day with Mrs. Snavely! We finished our day with a class meeting where many reported tug-of-war as a favorite activity. Kids also voiced gratitude for being outside most of the day. 


    Monday - Day 4 - What a beautiful day for camp day in 23! Kids were cozy in the cool air as they read and even wrote during camp time.  A little treat served by peers was an added bonus. Mathematicians used calculators to solve 3-digit addition and subtraction problems. They chose from money and time concepts to practice on IXL and met with me for challenges at the brown table. STEM time produced tiny critters with eyeballs among other things. Writers worked on the final steps of a special project and continued working to create a fiction or nonfiction writing of their own choosing. Our final period of the day today was spent enjoying those camp day activities again!


  • May 28 - 31, 2019

    This week students have taken their unit 7 assessment. Those will be in their folders on Thursday, the 30th so that you may see how your child did on the test. We are continuing to work on strategies for subtraction of three digit numbers and for subtraction across zeros.  Many have a strategy that works for them, while others are exploring what is most efficient, accurate and supports understanding of the concept. At math stations, we are also practicing telling time, playing games to strengthen addition and subtraction within 1,000, and taking on challenges to support comprehension and confidence in solving problems. Number Corner activities are targeting the above math goals. During reading time, we are focused on reviewing characters and setting, point of view, and comparing and contrasting different texts. Writing time has certainly evolved. Kids are now working on the writing process using Google Docs. They plan, draft, revise and edit to prepare a publishable piece. This week also brings a special focus (and hard push) for students to independently edit for 2nd grade conventions. Learning the traits of five animal groups will lead to students classifying animals into one of five groups by the end of the week. By the time we go to Millbrook next week, we’ll be ready to identify our reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals and birds. Social Studies work keeps us all growing as citizens and students! Sorry about the rainy days~I'm thankful for the cooler temperatures which make it a little easier for studnets to enjoy these last weeks! 


  • Friday- Day 4 - Students worked on adding and subtracting 2 & 3 digit numbers, adding money and making change. Practicing solving story problems on IXL supports their ability to use a digital platform to respond to questions. Readers examined Charlie and Lola in I’ve Won, No, I’ve Won, to observe their characters and make predictions about how they would respond based on what they know about the characters from reading several books in the series. After recess, lunch and STEM, authors shared story ideas with the class and worked on creating. We ended the week hosting our first grade book buddies. Hope you have a restful and fun holiday weekend!

    Thursday- Day 3 - Practicing solving story problems & fact fluency as well as stations made certain everyone has the chance to sharpen skills for our upcoming unit test. Readers continued to show what they know, reading 1:1, practicing vocabulary and phonics. Writers considered where the most entertaining stories come from in our lives, and declared their favorite type of writing, fiction or nonfiction. We have many creative minds in here! Social Studies involved multiple skills as students worked to Guess the  Rule in a sorting game of their peers. This crew is keeping it collected in these final weeks!! 

    Wednesday- Day 2 - Math stations gave students time to hone their skills and work to solve challenges. Ask your son or daughter to see what they focused on today. Readers worked on words, read self-selected books, and checked in for Spring assessments. It is nice to see the progress they’ve made, as well as more evidence of growth. Thank you to all of our families and students who so kindly shared their picnic lunch time with friends! What a compliment to our community that folks have an extended ‘family’ to enjoy these special times. After Gym with Mrs. Constable, students returned to compose letters to our outstanding schoolmarm from Boogersburg. They used the information gathered on their visit to compare and contrast school of long ago with those of today. Finally, we built arrays and recorded dimensions and equations for each.  

    Tuesday- Day 1 - Classmates toiled to solve story problems using varied strategies. Everyone got compliments from Miss Thomson for their conduct at Boogersburg. Our schoolmarm led the class in cursive writing and a sack race after giving the a tour of the old time school--complete with an outhouse. Chekc out our Twitter page for a few pictures. After lunch & Library, kids polished off unfinished letters and Wetland Journals. Everyone seemed pleased to have Reading in the afternoon. Looking forward to the picnic tomorrow~

    Monday -  Day 5 - Students put skills to work as they read and solved story problems.  Students shared strategies with the class and demonstrated multiple ways to arrive at the same answer!  Readers used all they’ve learned about series book club characters to generate a list of characteristics that they notice are true in all books in a series. Our new calendar grid card is making the hidden picture a little more clear and students are eager to get to the end of the month to see what we reveal. An all class STAR ticket and compliments were earned in Music. We revisited everyone’s first grade writing and composed letters to our soon to be third grade teachers in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Arkansas and Texas! We finished the day by recording what we’ve learned about our favorite habitats. Tomorrow is our trip to Boogersburg School!


    Friday - Day 4 - The class posed story problems, then partners worked together to solve selected problems. Check folders for evidence of their math thinking. Readers learned that getting to know characters in a book can be much like getting to know a friend and that you can soon predict what the characters will do or how they respond in situations. Word work with Mrs. W rounded out reading time, along with Series Book Club reading and 1:1 check-ins. Our class meeting revealed what kids feel is going well in their learning community, and what could use improvement. There sure are a lot more of the first!  After lunch & STEM, kids took their spelling inventory and found number neighbors on the 1,000s chart. Scientists settled on their favorite habitat and began exploring to learn more on National Geographic Kids. We finished off the week with silent ball and sharing excitement for the weekend.

    Thursday - Day 3 - We kicked off the day warming up for math, then learned a new game in which students use an unbalanced spinner to race to 300 depending on the character they choose and the outcome of spins. Many are making connections to similar games from their experience, and are beginning to think strategically about which character to choose in order to increase the likelihood that they’ll win the game. Readers worked on vocabulary, phonics with Mrs. Williamson, and began showing what they know on Spring reading assessments. We raced to 1,000 during Number Corner time, wrapped up loose ends in Writing and moved on to Science. Students viewed a video about the different habitats around the world as a springboard to begin learning more about a self-selected habitat tomorrow.

    Wednesday - Day 2 - We began with students working on a wetland word search & moved on to fluency--all before boarding the bus for our field trip.  Thank you parents, for sending me children mindful of their manners, not only at school, but also on our adventures into the community! Watching The Prince’s New Pet on stage was quite an experience and many students shared varied feelings that they experienced throughout the show. Please talk with your son or daughter to learn more about how they perceived the musical. After lunch, students were off to Gym, then worked on friendly letters to thank all those responsible for making today’s FUSE show possible.  This afternoon we also celebrated National Chocolate Chip Day. (Yes, it is a holiday if you search hard enough.:)) A treat and extra recess was a reward earned with All Class STAR tickets. The Recess Box which our class won for being the highest earning class in Jump Rope for Heart arrived today, so that made the extended play period for our class even more fun--and they deserve it!

    Tuesday - Day 1 - Math time was also technology time today as students worked to show what they know on the Spring Math MAP. Readers looked inside the fishbowl to witness book talks about characters, then practiced with their own book clubs, before reading more in their series. After lunch, Mrs. Snavely escorted the class to our ever-changing library where there are continual improvements taking place to support all students in locating books. Writers were treated to free write, using not only their generated ideas from yesterday, but also putting those adjectives to work! Students continued to decode the clues to reveal a plant native to Australia--the gum tree. Finally, students continued learning about wetland food chains as they were assigned the name of a producer, primary consumer or secondary consumer and created their own related food chain with classmates. Many wanted to be the carnivores or secondary consumers, which led to great discussion about why there are different amounts of each group in a habitat. Love this class ~  Tomorrow, we're off to see the Prince's New Pet at Schwab Auditorium at 9 AM, then we'll be back in time for lunch!

    Monday  - Day 5 - This class impressed from the start following 6 steps to log onto their laptops and warm up with a practice MAP test! After a morning meeting, everyone logged in and worked on their personal best for the reading MAP. Afterward, we relaxed with the read aloud of The Prince's New Pet. Next, we packed pencils and tiny tablets and headed to a very special presentation with Brian Anderson the author and illustrator of this very book! There, he taught us that two keys to writing a story are to write a lot and read a lot! He also showed us how to plan the 'skeleton of a story in less than 15 minutes. Budding authors generated ideas for characters, and story lines, jotting notes in their tablets as Mr. Anderson used student input to create the foundation for a story about a flying baseball player named Leo who encounters the trouble of 'Jetpack Boy' a.k.a. the 'bad guy.' Students continued to use their imagination in writing as they illustrated adjectives. Hearing some opinion writing was an inspiration to authors and the "Oohhs & Aahhs" were audible as they listened to classmates' work. Students solved 5 more clues using the calendar grid and are still perplexed about what the image will be. Constructing rectangles and noting their dimensions rounded out our Number Corner time. Memories are sharp with scientists recalling the names of the different levels of the wetland food chain as we learn more about the producers and consumers!

  •  May 6 - 10

    This week in math we made fraction bars, played fraction races, conducted trials with 1/2:1/2 spinners and 1/4:3/4 spinners and recorded and compared our data. Students also used Work Places to practice adding and subtracting decade numbers and 100s, estimating and measuring. The calendar is keeping us guessing with daily clues to identify the mystery object. Today they began to solve different math expressions to decode another mystery picture on the 1,000s chart. We're also looking at arrays, naming their dimensions and generating related equations. Readers were excited to select start their series book clubs! We've been learning about how to get to know that characters in a book, identifying character traits and also paying attention to how the character responds to problems to learn more about them. Students also enjoyed some Book Buddy time in our classroom and we've just begun our Spring check ups. Writers have been working on a special project this week, using adjectives, action words to create a poem for a special occasion. I think you will see these before the new week starts. :) Science has found us exploring the wetlands & learning more about habitats and the food chain. Next Monday and Tuesday, kids will log onto their laptops for Spring MAP.  

    Happy Mothers Day weekend to all!




    Monday - Day 5 - The class received a great report from Mrs. Fuller and several started the day off earning personal STAR tickets even before our AM meeting! We continued to practice public speaking and listening as kids shared weekend highlights. Math found students making fraction bars, identifying equal parts and finding playing a game called Fraction Races to practice new skills.  As an added bonus, we introduced the terms numerator and denominator. Ask your child about these to see what they know. Listening to Strictly No Elephants was a nice introduction to our fiction unit as kids 'noticed and wondered' throughout the story. Everyone shopped for fiction books and practiced more categorizing by reshelving their nonfiction titles. Writers explored adjectives and generated a class list to describe an important role model in our lives. They'll be using these ideas to compose their next work which you'll see at home before next week. After a sunny break, reviewed what a habitat is and began thinking about what belongs in particular habitats, like that of a guppy. These kids rocked the calendar clues today [and were so eager to decode the mystery, that they persuaded their guest teacher to complete the clues on Friday!   

  • Thursday - Day 3 - Taking a look at equal parts on IXL was the perfect warm up before looking at how we could cut granola bars to share equal parts with 2, 3, & 4 hungry ants. Kids used paper granola bars to test their theories on how the food could be divided into equal parts. Readers induldged in choosing fiction reading selections. They worked on words with Mrs. Williamson and some practiced fluency and comprehension at 1:1 checkins. After lunch, student enjoyed some free writing time as others finished writing 'long and strong' on their opinion writing. A look at our new May calendar revealed cards with clues which we've begun using a 1,000s chart to decode. It's hard to see a pattern right now, only two days in, but that doesn't stop students from trying! Science time reviewed living and nonliving and went a little further than identifying the 4 basic needs of living things. We learned the living things also grow, move, change and reprodoce. The class ended the day with some phoincs fun with Mr. Rockey. 

    Wednesday - Day 2 - After hearning the story ONE HUNDRED HUNGRY ANTS, Students worked in cooperative pairs to so find out how many ants would be in each line when of a greater group of ants.  Students selected problems based on their level of challenge. They used hundreds pieces, drawings and equaltions to find and prove their answers. After recess & lunch, authors practiced using all they know as 2nd grade writers to polish opinion pieces and create works of personal interest. Science time found studnets categorizing the objects they observed and recorded outdoors into living and nonliving groups. Next, they used a check system to determine if 8 common playground items were living or nonliving. Ask your child what 4 things living things need.  

    Tuesday - Day 1 - After the pldge & morning work, we learned more about army ants and made ant paths to compare lengths of their measurement. Readers are enjoying time to dive deeper in to nonfiction or read fiction selections. Library is always a hit. This week, kids will keep their book selections at school as next Monday is the last day to return library books. Writiers continued planning, writing, revising, and editing their opinion writing. Sharing time at the end of writing was very insightful as kids shared what they feel is going well and what is challenging for them.  I admire their honesty as they reflect on themselves as writers! Finally, we wrapped up the day with science with students noticing and recording all the items around them outside our door and on the playground.

    Monday - Day 5 - Kids warmed up with some centimeter measuring on IXL, then moved into math! We looked at and used different measuring tools for metric units and kids had a chance to put their centimeter rulers to work! Our calendar is providing many opportunities to look at equal parts and fractions and is making kids think about the patterns they see. Readers will continue to be assessed with their nonfiction reading this week as Mrs. Williamson continues to work with students on building vocabulary and recognizing spelling patters and their corresponding sounds. Mrs. K. gave a glowing report after Music, then writers began drafting thier opinion writing. Science time was fun as we looked at an enviroscape, complete with grass-clippings, dirt, construction, motor vehicle, farm and family by products. We took a look at what happens to all those things when the rain comes down. Where does all of that water go? How does nature help clean the water? Ask your child to learn what they know.

  • Friday - Day 4 - STEM is a great way to start the day. Our windowsill looks like a small greenhouse with all the innovative little planters in place. Students labeled their army ant rulers with numbers and used them to measure objects after making estimations. They worked in pairs to cut strips of paper and wind them up for measuring. Readers continue to wrap up nonfiction reading projects and showing what they know. The afternoon was filled with writing time allowing kids to select work they were proud of and complete creations before editing. A class meeting & Book Buddies rounded out our Friday. Watch for the May fitness calendars coming home in folders today.


    Thursday - Day 3 - Art was first on the schedule this AM. Afterwards, kids marched into the room ready to start our next math unit by learning about army ants. We learned many things about these little critters including that they're usually about 1 centimeter long. Students made their own centimeter rulers and began measuring about the room to identifymany different things that are about 1 or 10 centimeters long. Students also measured their plants' heights. Some sadly discoverd that a few of the plants don't look so healthy. During reading, kids worked on phonics and began showing what they know about reading and learning from nonfiction text. A quick AM break before lunch finished off our morning. After lunch, we had some fun in writing with a single squiggle!  It was fun to see the creativity juices flowing and the resulting illustrations and stories. Ask your son or daughter to learn more! Mrs. Williams met with us, teaching about dealing with feelings when we need to get calmed down. Breathing, which we practiced today, is just one tool or strategy for calming down. After an afternoon recess, we returned to think like scientists so that we may begin to tackle the wetland problem.


    Wednesday - Day 2 - After a long weekend, it can be tough to get back into the school routine, but everyone seemed up to the challenge.We warmed up using IXL to practice some double [and triple] digit addition and subtration with decade numbers before kicking off our new unit with a game called Race to the Cookie Jar. We assessed what students know and what they need to strengthen in this unit. You can read more about unit 7 in the letter coming home with your child today. Readers zoomed in on the fine features of the nonfiction book Biggest, Stongest, Fastest. We continue to practice using all the 'pieces' of a book to put information together in our heads to build new knowledge. We finally got to explore our rectanular arrays during Number Corner and learned if predictions were accurate before writing equations for their corresponding arrays. Writers worked on editing and revising with 2nd grade conventions as we anticipate our opinion writing assessment. Finally, after a sunny break, Bill Nye led us through the wetlands as only he can. Kids learned about how construction and development infringes on natural wetlands and changes environment. 


    This week, we worked on finding and naming equal parts and equal shares in math, amped up our fact fluency and honed skills in Workplaces. Specials and reading times were altered, but that didn’t trip anyone up in this class--he all-class STAR tickets just kept coming! Between working on Words Their Way with Mrs. Williamson, and focus-group instructional time, readers worked collecting new information to build new knowledge and are now creating posters to share that knowledge with others. Scientists were posed with a wetland problem and have begun hypothesizing about the cause and possible solutions. Writing time offered more instruction on how to share opinions as everyone worked to polish their opinion writing. (Ask them about their OREO writing to learn more.) Kids continue to practice editing independently for conventions! Pea and corn plants have kept us busy as we observe and  record their growth on a daily basis. There’s lots of growing going on; not just in the tiny planters.

  • Week 31 has been a busy one! So busy, that it appears I failed to upload the wink from day to day, so here's a brief overview of our week:

    Morning work time was productive as students used IXL to warm up their skills for Math and Number Corner. We used tesseleations and more quilt squares as we worked on solidifying equal parts of a whole, area, and symmetry. These will be on display at conference time, then coming home shortly afterward for you to see. Readers continued comparing and contrasting text on the same topic and had their normal small group and 1:1 checkins. Writing was a whirlwind of activity as students used chrome books and paper and pencil to EDIT for our basic 2nd grade conventions. They may be tired of hearing me ask, "Did you edit your work?" Science has been overflowing with more wetland observations and investigations. Our most recent look at condensation may have your child asking you for an icy cold drink sometime soon. If that's true, see if they can telll you what casues condensation to form on the outside of their glass. 

    Report cards and a field trip permission slip are coming home today. I've asked everyone to take responsibility for sharing these with you. I think your children are very good at knowing what they're doing well at school and what areas they need to work on. If you have any questions or concerns about report cards, please don't hesitate to contact me!





    Friday- Day 2 - Students worked on finishing their wetland writing, then contributed more plants to our frieze. We revealed the quilt that was put together in the form voted upon by students. Students practiced penmanship as they recorded two observations about the  quilt. Readers selected new nonfiction on Epic, some worked on fluency and accuracy with Mrs. W. while others did word work. We finished TOUGH! And the class discussion on empathy and thoughts on being ‘tough’ continued. These citizens certainly have a good handle on what it means to have empathy and the ‘right thing’ to do. After lunch and Gym, authors worked on editing their google documents for 2nd grade conventions, then enjoyed Free Write Friday as they finished. Fluency practice on Reflex / Xtra Math had kids on their toes and checking out their progress toward the end of year goal! Finally, we viewed Exploring Wetland Ecosystems to learn more about ecosystems and wetlands.

    Thursday- Day 1 - Mathematicians used 1 inch square models to come up with 2 possible quilt designs for their collection of 20 quilt squares. Readers worked on vocabulary with Mrs. Williamson, finished their comparison charts and continued to seek information in nonfiction books (based on their topic) on Epic. After Recess, Lunch and Library, students wrote their opinion about their favorite stuffie on Google drive. Noticing the patterns on our April calendar has been a challenge as we look at ‘wholes’ and parts of the whole. We wrapped up the day by recording the plants and animals each person added to the wetland and sharing the reasons why they felt it was a good addition.

    Wednesday - Day 5 - Some free Math app time warmed us up before moving on to check out the geometric patterns on Churn Dash Quilt Squares and then followed directions to create their own quilt square. Careful cutting of perfect squares to create triangles and rectangles kept kids on their toes throughout the process and the results were worth the effort. Readers continued working on comparing and contrasting text about one topic.  Small groups focused on reading varied text about popcorn to key in on similarities and differences. Writers learned how to write using Google Drive, to create and share a document. Scientists read in small peers groups to learn about plants that live in wetlands, then added their own plants to our wetland frieze.

    Tuesday- Day 4 - Kids kicked off the day by completing unfinished work, then reading with a  friend. In Math, we read The Cloak for the Dreamer, noticing the geometric shapes and author’s purpose. Next, students considered how shapes fit together in the story and worked on a new Workplace called Fill For Less in which they used pattern blocks to fill the area of shapes with the LEAST number of blocks possible. Readers selected a topic and found two or more texts on that topic. They are working on comparing and contrasting the information they learn from different books on the same topic. After recess, the kids recorded their topics to share with others and to receive digital reading on the same topics. Dr. Dishong was our guest STEM teacher today. Writers continued working on their favorite stuffy opinion writing, beginning to use not only reasons, but also examples of those reasons. Unveiling the second card on the calendar grid revealed another garden bed and sparked conversations about how to make a garden and divide it into equal parts. Everyone used their own garden bed to section into 4 equal parts or fourths and plan the vegetables to plant in each quarter. Finally, we finished the day with small groups reading and studying a wetland text. Students sought animals and plants that live in a wetland to help make our wetland frieze more accurate.


    Monday- Day 3 Many were excited to share their weekend events at our morning meeting, while others were eager to share April 1st pranks.  I however, am looking forward to hearing about your reactions to the pranks they report taking part in at home! Math time was no joke as we revisited what we’ve learned about AREA thus far, then worked predicting, ordering, finding, and representing the area of rectangles using square units. Students worked on literacy skills, reviewing and using some tricky homophones to complete sentences. Nonfiction reading kept us seriously working, too! Wwe got a glance at our new April calendar grid and found a raised garden bed! This month, we’re planting seeds so that we may collect and record data. Stayed tuned to learn more.Writers checked out seven stuffed animal friends and determined which they felt was best, then generated the reasons why they have this opinion. Finally, we began reading Wetlands Soggy Habitat to learn more about wetlands and what lives in there.



    Thursday- Day 2 - Finishing touches on wetland drawings started our day and now the artwork is on display in our hallway. Students learned two new workplaces in Math. ‘Find the Area’ & ‘Make the Area’ are activities that allow children to continue to practice the skills they’ve been learning the past three days. Literacy stations consisted of reading independently, word work and the practice of academic vocabulary for the science. It’s fun to see kids fine-tune their listening skills and to determine if the clues match the given vocabulary. Ask your child about “I Have, Who Has . . .” to learn more. Mrs. Fillman led the class this afternoon as I collaborated with second grade teachers. After Gym, kids enjoyed free writing with a focus on edit and good penmanship. Everyone practiced fact fluency with Reflex, then took a break in the sunshine before wrapping up the day with their 1st grade book buddies.


    Wednesday - Day 1 - What a welcome morning as everyone got some hands-on time with geoboards! Partners worked together to create shapes with a given area. Readers dug deeper into nonfiction, comparing the information they find in books on the same topic. (I forgot to mention that this class rocked the safety drill this week! They were quick to take flight and very responsible in our woodsy environment before returning to the classroom to talk about the drill.) After lunch and Library, kids were happy to have some free write time. Students have been working extra hard these days to independently edit for conventions to meet the growing expectations of 2nd grade. Conferences with students to proofread and review editing 1:1 writing reveal improvement and room for improvement. Scientists listened to a podcast of a wetland, visualized and drew what they believe to live there or see there.  


    Tuesday - Day 5 - Kids warmed up their hands and minds finishing up writing all about magnets. Reading nonfiction on laptops and in books as well as Words Their Way with Mrs. Williamson rounded out the time. Math was good old, hands-on fun as kids used different units to determine the area of different shapes. Everyone selected their own 2 papers to work on, choosing what best suited them! Mrs. O’Brien led the kids to and from Music today with her pipe as kids stepped and stopped to match the music! Writers tuned into conventions and complete, varied sentences. As look at the calendar started to come into focus as kids identified and counted vertices, faces and edges. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon. That was the perfect start to get us thinking about what we KNOW lives in a wetland. With that in mind, students made their critters and attached them to the whiteboard for our frieze that will be put together tomorrow!


    Monday - Day 4 - AREA was our focus in Math today. Students used triangular units to determine the area of shapes. They also used relationships of the amount of triangular units in trapezoids and hexagons to efficiently complete the task! Readers enjoyed the final two books Nelson Mandela & I Walk With Vanessa, in our Reading March Madness, and and majority of the vote went to I Walk With Vanessa. We shall see what book wins the most votes at Lemont after all the students have heard the stories! Readers read at 1:1 check ins and worked on vocabulary. We’re reading the conclusion of Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers. The climax of the story which we read today (discovering the the winner of the Super-Stinky Sneakers) led our class, quite naturally, into a discussion about hygiene. Families, you’re teaching your children well!  After lunch and STEM, we had Mrs. WIlliams as our special guest. She talked with the class about emotions and how to get calmed down. They even did a little song and dance to help recall the process. Finally, in a combined Science and Writing segment, students recorded what they know or have learned about magnets.

  • Friday - Day 3 - Following directions was at the forefront this morning as students cut 17 shapes and labeled them for storage until math time. Clues about geometrical attributes led students to eliminate shapes from their set and determine 3 mystery shapes. Readers had 1:1 checkins, worked on vocabulary and took some time to record and swap books.  Viewing 1st grade's recycled robots was a great opportunity for these 2nd grade citizens to display model STAR behaviors. After lunch and ART, we enjoyed Free Write Friday and students had checkins for conventions. This is something that all need to continue to work on as we approach the final trimester of 2nd grade. Growing fact fluency scores are evidence of regular practice & kids got a look at how the time spent practicing helps their score climb! Many are close to meeting the end of year goal for 2nd grade. Bill Nye the Science Guy shared his spin on magnatism in an interactive video with the same title.


    Thursday - Day 2 - Math time was shape-filled once again as students combined their 8 shapes, and then created their own categories in which to sort them.  As a class, we came up with 14 different ways to sort them! Readers worked on words with Mrs. Williamson, read in small groups, and partner read as they all worked on nonficiton. After lunch and Gym, writing diligently on persuasive / opinion writing had kids using some surprising terms like, 'buttering up' and giving plenty of reasons! Science time continued our free exploration with magnets and magnet making. We also found some surprising results as we tested magnet attration to objects such as the water spicket and walls of Lemont!


    Wednesday - Day 1- Students added one angle and one side to yesterday's triangles and explored many types of quadrilaterals. The created their own and used rulers as straight edges to draw the different shapes. Students practiced literacy in stations, choosing from personal selections, and working on phonics and word families. Spring Portraits were a welcome break in our day. We read Finding Winnie and Gaston as part of our March Madness Reading. Ask your child about their favorite book.  After Library, free writing filled authors' afternoon writing block and offered the chance to write about anything they like! Our March calendar is filing up quickly and so are the observations about patterns within the grid. We wrapped up the day with exploration of bar, wand, marble, ring and horseshoe magnets and some students magnetized pins to make their own magnet! (If your child didn't get a chance to do this, they'll have the opportunity tomorrow.) Thank you for all those Math papers that were returned! Happy Spring!

    Tuesday - Day 5 - Reflex warmed us up this morning before moving into Geometry. Students heard The Greedy Triangle and learned what happened when the triangle was dissatisfied and wished to have just one more side and one more angle. Next, they constructed triangles of varying sorts on their geoboards and made replicas of four different triangles on their papers. During Reading, students made predictions, recorded wonderings, found answers to questions and shared their thinking. We celebrated Cameron's birthday with a song and compliment train and enjoyed the cupcakes he shared after lunch. Thank you, Cam!  We also extended Seth's celebration from yesterday with a compliment train. Music time resulted in another all class STAR ticket! Writers used their whole time to write, and are beginning to really focus on their audience and add reasons to support opinions! Another round of fact fluency was in order today. Students' progress can be noted on the Quick Facts papers coming home in their folders today. Additionally, Unit 5 Math tests are coming home today for your review. Once you've taken a look, please return the paper to school for your child's file. Finally, students were full of ideas as they watched and responded to Magnets: A First Look. We ended the last day of Winter by getting new seating assignments and it was great to hear classmates greet and welcome one another to their new table sets!

    Monday - Day 4 - Students settled in this morning before beating me at a new math game, Last Shape In Wins. Next, everyone took a preassessment on geometry to help guide our instruction in Unit 6. Readers examined different types of nonfiction text and remained on the look out for nonfiction text features to help them put all the pieces together in their mind to build new information. After Recess, we sang Happy Birthday to Seth, who kindly shared cookies with the class after lunch. Thank you, Seth. (We did not get to do the compliment train at the end of the day due to our flurry of science activity, but we will extend the birthday celebration to tomorrow!) After S.T.E.M., kids returned to think about how they could use what they know about the audience of their persuasive writing to be even more convincing. Students studied the calendar grid, noting 3-D shapes and dialing in more details that are giving in the clues.  Ben & Christos were intrimental in offering that the V appears to represent the number of points or verticies on a 3-D shape. Lots of thinking is going into figuring out this month's pattern and I can't wait to see what they discover next! Finally, we finished the day testing another of our wonderings about magnets: Are two magnets stronger than one?  To learn more, ask your son or daughter about the mangets they used and the experiments they conducted to answer this question. Many other magnet-related discoveries popped up along the way! 


  • Week 27 found students with book boxes full of nonfiction as we kicked off  our next reading unit. They compared and contrasted fiction vs nonfiction and began noting the text features found in the books they've selected. During Math, completed unit 5, showing all their understanding of place value in digits up to 1,000. Exploring, identifying and continuing patterns of varying types offered opportunities to expand their algebraic thinking in multiple hands-on activities in which students built new arrangements to follow a sequence.  Writers were more than ready to share their opinion on many topics from favorite books to flavors of Cheerios. Everyone seemed to find their persuasive groove in writing when it came to writing about something they really want(ed).  Look out for these letters, Parents. (I aplogize in advance, because you have some very persuasive children!) Science was a hit as always as we experimented with different types of magnets and all tested their wondering(s) about a specific material within the classroom to see if a manget could attract through that material. They worked as scienctists do, following and recording the steps of the scientific method


  • Friday -  Day 3 - Mrs. Inman led the class today. Kids worked with broken chains in Math, seeking missing links. During reading, a little nonfiction reading about Dr. Seuss was combined with Word Work and reading practice. After recess, kids headed to lunch then off to Art. They heard and discussed the story We Are Grateful, then voted for their favorite between that title, and Let the Children March. The winning book will continue on in our March Reading Madness. Finally, Mrs. Inman sparked interest in testing one of our wonderings about magnets and led the students through the Scientific Process, preparing them for their own scientific exploration when we return from break. I hope you all enjoy a change of pace with your family this coming week!

    Thursday - Day 2 - More measuring and thinking in 100s, 10s and 1s filled our math time with fun activities using many of our 1,000 links. Readers participated in mixed stations, working on different Language Arts activities. We celebrated Sophia’s birthday with a song and compliment train before lunch and she share tasty treats with all. Kids earn a STAR ticket in Gym. Mrs. Williams visited us with a lesson on empathy, compassion and using self-control when we have a strong feeling or emotion. They may remember the Calm It Down Dance. Kids reviewed their progress in fluency, before practicing fluency.  Finally, we enjoyed some time reading with our Book Buddies and then everyone received  their Library Card Catalog License thanks to the amazing Mrs. Snavely. Look out! Some are sure they can drive with this official card they’re holding!

    Wednesday - Day  1 - It was a flurry of activity today as kids completed morning responsibilities, then worked in pairs to make links of ten from a tub of links. We looked at the length of the 10-link chains, estimated how long a chains of 100 would be, then got straight to work on creating!  We ended up with 1,000 links and did lots of estimating and thinking about appropriate measuring tools for each length along the way. Our work is strung around the room ready for our next math adventure tomorrow. We hopped on a bus to Houserville for our One Book, One School, One Community celebration, hosted by our amazing PTO and the folks from Carnegie Science Center. The later brought us ‘Science on the Road’ and hosted an entertaining, informative gameshow "Who Wants to be an Engineer?" After lunch, we headed off to Library, then authors returned to work on demonstrating all they know about being nonfiction authors. Finally, we had Reading Stations at the end of the day since we swapped it out for Science in the morning.


    CH S HB


    Tuesday - Day 5 - Some silly hair and hats brightened our day here.  We learned a new math game called Three Spins to Win, took a quick checkup to see how everyone is progressing with their understanding of money, and even had time for workplaces! Readers learned that as they grow, books get longer, and it is important to hold on to stories even when they are long!  Adding post-it notes to jot down main events or big ideas as they read is one way to help remind us what we’ve read. Let the Children March was our read aloud today and the first in a series of books we’ll be reading as part of our March Reading Madness! After lunch, kids had fun with Mrs. K. in Music, then returned to show all they know about being non-fiction authors. Finally we finished the day taking a look at and practicing the scientific process.


    Monday - Day 4 - What a fun way to start the week with all kinds of characters arriving to room 23!  The fun continued with a team math game, in which we competed to collect the greatest amount of money. Readers were focused and on the job as they met to work on words, read, and share their thinking about their reading. With a minus 1 real feel, indoor recess was the only option today. We read Pigs Will Be Pigs, making an interesting connection to math & money. After lunch Mrs. Snyder met us for STEM. Then as we read our classmates’ nonfiction writing, we picked out parts that made their work fun to read. Eli kindly shared Dr. Seuss pencils with the class by secretly slipping them into mailboxes. Thank you, Eli for the Seussical treat! A friendly game of Capture the Clock ended in two WINS for the class. Then, we added on more tens and one to our bank deposit and tallied the total. Ask your son or daughter how they total the tens and ones for more information. Kids were pumped to use magnets to tests their predictions and wonderings, finding what things in our classroom attract a magnet and what items do not. I’m sure they’re coming home with more wonderings along with their data sheet from our class today.



    Friday- Day 3 - Math time filled our first hour before heading off to our STAR Movie choices! Having comfy clothing and stuffies sure made this treat extra special. Our afternoon consisted of mixed literacy stations in which students were assessed, read, and worked writing. Number corner had us island hopping to different countries as we sought to write and solve equations for the country-related story problems. Finally, scientists found items in the room that could be damaged by magnets and labeled them accordingly. They may recall what types of things we should not put magnets on in order to those objects safe from damage. (ie computers, cell phones, clocks, document camera. . .)  

    Thursday- Day 2 - After making history with our 3-hour delay, kids came to room 23 and buckled down on math before heading to lunch.  We used technology to practice coin identification and counting. After lunch, readers met to work on Words Their Way, and some began showing what they know for our Winter assessment, and worked on their writing.  After Gym, math had us counting and comparing amounts of money. Then, we headed to the All Purpose Room to Celebrate Mr. George and his upcoming retirement! It was a fast, but productive day. Tomorrow is PJ day!


    Wednesday - Snow Day 

    snow day snow day snow day snow day


    Tuesday- Day 1 - Kids kicked it off with some coins identification and money counting on IXL. They can continue this at home if they wish. Mathematicians teamed up and played Beat You to $1.00 before heading out to Work Places. Reading clubs and word work filled our reading time, before continuing to learn about Nelson Mandela in our read aloud.  Mrs. Leydig led the afternoon. After kids returned from Library, they showed off skills editing and revising ebooks. They practiced fact fluency and finally got their hands on some magnets as they worked to sort shapes in to like categories based on some of their identified properties.

    Monday -  Day 5 - Despite our 2 hour delay, we had a productive day! In math, we learned & played a new game, Close to 25¢. Kids counted coins and found the total of their collection to determine a winner. Readers met with their small group book clubs reading about thing famous Americans in history, prairies, and school life in colonial days. Music with Mrs. K was abbreviated, but a nice change of pace for kids to sing and move! Afterwards, we finished Reading Workshops. Finally, we viewed a newly published book on Book Creator and worked on editing our work.  Students also voted on a PJ & Stuffy day for their next celebration, which we will have this Thursday or Friday.


    Friday- Day 4 - Friends finished work and read to self as they arrived. Everyone practiced listening and speaking at our morning meeting as we shared upcoming events. Math had kids subitizing with tens frames, adding on by tens and recording totals in their Jump Tens chart. They used similar frames to subitize HOW MUCH money they saw, then found different combinations of coins with the same value. Having your son or daughter count their piggy bank or your spare loose change would be great practice! Readers read digital books, worked on vocabulary and met in small group book clubs to discuss their texts. After lunch, kids were pumped about STEM and learning binary code. You may be surprised what their name looks like in this ‘language.’  Writers toiled at completing nonfiction books to publish electronically. We took a Quick Fact check up and you’ll see the results on Monday. Finally, kids used their senses, describing words, and magnets to help identify the items in our mystery envelopes. We’re all looking forward to more magnet exploration on Monday!

    Thursday- Day 3 - It is good to be back after two snow days!  This class was ready to go with Valentines in hand and lots of positive energy for distributing their items, but also respectfully pausing for the Pledge of Allegiance during our morning work time! We read Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink and without any prompting, students pointed out several lessons of the story! Ask your son or daughter to learn more.  After lunch, they were off to Art. We wrote letters of appreciation this afternoon and looked at our February calendar before taking a little time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We celebrated Emily’s 8th birthday with a compliment train and enjoyed all our treats! Thank you to all for the kind contributions to our celebration~especially the sweet people you send here each day!

    Wednesday- SNOW DAY

    Tuesday-  SNOW DAY

    Monday-  Day 2 - Mr. Radis lead the class today.  They learned a new math game called Jump a ten and everyone had a chance to practice/play.  Readers used nonfiction text to explore the history of some ot the unfair laws in our country and how they finally got changed. Maybe they’ll recall how Linda Brown and Thurgood Marshall helped shape history. Brayden had some help celebrating his special day with a compliment train and later shared a treat with the class. The class brainstormed what they believe they know about magnets and shared wonderings about magnets to guide our science exploration.


    Friday- Day 1 - We missed three of our classmates today. Sharing our plans for the weekend gave us a nice start to speaking and listening. Then, some friendly competition in a math game, Place Value Triple Roll, got our day going quite nicely as kids worked together to create three digit numbers to score big! Readers practiced academic math vocabulary and read on Epic or Raz Kids. We finished 100th Day Worries and have already moved on to the next 80 days! Library is always a hit with Mrs. Snavely. After selecting books, kids worked on their own book publishing in Writing and made some Valentine’s Day bags. A quick game of Capture the Clock led us to PM break. Ending the week with our 1st grade Book Buddies was another perfect end to the week!  Unit 4 math tests are coming home today along with Valentine’s Day lists.

    Thursday- Day 5 - Happy 100th Day! Kids entered to seek and find 100 numbered Hershey Kisses and recorded their finds on the 100’s chart. We’re beyond 100 in second grade so students worked together to tally the amount of 100’s in 1,000 as we took inventory or our unifix cubes to see if we’ve maintained the 1,000 cubes which were in our bins at the start of the year. Finally partners worked at Work Places. Fifth grade STAR Ambassadors visited and conducted review of STAR expectations. Literacy stations found students recording things they love about 2nd grade, working on vocabulary with Mrs. Williamson, and reading.  After lunch, Mrs. K. and the class were making music. We worked on using technology to improve our writing and later practiced Story Problems Around the World, making matching equations. 100th Day Worries was the title of our read aloud today, but kids here reported no worries other than finding all 100 kisses before the day ended!

    Wednesday- Day 4 - Estimating and counting ruled our Math time.  Kids worked in groups to efficiently count bins of sticks, then tallied the entire class’s number of sticks. Ask your child to find our how many we had.  Readers met with small book clubs to practice skills that boost comprehension and increase vocabulary. Mrs. W. led the way with Word Work. After Lunch and STEM, kids reconvenined to learn [and teach] how to use Image Quest to find images to use apply to their on work. I’m impressed that so many are familiar with copyright and are thoughtful about using images created by others. We played a game of Capture the Clock and tallied base ten pieces during Calendar Collector. Finally, we’re wrapping up transportation by ordering images of the different modes into order of oldest to newest. Filling out the transportation web seems to be a breeze for this crew and they agreed in unison that listing at least ten modes would be no problem! That’s the can-do attitude that no one can deny!


    Tuesday- Day 3-  After morning math, we had some visitors!  Mrs. Doherty and three PSU athletes and scholars came to share some read alouds with the class.  Ask your child which story was their favorite to learn more. It’s safe to say that Coach Doherty’s lesson on leadership left us striving to be at our best! Everyone was happy to receive a poster with one of our guest readers shown, as well as the team’s schedule. A little focus time to practice fluency and discuss how we can combine leadership & fluency as we look forward to our next Book Buddy encounter.  I’m feeling very proud of this class! Art time brought talk of landscapes, and fond memories of our trip to Palmer Museum. Writer’s shared technology skills they apply to help make their book its best. Story problems related to the flags on our calendar challenged students to write related equations. Finally, we finished the day by putting final touches on our timelines. If you’re at Lemont after Thursday, be sure to check these out in the hallway outside our room.


    Friday- DAY 1 - We’re right back to work after a day off for frigid temperatures. Math Work Places engaged students in multiple activities for practice. Readers each had 1:1 check in for fluency/comprehension. We learned about the history of Groundhog Day and also worked on vocabulary. Our new calendar grid revealed names and flags of different countries. This had kids pondering how many countries there are in our world. Library time was a blast from the past as Mrs. Snyder checked us out and bid us farewell with her memorable chant. Our class was outstanding throughout the field trip to Houserville for our One Book One School One Community kick off.  Kids got a sneak peek inside the new building, heard architects and construction workers answers to student questions and were introduced to our 2019 book, Architect Academy. Everyone will bring these books home today along with an accompanying activity sheet which give every child an opportunity to enter to win a rolling tool kits and one of four golden tickets which entitle  them to one of the first tours of the new school! Also coming home in folders today are winter MAP reports. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


    1/31/19 No school today due to extreme temperatures.


    Wednesday- Day 5 - It may be cold outside, but there’s no frost in room 23! These kids arrived ready to tackle the day and warmed up with Reflex before checking out our Snow People Threes chart and tallying up the sets of three in each row, writing repeated addition and multiplication problems for each. Next, students practiced penmanship as they recorded observations about the chart. Literacy practiced included reading, vocabulary and writing in the form of creating birthday wishes for Dr. D. After Recess, Lunch and Music, we held a class meeting and moved onto technology practice as students strive to put their writing into an electronic book. This class was excited about the extensive list of modes of transportation they generated during our Social Studies period!


    Tuesday- Day 4 - Students were thinking in threes as they viewed dot arrays, subitized a wrote related expressions. Then, they analyzed how repeated addition equations relate to multiplication equations relate to the arrays. Readers read self-selected books, worked on words and conferred. After lunch, Ms. Heim led the class in writing, Number Corner and Social Studies.


    Monday- Day 3 - It’s going to be a marvelous Monday! Starting the day at Houserville with our entire Lemont family gave kids plenty of time to socialize and visit before nesteling in to watch Monsters University. We boarded a bus around 10:00 a.m. and went back to Lemont, where students engaged in mixed Math and Reading stations before lunch. After Art, writers learned about Book Creator and began exploring with making title pages and tables of contents. The January calendar is winding down, so we’re checking in to see what students have been learning in Number Corner! This assessment was a great example of students following directions, even when we were interrupted by a fire drill! After a rather late afternoon break, we ended the day with a class meeting where students practiced speaking and listening as they shared events & highlights from their weekend.



    Friday- Day 2 - Fun Friday began with ‘showing what we know’ in Math & Measuring as students completed their Unit 4 Post Test. Afterward, kids dove into Work Places to enjoy practicing and applying skills with peers. Readers selected read aloud books to share with first grade book buddies, then applies all the skills they’ve been practicing to read with fluency. Some students wrapped up Word Work with card games, sorted words according to spelling patterns and noted new words. Ms. Park led the class for a brief period, and was impressed with work habits and student reading.  Practice identifying antonyms and synonyms is a welcome time as students play I Have, Who Has. . . , incorporating listening and speaking skills! Students returned from Gym with smiles, flushed faces and renewed energy. Students shared bits of their ‘writing moves’ by reading favorite portions of their nonfiction work. It’s pretty neat to hear peers’ compliments and see classmates inspired by one another! Students are becoming more skilled at working backward to create possible questions to match mathematical expressions and corresponding graphs During Number corner time. After a little afternoon break, these 2nd graders did not disappoint and were marvelous role models for our first grade reading buddies! It is awe inspiring when everyone has a positive experience to share. What a great way to end the week!

    Thursday- Day 1 -  What a quick & busy day! Kids were inspired by the winter weather at they toiled to find out how many circles the math class would need for each to make a (snow person). Students used a lot of different strategies to solve the problem and many shared their ideas with the class. The class practiced making voice match the mood with a few excerpts from Houndsley and Catina, then practiced with partners and traveled to stations for fluency and vocabulary.  Readers are also practicing their skills as readers and 2nd grade citizens in preparation to partner with Mr. Lutz’s first grade class as Book Buddies.  I have no doubt that this class will make great role models for our younger students in both areas. After lunch, kids were able to have a productive Library session with Mrs. Snavely before packing up and heading home. Early dismissal news made many students happy and we had ample time to be certain everyone was comfortable with departure plans, thanks to your preparedness as families. Thank you.

    Wednesday- Day 5 - Math students used what they know about the height of a 2nd grader to reason about how tall Jim and the infamous giant may be.  Work Places rounded out the Math time. Readers worked on words with Mrs. Williamson, practiced ‘talking like the characters’ and ‘reading to match the mood.’ These students are good at practicing with their Stick Together Partners too! Recess made this a wet Wednesday, but all but 3-4 students were eager to be outside, so out we went! After lunch, Mrs. K. had many compliments for the kids of this crew! We worked on writing, taking responsibility for proofreading, editing and even revising! Writing complete sentences with capitals and proper punctuation is a skill all 2nd graders should be doing independently at this time. Two class teams competed in a game of Put it On the Line, identifying century numbers between 0 and 1,000 on the number line. Finally, in Social Studies, we viewed How Communities Grow and Change. Ask your son or daughter to hear what they know about this!


    Tuesday- Day 4 -  Students had a math-filled morning using more non-standard units of measurement in finding the size of different items. The fraction practice we’ve been doing during Number Corner is coming in handy! Ask your son or daughter about the items outside ‘the giant’s castle’ that we’ve been measuring to learn more. Reading workshop was busy as students worked on words, applied alphabetical order and reviewed National symbols. STEM time was abbreviated due to the delay, but this class still enjoyed their time with Mrs. Snyder. Writers are finishing final author pages and working on their stories. Finally, we looked at and reviewed a timeline in preparation for students to create their own timelines of their lives.



    Friday- Day 3 - The next chapter of Jim and the Beanstalk found Jim and five friends at the giant’s door looking at the large tools and using nonstandard units to figure out how tall or long they are. Work Places rounded out the session with kids practicing skills for adding and subtracting. Readers celebrated Fun Friday with Language Arts activities, identifying and applying synonyms & antonyms, working on vocabulary, and comprehension. After Art, most writers were focused on producing not only neat work, but complete work! Chelsea updated our Calendar Collector, while Colin took care of the calendar grid, and then the class beat me in a game of Up to Ten, finding totals, differences and becoming familiar with the term subtrahend. Finally, students polished of projects for social studies and then practiced fact fluency or a math skill of choice on their laptop apps. Hope you have a nice 3-day break with your families.

    Thursday- Day 2 - There were more worms in math today. Today we met the yard worm. Kids compared them to the inch worms and foot worms and worked on converting measurements of each. Readers worked on showing all they know about reading! They worked on reading with partners, stopping to ask questions and talk about their reading. Everyone looked like they had a workout in Gym. We checked out the calendar grid and made an array that had greater than one half of its tiles red. The class was thrilled to finally beat me at a game of Draw, Add and Compare on the 100 grid! We read another letter from Emily, who told us about the log cabin she lived in long ago. It was 21 feet x 28 feet. That included everything & is close to the size of our classroom.  

    Wednesday- Day 1 - Jim was in the beanstalk again and this time a large worm--a foot-long worm, hitch a ride back to earth with him. Students noted similarities and differences between units of measurement, measuring tools and reasoned the appropriate tool for measuring objects. Readers completed assessments, worked on vocabulary and comprehension. In the afternoon, young authors continued working on the body and conclusion of their narrative nonfiction. We looked at the graph in Number Corner and identified related mathematical expressions. We finished the day with a review of log cabins and working on their log cabin designs.

    Tuesday- Day 5 - Mrs. Justice will led the class today, beginning with a Math checkpoint to gather information that students have learned or still need to learn for inches, feet and yards. They also learned a new game, Climb the Beanstalk, to practice growing skills. During reading, kids used enhanced fluency to increase awareness/comprehension, stopping to think about what they’re reading. Mrs. Justice shared Scholastic News focusing on Martin Luther King. After recess, lunch and Music, kids heard,  Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, taking time to stop and talk about the events/ideas they read. Finally, they worked to summarize the text in writing. Next, the class celebrated the 8th Century Day, writing mathematical expressions for century numbers. Finally, the day concluded comparing/contrasting homes of today with those of long ago--specifically, a log cabin. They learned about the building, parts and contents of a typical log cabin using  Look Inside a Log Cabin,  and The Inside Story Log Cabin as references.  


    Monday -  Day 4 - Math time was busy with a new Work Place, Measure and Compare, allowing students time to measure items and compare lengths using their strategies for finding differences.  Readers viewed and heard a Catina and Houndsley, as a model for practicing fluency before working independently on the skill.  They also had 1:1 check ins for progress and worked on words with Mrs. Williamson. STEM time with produced more excitement and another all class STAR ticket! Writers worked on writing the body and in some cases conclusion for their nonfiction narrative work and edited author pages. Identifying and shading half, less than half, or more than half of given rectangular arrays was our Number Corner task today as well as finding lines of symmetry of various shapes. Mrs. Justice will lead the class tomorrow in my absence.

  • Friday- Day 3 - Friyay, as they say! Class meeting revealed highlights that kids are looking forward to this weekend. Partners worked together to find objects in the room less than one yard, exactly one yard, and greater than one yard, using their yard strings to measure. Readers worked on vocabulary, scooping up word to become more fluent and reading check-ins. After recess, lunch and Art, writers began composing their ideas for the beginning and body of their narrative nonfiction. The century game transitioned our minds to thinking about the calendar collection and finding differences on the number line. Finally, we ended the day by sketching our homes of today noting what they’re made of and how they look. Kids are bringing home UNIT 3 math tests today.  Please take a look and sign and return them as noted in Dr. D’s previous email. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me!

    Thursday- Day 2 - Well, if yesterday’s MAP was good, today’s was better! Kids all logged in independently, found their assignment and completed. Your child will likely be happy to tell you how they feel about MAP. We refueled our bodies and minds with a mid-morning snack, then moved onto reading. Kids read with Mr. Rockey or Mrs. Ferretti in a change of pace. We continued 1:1 reading check-in and Word Work. Outdoor recess is always fun, even in the chilly temperatures. Writers brain stormed topic ideas for their narrative nonfiction and began listing associated keywords. Looking at rectangular arrays and tallying the squares within a 100’s grid resulted in a W for the opposing team (the teacher) today, but all were good sports and enjoyed their PM break. Mapping our rooms from a bird’s eye view was a fun activity as we begin thinking more in-depth about how our homes today compare with those of long ago.

    Wednesday - Day 1 These 21st century kids kicked off the day like champs with their MAP reading assessment. Afterward, kids gathered to share their thoughts about MAP.  I have to say, there was a mix of positive and negative and a lot of honesty. That’s what I invited when I asked them to share. I commend them all for having the grit and perseverance to complete the job! Math time brought us a new work place of estimating objects in inches, then measuring with both tiles and rulers. After lunch, kids practiced using the card catalog to locate books.  Writers heard the story, Narrative Nonfiction, which detailed the process of writing. . .narrative nonfiction! Several writers were actually itching to write after that, and we switched up our schedule to make time DO the writing! After some writing time and a break, we came back in to Number Corner and took a look at another graph to determine what data was collected and what related equations we could find. Finally, we swapped seats. It was a pleasure to see so many kids embracing the opportunity to make a change and share positive remarks with classmates!


    Tuesday- Day 5- Today we welcomed a new classmate, Luke, to our class. The delay didn’t slow us down at all and we began with Math, where students made estimates, measured and began thinking of methods that are most efficient for measuring objects. Everyone added numbers to their inchworm rulers. Next, in Number Corner we viewed that data we’ve collected so far this month pertaining to fractions. We’ve been practicing writing fractions to  represent portions of a whole group. Students are also practicing reading those fractions. Lunch time came quickly, then we moved on to reading time where kids seemed to appreciate the time for independent work. Before Music, we practiced a little tune to help us remember to reread aloud and in our head, again and again, to make our reading sound just the way we think it should! Mrs. K.’s got these peeps singing like birds which is fortunate~especially when we do some singing in the classroom without her!  Writers considered favorite authors and viewed some authentic author pages before brainstorming what their “About the Author” page may look like. Ask your child what they may share on their author page. Finally, we finished the day with some highly sought-after free write time and a game of silent ball.

    Monday-  Day 4 - It’s odd to begin the week on Day 4, but it’s never a bad thing to start the week with STEM! After sharing our weekend adventures during class meeting, math time found us. . . you guessed it: MEASURING!  Kids used what they know about 12 inches / a foot to estimate a greater distance in the hallway. They also decided that using yards to measure would be more efficient. They worked in trios to measure and cut yard lengths of string and measured the proposed distance. Noticing yards are bigger than feet, but require fewer was a discovery of many.  Readers continue demonstrating skills for this point in the year as they meet 1:1 with me. Word work with Mrs. W. is a daily activity too! This afternoon, kids determined questions that may have led to a mystery graph that appeared in Number Corner and then found related equations and suggested the questions that could be solved with the graph. Writers worked on nonfiction works and posted writing goals. We celebrated Eli’s birthday with Sunny Bunny cupcakes and a little dance party. Thank you, Eli, for the colorful cupcakes! We thought about how people may have celebrated birthdays in the old days and even saw some photos of students who attended Lemont long ago to stir our ideas of comparing and contrasting lifestyles. On this chilly day, everyone was glad for their toasty clothing during recess!

  • 2019

    REMEMBER: There are often more pictures on Twitter!


    1 2 3

    Friday- Day 3- Math measurement began learning about the inchworm, then making our own 1-foot rulers. Students identified items exactly 1-foot long, < 1-foot long, >1-foot long. See what your child remembers about most inchworms.  Readers worked with stick-together partners and practiced building fluency. All had a chance to share their practiced piece with the class. The class beat me at a new math game, The Fact Strategy Game. Writers were thoughtful about their writing goals and polishing off New Year’s resolutions complete with adjectives by which they’d like to be described. Finally, kids enjoyed the reward of playing the old time games which they’ve been learning in this unit. I’m so excited to hear and see the kindness the takes place with peer interactions! This little family of learners really are growing together.  (Of course that means that we have some ‘growing pains’ too-- times when words and actions need to be redirected--but that’s part of the growing! Have a great weekend!

    Thursday- Day 2 - Math time brought more measuring. Kids measured and cut string the circumference of their head, then measured it’s length. Next, they used the strings to estimate the length of different objects before finding the actual lengths. Readers focused on fluency, learning how to build fluency to support comprehension. Dr. D. happened by as kids practiced reading an excerpt from Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid to practice fluency. Taking a look at arrays on the hundreds grid today, introduced the kids to the term quadrants and reviewed rows and columns.  We also devised a method to find the total squares (area) of an array by finding the area of each quadrant and then then sum. The game DRAW ADD AND COMPARE was a welcome way to practice because they love the opportunity to beat me at any game!! Writers thought about goals they’ve named for 2019 and then learned that writers (and others who want to improve at something, also set goals. They even took a look at some famous authors’ work spaces which included their goals.  Students are finishing up their new year writing activity and reviewing their writing to think about what they would like to improve! Finally, students worked as a class to summarise  Right Here on This Spot, then worked collaboratively with a partner to put the main events of the story in chronological order.


    Wednesday- DAY 1-  Happy New Year! It was nice to come back and see all 22 smiling faces again and hear their excitement for so many things.  Jim and the BeanStalk may or may not have been a source of excitement during math, but it did inspire kids to think about using different tools to measure different sized objects. Using giant feet that were one yard long, kids estimated and measured things around our classroom and considered the outcome based on the tool they used. The introduction to our new Literature reading unit drew mixed responses from the crowd. A check in of Reading Logs, shelving and shopping for literature / fiction reading material followed. Ask your child to see how they’re feeling about reading fiction vs. nonfiction. After recess, Mrs. Leydig led the class as students viewed and pondered the January calendar grid. They also began looking at creating and representing fractions during Number Corner. Writers thought about what life in 2019 will look like for them and chose adjectives that would likely describe them as they strive to do their best in the days ahead.  Finally, during Social Studies, the class heard the story Right Here on This Spot. Considering the order of events in this book helps us to understand how places and communities change over time. I must say that for the day after holiday, this group is in ship-shape! Thanks for all you do to support this great class of growing citizens! 

  • timeline

    Friday- DAY 5 - What a fun Friday! The day began with a surprise package resting and waiting in our classroom when I arrive before 7AM. It’s a mystery who left it and the kind note, but I’m sure your kids will tell you what was inside. In math today, students were introduced to some new web app games that support our work in the Bridges program. There is a link on our webpage under Math websites that will take one to the ICT games.  After that, all 2nd grade students were able to practice some activities of long ago as they attended three stations: Quilling with Mrs. Mamolen, Quilting with Mrs. Wilson, and Butter Making and tasting right here in Room 23. This class enjoyed playing outside in spite of the rain and mud. After lunch and Music with Mrs. Musso, we revisited Social Studies, traveling back in time as we viewed the original pilot show of Little House on the Prairie.  It has been a busy but good week! I’m looking forward to seeing we can accomplish in 2019.  Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

    Thursday- Day 4 - or as the kids have come to know it: STEM DAY!  We began Unit 4 in Math talking about how the term and length of a foot came to be. Kids had fun estimating, measuring and tallying distances and lengths using first their own feet, then a more accurate teacher foot. Ask your child to recall how some believe the standard 12” foot, as we know it today, came to be.  Reading time found students hearing the story The Trees of the Dancing Goats by Patricia Palacco. I’m impressed with the class’s ability to infer about such big ideas of compassion and empathy as are demonstrated in this story. Tomorrow, you’ll see a little summary of the story and a related craft coming home. (Kids may want to use the craft as a gift, so don’t be surprised if it’s a ‘secret.’) After lunch, the class anxiously awaited their coding time while taking care of a few housekeeping jobs. Writers enjoyed some time to create cards and letters for friends and family members. Number Corner was buzzing with more symmetry as we worked to find the proper number of lines of symmetry on the remaining markers on the December calendar grid, then categorized the shapes accordingly. We finished the day creating a timeline of our school day and making connections to what a timeline of greater events may look like. No surprise that our class meeting revealed many children thinking about the upcoming holiday and special activities they have planned for break.  

    Wednesday- DAY 3 - Today kids kicked off the day showing what they know about measurement, then worked on fact fluency. After that, they made connections to reading and worked on a special project for the holidays. After Art, we worked on polishing nonfiction teaching writing. We learned about lines of symmetry, cut and folded shapes and categorized shapes by their lines of symmetry. We celebrated Lyla’s birthday with a compliment train and enjoyed the tasty treats that she shared at lunch time.  This sweet class has earned another class celebration. I hope you don't mind that they're invited to wear PJ's on Friday to celebrate!

    Tuesday-  Day 2 started with a bang playing Target Twenty, tallying three addends, finding differences and comparing scores. Readers learned about extending their reading and were encouraged to be curious as they read by stopping to add their thinking, ask questions and make connections. Rows and Columns is always a welcome game for this class, but they sure scored some teeny arrays today.  A fire drill interrupted their Gym time, but everyone returned looking like they’d had a workout. Then, we worked on writing to teach. Kids began to revise, some to add the all-important hook and closing. Kids worked on Taking Away Tens and Teen Totals during Number Corner. After our afternoon break, we had a class meeting to talk about the right not matters & importance of being a responsible and respectful citizen. Finally, we learned the old fashioned game of dominoes.

    Monday-  Day 1 - It was a quiet morning until the crowd gathered to share their weekend highlights. Math students continue to focus on analyzing their data, creating and answering related questions. They also had the chance to view a peer’s graph to create questions and find solutions. Readers learned about using multiple books or information sources to learn all they can about a topic. After lunch, the class joined Mrs. Snavely in Library, eager to browse and check out books. Writers continued work on nonfiction using some of the ‘moves’ they see in their books when they’re reading. The Tens and Nines games livened up Number Corner. In Social Studies, we shared how and why (and from where) our families came to this town. This led to a conversation about past, present and future. Finally, partners created illustrations of events so they may be placed on a timeline.  



    Friday- Work Places had everyone off to a running start this morning in Math. Next, student pairs revisited and compared the number of M & M’s they counted yesterday. (Some found it surprising that most bags had the greatest number of orange.) Students created a graph and studied the M & M data. Readers did their regular jobs of word work, independent reading and check in with me, but also enjoyed some free fiction reading today. After lunch we looked at ten’s frames to compare addition of 10s and 9s facts. Mrs. Heim led the class in Music. We took a brief break before heading to Houserville to browse the Craft and Caring Fair hosted by our 5th grade students. I was so impressed with our 2nd graders’ browsing and shopping manners and interactions! Kids responsibly and carefully packaged parcels and change to bring home. They were all quite responsible about this which was not small feat considering the hustle, bustle and all the coats off and on at the door to Houserville. Finally, we had a class meeting where kids shared a few of their experiences, ideas they had for gifts for their families and events they’re looking forward to this weekend. Please see report cards coming home in backpacks today. They are also viewable online at the Parent Portal.



    Thursday- Day 4 - Students started the day making predictions, estimated and then collecting data, all in an effort to discover how many M & M’s were in bag. They also determined ways to divide the total amount evenly between the two partners. Readers kept a keen eye for keywords and text features as they worked to put all the pieces together to build new information. Everyone will be meeting with me 1:1 in the next 6 days to ‘show what they know.’ Recess time was not the trill they’d hoped since the snow vanished before we made it outside. After lunch and some STEM fun, Mrs. Williams reviewed empathy, bullying and introduce the idea of compassion. Helping others who are in need and appreciating their differences is how we’ve defined compassion. They also heard the book, RED, a Crayon’s Story. During Number Corner, kids classified the shapes they’ve been exploring on the calendar grid. Ask your son or daughter to learn more about how they categorized the shapes. Finally, we learned about some differences between our lives today and the lives of grandparents and great grandparents. We also thought about how our world has changed over the years. Don’t be surprised if their asking more questions today at home!


    Wednesday- Whiteboards math warmed up minds before demonstrating their ability on our Unit 3 math check up. Afterward, we read nonfiction using FactCite 123. We played a few rounds of Lingo Ring using the key terms recorded along the way. Expanding vocabulary is an important part of literacy and this class is having fun doing it.  Recess, lunch and Art led right into writing where kids learned how authors get ideas for writing all around them! Visualizing favorite places and even look about the classroom triggered ideas for students to jot in tiny tablets. We are not at a loss for things to write about in this room! The class worked together to count 300 sticks in an organized fashion, then practiced a little algebra while working to use clues to guess the mystery number (n). Old time games filled our Social Studies period as your children rotated to play Jacob’s Ladder, Marbles, and Jacks.  That’s a lot of tiny parts to keep track of rolling about the room and our 2nd graders were very responsible in playing and taking care of materials!


    Tuesday- The morning began with some welcome free reading time. Next students shopped for story problems created by classmates and worked to show their thinking as they solved the problems.  Readers continue to learn to ‘talk the talk’ of their topic by using specific text features to identify and learn the lingo of their topic. Everyone chipped in to tidy their space, making certain their supplies are handy. After lunch, Mrs. C. whisked the class off to Gym. Later, we learned that writers are often forever-changed by reading and writing nonfiction. They notice what authors do when they’re reading and then try those ‘moves’ in their own writing. A lively game of Rows and Columns perked us up and had us practicing repeated addition as well as double digit addition and subtraction within 100. Finally, we read a second letter from Emily’s time capsule and learned how to play three old time games she used to play.


    Monday - Day 1 - Reading library books with a friends was a nice was to kick off the day. A class meeting revealed the interesting things classmates did over the weekend and helped us practice projecting voices. Math stations engaged students in the game STAR POWER and invited them to solve peers’ story problems. Readers worked on words with Mrs. Williamson, generated lingo for their reading topics and shared their reading, even making recommendations for classmates. Library with Mrs. Snavely never disappoints. Then, authors were able to share a bit of their nonfiction writing, practice editing for conventions and continuing their stories. Brainstorming continued at Number Corner as kids thought up topics to survey among our classmates. Later we selected Cosette’s question to survey the class. After kids selected their favorite fox, we created a bar graph to share the data. Finally, we used the clues from the time capsule that we opened on Friday to imagine and draw what Emily of long ago, may have looked like and what she may have worn. They also thought of many questions they would like to ask Emily if they could talk to her today.


    n & r
    Friday- Mathematicians warmed up with fact fluency, then created story problems to match the scenes they created yesterday.  Being thoughtful about what makes a good story problem was at the forefront. Everyone enjoyed their choice time to celebrate Lemont’s School Wide Positive Behavior. Christos & I had fun with the Matchbox & Blocks crew while everyone else traveled to a station of their choosing. Readers anticipated lingo of their topics, practiced fluency, phonics and comprehension. Rylan and Nate presented their Statue of Liberty facts and illustration. Mr. Simmons led the class in a seasonal music class. Writers were instructed and urged to be super detective seeking proper conventions (or adding them) in their writing. It was our 6th century day in Number Corner. Friends practiced identifying combinations with sums of 500 to 600! Finally, armed with knowledge of term artifact, we opened a time capsule from a girl named Emily and explored the contents, attempting to determine what her life may have been like back then. Don’t be surprised if your child is asking you or their grandparents about life ‘back then.’  Have a nice weekend!


    Thursday- Mr. Flanagan led the morning, beginning with skill practice at Work Places. Readers thought about lingo and looked for new information in nonfiction selections. Then, the guest teacher guided the reading of Scholastic News where students explored the history of gingerbread. They also practiced phonics and expanded vocabulary with Mrs. Williamson. After recess & lunch, Mrs. Snyder hosted these 22 students for STEM instruction. (Be sure to ask them about Botly!) The writing of nonfiction has been highly anticipated and  after being interrupted to have our health screenings yesterday, kids were chomping at the bit to finally have some solid time to share their knowledge. The December calendar grid is on display for students to analyze and they’ve already begun to make observations, comparisons and record patterns. We also generated equations to solve questions about our book survey.  Finally, we changed seats for the month of December and it was a delight to see friends embrace their new positions so freely!



    Wednesday- DAY 3 - Students had fun creating pictures with various combinations of parcels and presents. These will serve as the foundation for creating story problems. They practiced addition and subtractions skills at Work Places. Ask your child what Work Place the participated in today. Readers learned to predict the vocabulary that the may encounter when reading about specific topics. Anticipating these words (or the ‘lingo’) in advance is helpful as students encounter the words in print. Teagan and Cosette shared their Liberty Bell presentation with the class before lunch. Others were invited to add newly discovered facts to our growing Wall of Facts. Art filled our time after lunch. Then, Writers focused on planning and recording all they know and want to share about their chosen nonfiction topic in writing. Number Corner kids checked out the new calendar grid markers and began recording observations. They also saw the graph posting the results of a favorite read aloud survey and generated equations to answers questions about the graph.  Finally, we ended the day with health screenings where we discovered Liberty and enjoyed a read aloud.


    Tuesday- DAY 2 - We’re full of energy on this 4th day of December and taking advantage of all those positive feelings and energy to grow as learners. In Math we used some cool pictures to help us solve story problems about the promised presents and parcels. Kids demonstrated their skills in combining and separating problems, giving me more information about what they know and what they need to learn. Nonfiction readers met with me or Mrs. Williams, building vocabulary, practicing fluency, phonics and comprehension. Kids were pleasantly surprised by a HAPPY GRAM from Mrs. WIlliams for their outstanding performance last week! We’re counting that as 5 class STAR tickets and are ready for another reward day! Students returned from Gym full of pep and ready to begin our new writing unit.  After brainstorming things that they know a lot about, they’re ready to begin writing about their topics to fill a new book bin which will bear the label “Room 23 Authors.” Playing a new game of Rows & Columns in Number Corner pumped up skills for reading and building arrays (and beating their teacher too). Finally, we checked out The Magic School Bus Shows and Tells as a way to explore the concepts of artifacts and begin thinking about how we may use such things in our Then and Now unit to learn more about the past. Looking forward to tomorrow~

    sarah & Marissa


    Monday-  DAY 1 - It certainly is nice to arrive on a Monday to a glowing report from the guest teacher.  Math time found some excitement in talking about the presents and parcels which will be a focus of our story problems in the coming days. Kids participated in 3 stations, playing Hit the Zone and Triple Spin to sharpen place value and adding 2 and 3 digit numbers. Readers were on the lookout for nonfiction text features and their purpose. Readers shared their findings and discussed what they can learn from the features. After lunch, Sarah and Marissa shared their poster and cool facts about Ellis Island. Writers begged for free write time! Our reward was writing with detail, voice and creativity!  Kids took a look at the word data and shared their knowledge about what it means. Next, we took a survey, collecting data and creating a graph to show the class’s favorite colors. Making comparison statements about the graph and its data came naturally. Finally, after a break, kids continued to record their ideas about the differences in our world today compared to long ago. It’s fun to see their ideas and gives a nice foundation to build upon for our new unit of study.


    Friday- DAY 5 - Mrs. Inman led the day, beginning an Addition & Subtraction Checkpoint started our day along with fact fluency. Readers explored nonfiction in the form of Scholastic News. After recess, lunch and Music, kids rejoined in Room 23 to look at the art of writing through the perspective of Little Red Writing. Later, they searched the November calendar grid for complex patterns hidden among the digital and analog watches and clocks that have marked our days. To kick off our new Social Studies unit, Then & Now, kids  recorded what they believe the differences are between different aspects of our life today and that of long ago. Finally, they participated in the story, Nathan of Yesteryear and Michael of Today, reflecting on differences the characters, a grandson and grandfather, experience in their lives. See you in December!

    Thursday- DAY 4 - We learned and played a new math game called HIT THE ZONE. This is a complex game with many steps to recall, but this crew stayed focused. After a quick dance circle to loosen up, readers sunk on to the carpet to view a book and notice its text features and their purpose. Then, they recorded some of their own from their reading! STEM time was a hit as always. Mrs. Snyder reports that this class is really good at coding! What a compliment.  Speaking of compliments, we celebrated Teagan’s birthday with a compliment train and she kindly shared cupcakes with the class after lunch. Thank you, Teagan! Mrs. Williams joined us to review empathy. The class also helped her to dissect the book, Mean Jean, the Recess Queen and then, defined bullying. Ask your child about the 3 things that define bullying. Authors shared favorite pieces of work, then enjoyed a break. Later, we got our brand new clocks out and practiced telling time to the nearest half hour and quarter hour. Finally, we’re wrapping up Our Patriotic Journey with some fun presentation by peers!

    Wednesday- DAY 3 - Everyone was eager to get back to Reflex and I’m excited to see students’ progress! Math students discussed the difference between height and length, then used the number line to solve problems to find the difference between heights / lengths.  Comparing Mrs. I.’s height in inches to baby I.’s length was a highlight of their math morning. Readers made still more connections to real life, noting how photographs are used in nonfiction text compared to illustrations. They continued reading and sought nonfiction text features along with the purpose of each. Everyone gathered their laptops for Art.  Keeping a digital record of their work in Mrs. Johnson’s class is a sure sign of 21st century kids! Writers talked about all the things we write or that are written. As a celebration to end our narrative unit, students were very excited to have some time to free write and share their favorite parts. After a little break, kids took a look at the calendar grid, compared clocks and learned about telling time to the quarter hour. This takes practice and we will work on this for some time. Finally, there was a flurry of Patriotic activity as students worked on creating posters about American symbols, played State & Capitals Rummy, labeled states, and puzzles. Liberty is preparing to fly off to teach others about America, so a few students even took on the task of cleaning out his nest.


     Please help your child be certain to have appropriate clothing for these cold days.cold

    Tuesday - DAY 2 - It’s good to be back and this team came ready to learn!  We started the day with a class meeting in which kids practiced speaking and listening as they shared highlights of their break. We used number lines to find differences during math. After some sharing and independent practice, kids moved onto work places. Readers tuned into the parts of their nonfiction books that help them learn more about their topic.  Ask your child what nonfiction text feature(s) were helpful in the book they’re reading. Some kids worked on vocabulary, accuracy & fluency with Mrs. Williamson. Mrs. Constable returned an energized class after Gym, complete with a class STAR ticket. Authors read over their narrative work, shared it with a friend and finished it up.  Writers were thrilled to receive letters from some of the Veterans that our class wrote letters to earlier this month! Mr. Knowles, Mr. Tinnick and Mr. Holmes kindly wrote our 2nd graders thoughtful thank you notes. Some enclosed photos helped students appreciate a bit about the work they’ve done to serve our country! The class collected a 5th century today as we counted to 500 by tens. Saying these numbers is sometimes easier than writing them. Eli drew the book card for us to estimate, measure and compare today.  It sure was a short length to measure! Students reviewed country, state, and city today as well as solids liquids and gases. They also learned about colloids, so don’t be surprised if your child ask if they can brush with their teeth with a colloid tonight or make a nice colloid (peanut butter) sandwich!                           PS Please help your child be certain to have appropriate clothing for these cold days.

  • thanksgiving

    Tuesday- It’s been a terrific Tuesday! Those two snow days threw a wrench in our plans to have some holiday fun, but with some preparation and cooperation, we managed to fit some turkey fun in today. During math, kids used the open number line to label family members’ ages. Next, they witnessed and practiced using the number line to find the difference in ages of some family members. Some family members, especially two grandfathers, may be surprised to learn that they were part of our math lesson! Readers collected facts about turkeys using FactCite 123. Later, they checked out TrueFlix to learn more about American Indians and / or the United States. Kids chose to make either thankful turkeys or factual turkeys and I’m sure they’ll be happy to introduce you when they arrive at home this afternoon.  Martha Speaks provided a little entertainment at lunchtime. Then, all were off to Library with Mrs. K. in the lead.  Writing time was fun, finishing up personal narrative stories and then dreaming up turkey tales! Number Corner focused on doubles and doubles plus or minus 1. Finally we finished the day with long & short vowels & some holiday related coloring. I apologize that these are coming home unchecked because kids wanted to finish pages at home. Also coming home today are the Unit 2 Math Assessments. Please sign and return these once you’ve had a look.


    Monday-  Kids spent the morning with Mrs. Pluto. They played skill-building games and practiced fluency during Math. Readers did some nonfiction reading with Scholastic News, using the skills they’ve been learning to build new knowledge from their reading. Mrs. Pluto as well as our guest Music teacher gave the class a glowing report and I returned to the class of 2nd graders I’ve come to know for their positive choices and good manners! We took some time during our class meeting to catch up and share the idea and events that give us all a bit of extra excitement these days! So many fun tales of snow adventures make perfect material for narrative writing as we wrap up the unit and students strive to show all they know as 2nd grade writers! Number Corner time was practice with decade and century numbers to 500. Never hurts to practice counting by 10s or 100s in everyday life!



    11/16/18 SNOW DAY #2


    11/15/18 SNOW DAY #1snow  

    Wednesday- DAY 4 - Students surely look forward to STEM on Day 4 and Mrs. Snyder never disappoints! Kids warmed up with double digit addition on mini whiteboards. Next, we gathered in stations to work on Work Place games, Challenges, and Reflex/XtraMath. Readers thought more deeply about determining what a text is teaching them about. They examined previously unseen text to decide what the author wanted to teach them. They answered questions to demonstrate comprehension, practiced fluency, and worked on vocabulary, too. After a brisk recess, we read a bit of Stink and the Incredible, Super-Galactic Jawbreaker. One can learn alot from Stink Moody! If you don’t believe me, just ask your child, “Who was the shortest president in U.S. history?” After lunch and STEM, kids sank into seats to tell their story and show what they know as writers! The class challenged me to a game of Double up During Number Corner, quickly determining equations to be doubles, doubles +1, or doubles -1. We ended the day with a class meeting, sharing personal highlights about school. Next we talked about what makes a good seatmate. Finally, we swapped seats!

    Tuesday- Day 3- After settling in, kids moved on to math, using models of 10s and extra ones to add two digit numbers. We learned a game called Capture Five that encourages the practice this skill as well as the different strategies that kids use to solve double digit equations within 100. Readers warmed up sharing words with T sounds, then took time to notice details, take notes, work on words and meet in small book clubs. We learned how our nation’s anthem came to be through the true tale of The Biggest and Best Flag that Ever Flew.  After lunch, we collected our laptops and headed to Art with Mrs. Johnson. Writing was fun as authors looked at their narrative writing from the first week of second grade! Ask your child how they have grown as a writer to learn more. Next, we began working on showing all we can do now as writers. Students estimated the height of Ms. Rogers in sticks and cubes before measuring to find the actual count of each. It’s very difficult for several to keep their recorded estimate when they find the actual amount, be we do talk about the importance of learning from those estimates. Finally, we examined our solid and liquid as they were mixed into water. Students are improving their ability to make their drawings scientific and use precise language to record observations.


    Monday - DAY 2 - Kids got straight to business with quite morning work time. Next, they did what great learners do, inquiring about HOW MANY sticks in a huge collection of sticks, estimating their sum, then working as a team to put the sticks into collections to find the sum. Next, they transferred the skills they used for this task to add double digit numbers by separating the tens and ones. Readers studied words with Mrs. Williamson, shared new facts, and talked with peers about their reading. We read the book The Biggest and Best Flag that Ever Flew, learning about how one little girl influenced American history. After lunch and PE kids jumped at the chance to continue their free choice writing from Friday. We played Rows & Columns, writing related equations, and studied the calendar grid seeking patterns. Finally, we examined mysterious red liquid during science and recorded our findings with the help of some inquisitive classmates.




    I am so proud of this class and the thoughtful letters they wrote to thank veterans! Those letters were mailed out today and, hopefully, will make a few of the men and women who serve our country feel appreciated. 


    Friday- Day 1- It’s been a fun Friday! Students arrived with comfy clothing and stuffies to celebrate their great choices that have earned them so many all-class STAR tickets! They practiced speaking as they introduced their stuffies and shared a bit of history. During Math, kids worked in stations to strengthen skills for adding numbers within 100. Some are working on challenges and I’m impressed with those who came to the table as a choice time for extra challenges! During reading kids had an opportunity to share facts from nonfiction using the Wall Of Facts graffiti wall. Ask what fact your child shared if you want to learn more. Christos shared tasty cookies and we celebrated his birthday with a compliment train. Thank you, Christos! After lunch, were off to Library. Writers were delighted to have a time to write about anything they wished! There were many friends writing inventive stories of their stuffies and some also told the true tales of how they acquired their special animals. During Number Corner, Cameron measured the width of the doorway and students estimated its length in sticks and cubes before finding the actual number of each unit. After a rambunctious indoor break, the class did an outstanding job with their first mindful minute! Ask your son or daughter what they noticed! Finally, during Science, students recorded their observations of gravel, its properties, including how it moves. Have a nice weekend with your family!

    Thursday- DAY 5 - Math was fun, learning a new math game that helps us practice quick addition for decade numbers and those skip jumps we learned on the numberline yesterday. Kids also voted for an activity they’d like to do on our School Wide Positive Behavior Celebration day in December. Readers were excited to find new facts in their nonfiction text and have been working to record information to teach to others. Mrs. K.’s music class sounded like fun and our kids returned with a STAR ticket! Writing meant polishing letters to veterans, complete with patriotic colors. The class beat me at a game of DOUBLE UP during Number Corner, accurately identifying facts as doubles, doubles plus or minus 1 or neither. They’re becoming very good at this which helps their computational fluency. We also observed the calendar grid and found many different patterns. These kids amaze me with their drive to seek and find complex patterns. At the end of the day, kids enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air during their extra 15 minutes of recess which they earned. Tomorrow, we will enjoy our pj and stuffie day.

    Wednesday- Day 4 - We began our new unit today and began learning about reaching targets on an open number line. Not only did kids work to reach targets using 1s, 5s and 10s, they also thought about how to reach the target using the least amount of jumps! That takes some extra brain power. Readers learned about asking questions as they read nonfiction. We voted on when to have our earned rewards and were super-excited about making play-dough with Mrs. Snyder in STEM. That will be coming home in backpacks today. After learning about Veterans Day and veterans, we began our letters to veteran friends of our room 23 family. Finally, we wrapped up the day with science, properties and comparing salt and sugar using the highly magnified images of our Zoomy! Ask your child how they can tell the two apart without tasting them!

    Tuesday- Day 3 brought new experience! After completing a pre-test for our third unit in Math. This process simply allows me to know what concepts to teach your child next. Next, we took our 2nd grade coGAT as you likely read about in a district email sent to families last Friday. Students made the process of responding to 3 sets of puzzles / questions and even enjoyed the drawing app to relax between the sets!  Lunch time and Art both brought awareness that we need a little practice at being calm, cool and collected, even when we’re enjoying our free time with friends. Our class meeting revealed several great ideas for making good choices of which we can be proud. This afternoon, we took time to focus on nonfiction reading before exploring the different properties of salt and sugar!

    Monday-  Day 2 - Today we welcomed Mrs. Williamson, our new paraprofessional in room 23. We are happy to have someone who is already quite familiar with our Lemont/Houserville family filling this role! Mathematicians sought and recorded patterns in the even numbers on a 100s grid, worked to determine how many eyes were in given sets of animals and worked on fact fluency using Reflex / XtraMath. Readers learned about different kinds of nonfiction reading and how they can collect information from many sources of print. Using globes, maps, sticker packs, recipes, cereal boxes and various other items, they read and put the pieces together to build new knowledge. Readers may have some interesting facts to share with you from their personal good fit reading selections! Be sure to ask what they’ve been reading about. Students also worked on words with Mrs. Williamson, and a few began working in pairs on an information-gathering quest. After lunch, Mrs. C. gave the class a workout before we settled in to begin learning about veterans & Veterans Day. It was a little wet out today, but this hardy bunch likes their fresh air and were happy to get out for AM recess and PM break! Number Corner time found the class thinking about length, then estimating, measuring and recording length of our small whiteboard. Dr. Dishong popped in just in time to reveal the contents of one of our mystery balloons and before the end of Science, we were able to see all of the enclosed substances!



    Thursday- Day 1- Thoughtful Thursday in Room 23! Mathematicians took a close look at the twos chart we made yesterday, noting the equations that match each row and observing number patterns. Work Places were a welcome change in pace as students practiced their skills using a variety of games. Readers payed attention to details and put parts of the book together to gain new knowledge. Sharing that new information is very exciting to this crew! Word Work games were on deck for readers to play and practice, while others polished off reading club.  After recess, everyone made a prediction about a mystery substance based on its properties, then we were off to lunch. Library was just the beginning of a book browsing day since we all enjoyed the PTO sponsored Book Fair this afternoon. Kids were very thoughtful about their selections and are bringing home any change along with purchases. A brand new pattern on the November calendar has students thinking about time and how it is displayed! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! I hope you have a nice time with your 2nd graders on their extended weekend!



    Wednesday- DAY 5 was an extra fun day with all the excitement in the air!  This class did a great job of leading the parade, taking care to keep track of their costumes and even helping one another keep track of extra belongings!  We started the day thinking in pairs of two. We practiced subitizing using what we know about 2s and doubles, wrote equations for arrays and even found related multiplication equations. We also considered things that come in twos, and created our own chart to show sets of two and practiced fact fluency. Reading was also full of thrills as kids unveiled new information in their nonfiction text.  It’s hard to contain the excitement! Today readers paid attention to details and began putting together lots of little pieces of information from their books to gain new knowledge! After recess, we talked about the properties of an apple just using our vision and hearing. Later in the day, touch, taste and smell played a part as we carved apples and named still more properties! Seeing smiling faces at the Harvest Parade was another bright spot in our day before heading inside to enjoy seeing peers in costume and practicing manners at our Harvest Party!  Thank you Rylan and Teagan for the special treats you shared! Kids were also surprised by a special pretzel snack Mrs. Bernier dropped of for them (See, the middle school can’t be as much fun as second grade!:)) I almost forgot, kids had a blast in Music with Mr. Riley. Tomorrow, we will attend the Book Fair at 2pm. It is not necessary to buy anything. Kids are always welcome to browse the books and shop without making a purchase.


    Tuesday- Math thinkers demonstrated their skills on the Unit 2 Check Up this morning. Readers were excited to shop for fiction books and also read non-fiction selections on Epic to learn more about patriotism, our country and its symbols. Before lunch, we learned about using properties to describe the matter in our world. After lunch, Mrs. Snyder led the class in STEM, then they joined Ms. Pluto, our guest teacher for writing time. Kids brushed up on fact fluency using Reflex this afternoon. They also employed their ability to identify properties as they explored mystery things or substances hidden inside six balloons. Ask your child about the properties of the things in the balloons and if they have any predictions about what the items are! Tomorrow is our Harvest Parade and celebration!


    Monday-  DAY 3 - Today began with students finished off letters of thanks to Mrs. Ford at the Palmer Museum. During our class meeting, kids shared one highlight from their weekend. Students participated in three math stations: Fact fluency, Work Places, and Review or Challenge. Readers worked on phonics and read personal selections with a focus on practicing comprehension strategies, like retelling and making connections. After lunch, they gathered their Chromebooks and went to ART with Mrs. Johnson. During Number Corner, kids had a chance to demonstrate their knowledge for solving story problems, writing related equations for arrays, skip counting and telling the difference between odd and even. Writers continued working on their narrative writing. Science was a fun way to end the day as students shared their knowledge and some wonderings about solids, liquids and gases.

  • Friday- Day 2- Everyone arrived excited for the field trip this morning. At math time, another addition to the adventure of Jack and his Beans was reason for more excitement! Thanks to Jack’s uncle, Buster, today kids were helping Jack measure lengths of vines for some new ropes. We took a look at three strategies for adding numbers up to 100 and beyond using decade numbers on the number line.  An early recess gave the kids a break before our highly anticipated trip to Palmer! After lunch, Mrs. C. gave the kids a workout in PE. Writing letters to Mrs. Ford and the Palmer Museum was great practice in writing a friendly letter this afternoon. Number Corner for October has allowed students to find and predict patterns, skip count by 5s and 10s, and explore arrays and we’re ready to assess skills learned! As anticipated, we dicussed and practiced a Secure In Place Drill. We wrapped up the day with Reading. We are all looking forward to next week & our Harvest party. I always provide a sweet snack and salty snack for the party, but some kids expressed wishes to bring other items. Please know they are welcome to do so, but do not need to. Have a nice weekend!


    Thursday- Day 1- So happy this crew is on the new DAY cycle! It seems like they remember it effortlessly! Kids practiced using the open number line to add double digit numbers, continuing to think about them in groups of tens, fives and extra ones.  Ask your son or daughter how they’re feeling about math these days to learn more. In reading, kids met in small groups to read, retell and find evidence in their text. Others met to practice vocabulary with Mrs. Auman. Our class meeting focused on how kids were feeling and also involved many compliments for how they’re handling themselves when they have different feelings. After lunch, there was time for some number line practice on IXL before Mrs. Snavely whisked them off for a Library lesson!

    Tomorrow is Library day.


    Wednesday-DAY 5-  Partners used 9 tiles to find how many different arrays they could build, then wrote related equations. We learned more to the Jack and the Beanstalk story in math, and help Jack prepare for selling his beans at market by using the our measuring tools & number line to add the total lengths of the beans using 5s, 10s and 1s. Readers worked on retelling, shared their reading with peers and built vocabulary. After recess, we played the century game before heading off to lunch. Mrs. K. led these young musicians in Music and sent them back with another ALL CLASS star ticket!  Writers worked on their personal stories using all they’ve learned from other authors to make their stories the best they can be! The class swapped seats before our afternoon break. Finally, Mrs. Ford came to talk to the class about what they may expect on their trip to Palmer Museum of Art on Friday. We are excited to learn more about American artists and their art work!  


    Tuesday- DAY 4 - It’s been a good second day. Students started by building rectangular arrays using 23 tiles and writing related triangles. Measuring and computational fluency rounded out our math time. Readers worked on words, read in book clubs, and retold the stories in their own words. Students played with peers at recess then came in to review greater than and less than before lunch. After STEM with Mrs. Snyder, kids viewed an author’s work to see how it was revised to share the story with detail. Then, they wrote t, thinking about adding words and details to tell their stories! During Number Corner, we played Rolling for Minutes to build skills for skip counting by fives and telling time. Finally, we wrapped up the day with social studies and logical reasoning skills, playing  Guess My Number and Guess My Rule. 


    Monday- DAY 3- Thank you, families, for taking time to meet at conferences this past week! Students seemed to arrive with a restored sense of direction and were able to place copies of their goals into their communication folders. One copy will stay in the folder’s back cover, and another copy is to keep in a special spot at home. Students warmed up with a task of their choice today; free math, reading or writing! Everyone learned a new math game called Leap Tens and played with a partner strengthening their addition skills with double digit numbers by using 5s and 10s. Students met with Ms. Jain or Mrs. Fedorko to work on vocabulary. Retelling was modeled and practiced before students used their good fit books to practice.  Stopping to retell what you’re reading [in your own words] is a great way to build comprehension! After recess, kids  practiced speaking in listening as friends shared a favorite part of their weekend. After lunch, Mrs. Johnson led our young artists. After that, Mrs. Williams, our school counselor came for a visit and a lesson on feelings and empathy. Your child may be able to tell you what empathy means if you ask. They’ve heard that empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to feel a bit of what they are feeling. At Number Corner, kids ‘scouted out’  addition equations that make a ten & subtraction problems that break tens apart. After a brief break, we came back to our toasty classroom to work on writing.

  • Wednesday - DAY 2 - Using mental math or manipulatives to combine decade numbers to sums up to two hundred started our day.  We worked on computational fluency, place value challenges. We surprised Mrs. Bernier on her last day, then dove right into reading stations where kids read, converesed about their books, and worked on words. After lunch kids got a work out with Mrs. Constable. Afterward, we worked on writing and studnets shared their favoirte pieces, as well as why they are proud of their work. During number conrner, kids identified patterns, made predictions and explained their thinking. After a brisk break, we regrouped to learn about the Bald Eagle. Reading nonfiction books to learn more has proven to be informative and a little funny. Ask your son or daughter what scienctists found in one eagle nest to learn more! Speaking of eagles, Liberty left us another note today and promises to fly off and find us more information about U.S. Symbols for us to learn about. Have a nice long weekend with your children!



    Tuesday- DAY 1 - Identifying, writing and adding decade numbers warmed up the class before our math lesson. During math, kids selected starting numbers and skip-counted by tens. They constructed their own measuring tapes using tens strips and measured various items, noting the tens and ones in each total. Readers considered compound words, responded to reflection questions, and completed word work with Mrs. Bernier. After lunch, Mrs. Snavely was happy to have this class engaged as thoughtful book shoppers! Writing letters to say farewell to Mrs. Bernier allowed us practice written language. Everyone updated their clocks to show 50 minutes past the hour. After a brief break, students learned to retrieve mail assignments in Epic (an online application) and read to learn more about the American flag, its uses, meaning and history. Tomorrow, we plan to enjoy one last day with Mrs. Bernier!


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    Monday - DAY 5 - It was a marvelous Monday in room 23!  Math time met us with another delima for Jack and his beans and this crew was quick to help, devising an efficient and practical way for Jack to measure beans for selling at market. Counting by 5’s and 10s is efficient, but toting unifix cubes around is not! Ask your child about the solution they came up with to help Jack. Not only did kids kick off the morning with free reading, but they also practiced literacy during stations for phonics, reflecting on themselves a readers and reading good fit books. We also reviewed adjectives and generated a list of positive adjectives we might use to describe someone we appreciate. Our writing time involved a top secret task which you child may reveal if you ask. Students went next door to Music, and worked in pairs to create different rectangular arrays using exactly 15 tiles.  After our break, Social Studies and technology were combined as students worked on appropriate ways to respond to peer posts to the class. We’ll keep working on conventions in our typed comments! WHAT the kids say to one another is kind, caring and surely builds community in our classroom! I’m feeling fortunate to have these 22 students.


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    Friday- DAY 4 - IT’S a fun FUN RUN FRIDAY! Kids collaborated to fire up their Chromebooks, viewed peers’ entries on our class log and responded with ‘likes’ and comments. Place value practice on IXL was in order during Math. They will also be bringing home their Unit 1 Assessments today for you to review, sign and return. Please note that questions a, b, and c on #3 were each worth 1 point. A half point was awarded for circling the rack with more beads, and a half point for identifying how many more beads it has than the compared rack. Question #6 was worth a total of 28 points; 14 possible points for properly identifying problem with the appropriately colored ring around the problem (1 pt. For each correct), and an additional 14 points were possible, 1 for each equation correctly answered. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Readers met to set goals, practice vocabulary and phonics and read good fit books. Students practiced a severe weather drill before lunch. Afterward, Mrs. Bernier shared the news that she will be taking a new position at the middle school. The kids seemed sad about her leaving but excited by the idea that they’ll already have a friend at MNMS when they go. . .in four years. They seemed to enjoy a final ‘hu-rah’ at the Fun Run spending some extra time with Mrs. Bernier and simply enjoying the afternoon. We returned to school and kids were excited to study the calendar grid, revealing and discussing more possible patterns. I’m proud to say I am the teacher of this bunch of 2nd graders! Thanks for sharing your kids with me each day. I’m looking forward to seeing you at conferences next week!

    Thursday- DAY 3 -Students warmed up on Chromebooks & fact fluency with this morning.j Afterward, they learned a new math game, Draw Two, Roll and Subtract.  They took an assessment to check their understanding of measuring today. Readers practiced fluency and comprehension. We read Aliens in Underpants Save the World, practicing and modeling strategies for decoding words with vowel teams. After lunch, kids added their name and student number to a field trip permission slip they’ll be bringing home today. They worked with Mrs. Johnson in Art, enjoyed an indoor break and reviewed punctuation expectations in writing. Number Corner time was spent using tens frames to create personal story problems, then finding matching the frames to corresponding equations. Students completed a Seesaw entry and learned about how to share their work as well as appropriate digital responses to peer entries/work. Not only are they learning to be responsible in the digital application of technology, but they’re also becoming very efficient at retrieving and storing laptops, making the most of our time to use them!

    Wednesday- DAY 2- Math kicked off our day with another extension of the traditional Jack in the Beanstalk story. Students appeared inspired as they worked in peers to efficiently measure the distance around the perimeter of varying rectangular garden bed models. They compared findings with peers and viewed data collected by the class. Readers met in small groups with their book club members, worked on accuracy with Mrs. Bernier and were introduced to vowel teams and ‘flipping the sounds’ to read words accurately. Gym ended with an all class star ticket and kids settling into write. After students shared pieces they were proud of and the writing growth is evident! Students recorded out collected time by 5 minute increments in their student books, noting the spaces on the clock that represent 1 & 5 minute progressions. Finally, after a PM break, kids tackled their Seesaw projects to make them complete with recordings and photos.

    Tuesday- DAY 1 - After reviewing students assessments for place value, this morning’s math involved review of place value concepts in addition to challenge work, and computational fluency. Readers worked on phonics, retelling what they’ve read in their own words, and an 8 legged Scholastic New with Mrs. Barletta. Mrs. Snavely reported the ‘best library class so far this year’ for this class! Number Corner found students building rectangular arrays, writing related equations and recording the date in abbreviated form. Writers are working on personal goals and working to tell their stories in a way that is interesting and fun to share/read. After an afternoon break, students logged onto Seesaw to try their hand at following instructions to complete an activity to share with classmates.  

    Monday- DAY 5 - A morning meeting gave everyone a chance to share a highlight of their weekend while practicing speaking and listening. Measuring precise lengths using unifix cubes was a fun and productive session. I’m impressed with students grit in double checking measurements! Readers met with their small group book clubs. Some practiced 6 minute solutions while others worked on personal goals for reading. New job leaders took responsibility at Number Corner and around the classroom. Music time with Mrs. K. resulted in smiling faces and an all class star ticket. Writers shared favorite parts of their recent writing. The Flag We Love gave us a glimpse of the American flag, its history and the many roles it plays. 

  • Friday- DAY 4 -Another week in the books! Students started the day demonstrating learning in math with a checkpoint, then learned and played a new game to practice fact fluency. Afterwards, readers worked on phonics, brushed up on beginnings endings we can read in a snap. Readers also began small book clubs, beginning a new book with peers.  We reviewed rural, suburb and urban settings and talked about what activities may be done in each. After lunch, kids went to STEM with Mrs. Snyder, then returned to share some of the growing writing they’ve been doing this week. Number Corner kids used clues including greater than and less than to determine a number between 0 and 290 on the number line.  Our Number Corner leaders have done a fabulous job of updating the calendar area this week! After a little break, kids logged onto SeeSaw for the first time in 2nd grade and entered their first entry to introduce themselves to the class.

    Thursday- DAY 3 - The class was led by Ms. Musso today. They learned about using dot arrays to show numbers in different ways and used Work Places to practice skills. They read about different communities in Scholastic News, Practiced academic vocabulary and met with Mrs. Bernier to work on words. After lunch, Mrs. Johnson led the class in Art before everyone worked to write long and strong to improve their writing. Some extra practice on computational fluency was welcomed on the  chromebooks after an afternoon break.

    Wednesday-DAY 2- Solving riddles to determine two and three digit numbers kicked off our day. Next students worked in small groups to bolster skills and try challenges. Finally they used Work Places, which included learning a new game, The Subtraction Wheel. Readers learned about reading Snap Words and also explored common beginnings and endings that they may read in a snap! They worked on vocabulary with Mrs. Bernier and got a sneak peek at new text. After lunch, we were off to PE, then writers started to work on writing long and strong.  Ask your child to learn about what this means to him or her. Calendar leaders updated our Number Corner and we honed in on our calendar grid, seeking patterns, leaf types & orientation as well as odd and even numbers. The class beat me at round of a new game called Make a Ten before our PM break. Finally, kids settled in for Social Studies, where they presented questions and wonderings about the USA to guide our future learning.

    Tuesday-DAY 1- Shoulders were to the grindstone right away with student finishing representing numbers in three different ways using tens and ones. Next, we moved on to using base ten pieces to begin thinking about two and three digit numbers. Finally, kids toiled to solve riddles to identify numbers with two or three digits. During reading, we paired up with partners, discussing the work that readers do in order to grow. Partners talked about things like tricky words (and their meaning), their ideas about the story, questions, connections and even curiosity about illustrations.  Students began expanding vocabulary, working on phonics with Mrs. Bernier and reading snap words. After recess, we learned about classroom jobs and headed to lunch. Music was a hit. . .again! Writing time allowed student to begin working on their personal goals which the selected on Monday. Number Corner is in their hands, as students take responsibility for updating the calendar, the number line and clocks. Subitizing is front and center as kids read ten frames in a flash. After recess, we read and discussed a big book of American Symbols. Ask your child about the American symbols they know.



    Monday- DAY 5- Week six!?! Sarah says her packed lunch was her favorite part of the day and Nate loved recess! I guess we’re getting comfortable! Mathematicians started the day by linking unifix cubes into trains of ten, then used them in our math lesson to demonstrate numbers using tens and ones. They worked independently and in partners to represent many different numbers. Readers were surprised when Dr. Dishong popped in during their independent reading time. They did the work of readers, first reviewing the things we do to become better at reading.  We introduced blends and practiced as a class generating words to match the spelling / sound. Tomorrow, students will begin more intense word work as we begin the Words Their Way program. Writers reviewed their checklists and self-evaluation. I conferenced with individuals to set goals specific to their current ability and areas of need. Number Corner is refreshed with a new calendar for October.  We learned about palmate and pinnate leaves and discussed the orientation of the leaves in our new pattern. This month, we’ll focus on collecting 5 minutes each day and notice how the hour hand moves in conjunction with the minute hand. After our PM break, we read Moving On In, connecting to our own thoughts about a new school and having symbols to represent our school.  We also read the results of our class vote for a classroom symbol. This is one patriotic student body~the vote was landslide in favor of The Great Seal!



    Friday- Day 4 - Reading Picture Day Perfection seemed a perfect start to this day. Kids were looking spiffy and some were smiling broadly after pictures were done. Math students scooped beans to try to collect close to 50. Then, they paired up and tallied the number of beans they had when combining theirs with a partner’s. Practice counting larger groups using tens, ones and hundreds makes many quite efficient. Finding out how many more or how many fewer are needed to hit a landmark number can be a little tougher. Kids fired up laptops for Reflex today as a way to bolster fluency. Speaking and listening were just two skills practiced with vocabulary games at literacy time. After lunch kids shared favorite parts of their writing with peers. The demonstrated their knowledge of decades, centuries, AM, PM, odd and even. Finally, we ended the week by voting on a symbol to represent our class.


    Thursday-  Day 3 - The class spent the morning with Miss Daily working on a Math and Reading. A new game, Scoop, Count & Compare was introduced, then the class took a pre-assessment for our upcoming math unit. Readers enjoyed Scholastic News, ‘Read to Self’ time, and a game to brush up on short & long vowels.  We completed number corner rounding out our practice for September. Writers viewed the 2nd grade writing goals and looked at what they do well and what they could improve. It’s pretty cool how they can identify their own strengths and areas of growth! Finally, the class discussed ideas they have for symbols to represent themselves and we collected ideas for a symbol for our class.


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    Wednesday - Day 3 - Reading Jack and the Beanstalk (as told by Iona Treahy) kicked off our morning and our new math unit, Place Value and Measurement with Jack’s Beanstalks. After hearing the story and sharing opinions on Jack’s decision to trade his cow for magic beans, we broke out some beans of our own. Students estimated the number of beans in pound, then after witnessing how many were in one sixth of the pound, had a chance to revise estimates. Everyone participated in counting the bean collection, grouping beans into groups of 10s, 100s and extra ones. See if your child can tell you how we tallied them all. Readers gathered on the carpet fishbowl style to check out a demonstration of ‘Read to Someone’ before practicing on their own. I’m impressed with many students and how they take responsibility, noticing what they can do to improve upon their skills! Sophia led the calendar time, and after lunch kids headed to Gym. Writers later learned that writing takes practice and hard work. Our most focused writing session to date produced some great expressions and details! Number Corner is targeting those odd and even numbers, presenting patterns, and keying in on TIME!  After a steamy break, we went back inside to talk about symbols. Liberty, the flag and Uncle Sam are just a few we discussed. Ask your child what other symbols they recall. We’re tying our learning to our classroom community, considering symbols to represent new table sets. (Everyone got a new seat today.)

    Tuesday - Day 1 - Our day began with students sharing their ideas about The Great Seal of the United States. During Math, students demonstrated their understanding of the concepts presented and practiced in Unit 1, then moved onto Work Places. Readers teamed up with partners, swapping ideas about what strategies they use. Reading Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid, we practiced how to use the text (or as some call it ‘skippy frog’) to figure out tricky words. We learned what “Read to Someone” looks like and sounds like in order to better do the job of a reading student. Indoor recess was a must with all the rain. After lunch, kids enjoyed Library and returned with their 31st all class star ticket.  (I know. . .we haven’t even been in school 31 days, but this class sure has a knack for those tickets!) Writers were introduced to the idea of proofreading their work like detectives and used pens to edit and revise work to polish their writing. We played the Century Game practicing counting by decade numbers, forward and backward. After a quick break, we returned to another surprise from Liberty the Eagle.  After brainstorming what makes a citizen, we read the book he shared, How to be a Good Citizen. Finally, we discussed actions, words and deeds of good citizens, before students selected paper to share a time they were a good citizen!


    Monday - DAY 5 - We are already in our 5th week of 2nd grade! Our Math time focused on the Addition Table, identifying equations for doubles, doubles plus or minus 1, fast tens and the leftover facts. Students solved addition tables, indicating their strategy. Readers were paired up with ‘Stick Together Partners’ and rolled up their sleeves to figure out tricky words. Ask your child what strategy or strategies he/she uses to figure out those words. (Sounding out the letters, looking for words inside a word, using the text around it, and using the pictures are just a few of the strategies they may talk about.) After Recess, Emily updated our calendar grid and led us in our date chant. Teagan and Malachi showed us equations used to solve our story problem, while Marissa drew a picture to solve. While the computations may be simple right now, we are focusing on how to show HOW we find the solution. After lunch, Mrs. Komlenic led the class in music. The class returned to find a bird in a basket along with a nte to the class and a few books. Maybe your child will tell you about our new friend Liberty the Bald Eagle. Mrs. WIlliams, our school counselor met with us to talk about STAR behaviors and feelings. She read School’s First Day of School and discussed with our class. After our PM break, we had a chance to read one of the bald eagle books that Liberty delivered and reviewed what we already know about our country and what we’d like to learn. Our time together sure passes quickly!

  • Friday - Day 4- Mrs. Mistrick led the class this morning. They viewed the addition table, seeking and color-coding related facts. They also learned a new Work Place Game called Turn Them Over. Readers got a taste of non-fiction by reading and exploring current Scholastic News, brushed up on academic vocabulary for Language Arts and practiced stopping to think about their reading during independent reading time. Be sure to ask your so or daughter what thoughts they have about their reading when reading at home each day! Student enjoyed Houdini, the Amazing Caterpillar before lunch. STEM time seems to be a hit on Day 4. Afterwards, writers hunkered down to continue working to write with purpose. Science time was a relaxing end to our day as we watched the end of On the Wings of a Monarch and saw the final destination of these little creatures’ lives. Have a great weekend.

    Thursday- DAY 3- Free writing began our day today before diving head first into math where students used tools to solve story problems and wrote related equations. Partners worked on a buffet of problems and practiced showing their work! Readers learned that growing reader not only stop and think about their reading, but also JOT notes or thoughts about their reading. Students are seeing patterns in odd and even numbers as we study the calendar grid and related inquiries. Writers identified too many ands in writing, then generated ways to edit to share thoughts more effectively.  Ask your student what real life experience they’re writing about in class. During Social Studies & Science, we related to the journey of the monarch and began viewing On the Wings of a Monarch.


    Wednesday- DAY 2 - Math was a fun start to the day with these students building number strings, learning to use them. Subitizing is becoming evident as students work to show numbers and quickly add to them. They visualized totals before they made them and used similar strategies with a number line, all while strengthening their concept of numbers.  Readers learned that great readers don’t try to read too fast, but stop often to check understanding. If you chant, “Comprehension, comprehension. . . ,” Don’t be surprised if your child responds: “I understand what I read!”  Gym produced a sweaty group of 2nd graders ready to settle in and PROOFREAD; first my work, then theirs! During Number Corner kids saw a story problem acted out, then considered how they may solve the problem using pictures, numbers or words before finally writing a number sentence to show their work. After a nice break, we were honored to set one of Mrs. Mamolen’s butterflies free. We talked about kids’ longest journeys which they could recall and considered a monarch’s travel to Mexico, nearly 2,000 miles away from Lemont, PA! One little butterfly wasn’t ready for the journey and you’ll likely hear about her small, curled wings if you inquire. Nature is a great teacher.



    Tuesday- DAY 1 - Our day was full of surprises! First, Teagan and her mom arrived with a monarch habitat to share with our class. We were able to observe a caterpillar, a one-day-old monarch, numerous chrysali, and one new butterfly even emerged our math lesson! Watching under the document camera as it unfurled its wings was a treat! Thank you, Long Family, for sharing your monarchs so that we could observe various stages and changes! Thank you also to Mrs. Mamolen who took time to give everyone a close up view of a newly hatched butterfly this morning before the pledge.  It’s tough to top excitement like that, but kids focused on learning a new math game What’s the Difference in which students compare numbers, prove the difference and write matching equations. Readers reviewed the guidelines for good fit books, and were taught how readers ‘scoop words into bigger phrases’ before practicing. Our Number Corner time is falling into place with student leaders heading up the routines as they collect 60 minutes each day, determine numbers odd or even, practice saying and writing the date and many other skills. Library seems to be a day many anticipate and this class is good about staying on the ‘Day Cycle’ and recalling each special class. The kids earned their 24th star ticket today and the class generated ideas and voted to celebrate their first 23 tickets with extra recess!  It was nice to see so many of you at Back to School Night! I am looking forward to a year with great students and families!


    Monday - DAY 5 -  Week 4 already?!? Routine is in place with students recalling AM procedures with few reminders. We returned today with zero caterpillars. This is sad and a ‘first’, but also a learning experience. Students are content with being able to see what the other 2nd grade classes are kindly sharing in the monarch department.  Math time stirred interests as I competed against the class in a game of Battling Bugs. (They won.) This is our latest Work Place game and students were eager to get started! Ask your child what game they’re enjoying at Work Places to learn more. Readers are reading more and more each week. We talk about the importance of selecting books that challenge us, but still allow us to comprehend the text. It is sometimes tempting for kids to get books just because they’re ‘big’ and this class also has an appetite for some ‘dessert books.’ (Dessert books = books that are really easy books for them/not challenging them to grow as a reader.) Of course, all books are welcome at free reading times, but during instructional time, good fits are a necessity. After our time with Mrs. K. in Music, kids put on their writing hats and stirred memories to add story ideas to their tiny tablets. Finally, we finished the day with technology practice as kids logged into their google accounts and explored the student apps.


    Day 4 Friday- Everyone’s on the ball with AM routine, checking the board for their jobs as soon as they enter! After sharing activities they’re looking forward to this weekend, kids helped to plan seating arrangements for a fancy dinner party in math. To do so they placed beans around our table model to represent guests, then recorded the posibile seating arrangements. They looked for and made use of structure, worked to make sense of problems and have grit to find arrangements for 8, 12 and 15 guests. Readers completed interest surveys and shared their reading selections. After lunch, we worked on Number Corner and Teagan presented us with the secret to using a monarch chrysalis to identify each as a male or female! After STEM time, we invited our writing muse outside the classroom as we paid attention to all the details around us.  We read Owl Moon and noticed how Jane Yolen shared her details. Then worked to record some of the cool things we noticed outside!  Finally, Dr. D. joined us at the end of the day to share and discuss Don’t Eat Your Classmates.  Ask your child to learn about the lesson behind the story. Have a nice weekend with your family!


    Day 3 Thursday- Students logged into laptops and completed their Math MAP this morning! They make this seem like a breeze.  We followed up with a dance circle to loosen up our bodies after a long seated session. Next, kids used good fit books to build stamina and practice how they want their reading to sound. Mrs Johnson filled their time with Art after lunch.  We have one lonely caterpillar here in room 23 who appears to be in no hurry to do anything. We did take a look at Mrs. Wilson’s monarch habitat to find some similar caterpillars and three green chrysali. Students are beginning to take the reins at Number Corner time, leading our instruction on collecting minutes, naming related equations, solving problems and more!  Writers were thinking like authors today, generating ideas, planning, and WRITING! Adding those juicy details to tell the story completely is a focus and already, I’m seeing some very good detail! This wise crew didn’t need any refreshers when it was time to tuck writing away. Without any direction (aside from the one I shared yesterday) they placed their things in designated spots, and were ready to roll on! 


    Day 2 Wednesday- Kids are catching onto routine this third week--Everyone present had their folders in their mailboxes today with zero reminders. We greeted our two monarch caterpillars this morning and were able to observe a hanging J and 3 chrysali that Mrs. WIlson’s class kindly shared. Readers continue to build stamina and share their reading preferences as I work to get to know each child’s reading strengths. Scaffolding on our doubles lesson from yesterday, students were introduced to using doubles equations to solve ‘doubles plus 1’ and ‘doubles minus one’ facts. Ask your child what they chose to do at Work Places today to learn more. After recording updated monarch observations this afternoon, writers received their writing folders and learned how to use them to organize and keep their writing. We reviewed How to Write a Story and began talking about the steps in planning.  These 2nd grade citizens are certainly showing lots of STAR behaviors in everyday situations. It’s no surprise that they earned another all class ticket from Mrs. Constable!




    Day 1 Tuesday- Your children began the day greeting our 3 caterpillars in their new home.  We’re hoping we may soon see some hanging J’s or green chrysali! After our AM routine, kids logged on to their laptops and took their first Reading MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) as 2nd graders! Math time focused on doubles and halves which students identified and demonstrated with their number racks. Odd and even numbers have been a topic of conversation often as kids recognize which numbers can be broken into equal parts and which cannot. We learned a new game Cout and Compare Twos. Library with Mrs. Snavely was a hit and kids are catching on quickly to the DAY cycle to remember books on Day 1. We practiced using clever badges to log onto computer applications and got a little practice on IXL before wrapping up our 11th day of 2nd grade.




    Day 5 Monday-  What a marvelous Monday with this class! Everyone kicked off the morning seatwork time with a quick practice of  plus/minus 0 and plus/minus 1. They observed our dwindling number of caterpillars, which by this afternoon has fallen to four living critters.  We have been discussing what the cause may be and have tried changing the milk week source and have made sure they weren’t in the direct path of a fan, but something is still amiss. We’re still observing, asking, wondering and recording. This is the first time a class has witness a caterpillar lying on its side and kids are taking advantage of observing the differences. We are all hoping the remaining caterpillars make it to their full life cycle. Mathematicians learned a new game, Make the Sum and played with a partner. A checkpoint for number combinations to ten was completed and 90% of students are meeting expectations for this point in the school year. Literacy time found students reading good fit books, reading with me, and recording complete thoughts about the changes in our caterpillar habitat. Indoor recess was a welcome time to share and play with friends. Mrs. Snavely led our Music time today. Afterward, writers reviewed their writing about the puppy, Winston and worked on completing their writing and illustrations. Later, students studied the calendar grid, noting equations for the number depicted on today’s number card. We added a number line to our Number Corner! Moving our bodies into horizontal and vertical positions helped us to identify the two different number lines. Students counted decade numbers to 90 and then added another decade for our tenth day in school on our class number line. Finally, we got out our Chromebooks and tried a practice round for our MAP testing. These kids are pros with technology. That doesn’t mean they know everything, but that they know that with a little direction and sometime investigation, they can find a way to accomplish what they want to on the laptops!


    Fun Friday~ We finally got to spend a whole day in our classroom! We had some unfortunate discoveries in the caterpillar habitat this morning. As kids arrived and observed, they found at least 4 of the 20 caterpillars are no longer living. Students shared ideas about why this may be happening. Some suspected the heat, others thought perhaps the milkweed had been sprayed with something before being picked.  Still other thought it may be the fans blowing in our room. A few were hopeful that what we saw was simply molted skin, but unfortunately, it was not. Kids drew and wrote about their observations. We met for Math and students used their number racks to find unknowns within 20 before investigating Work Places. Student leaders are stepping up to lead Number Corner as we study the calendar dates, patterns, time. Today we learned a new term, Computational Fluency, and began working toward that goal. Writers met WInston the dog and learned many things about him by asking questions. They used the collected information to begin writing facts they learned. STEM time with Mrs. Snyder was a hit, as was the read aloud, Recess Queen.  Hard to believe our 2nd week is done!  Have a nice weekend!


    Thursday- Morning work included cutting out our football for the Lemont display and wrapping up unfinished work. We got a close up view of our caterpillars, identifying and counting different parts of their bodies. A review of our schedule and morning gathering were the perfect start before moving onto Math where kids computed totals within 10. It may sound simple, but we are working with visuals and manipulatives to help mathematicians build their ability to subitize! We learned a new game called Count & Compare 5. Packing up for MNMS has become a regular part of our day and kids effortlessly prepared and packed up after lunch. Once there, most of the class settled into their cooler spots and pulled out a book to read before I even had a chance to ask them to! Later we worked in the big cafeteria detecting squares and rhombi, counting and coloring them accordingly. Our trip back to Lemont added still more to our adventurous week and I’m sure you’ll hear all about it from those whom I’ve dubbed the ‘soggy second graders.’ getting soaked seemed to just add laughter and fun to their day and I’m proud of these hardy young people who seem to embrace and endure whatever comes their way!  



    Wednesday- Our morning was full of Math and Science, first playing Flash Attack, working at math Work Places, then observing and recording changes we notice in our caterpillars. Second graders work on making complete sentences as they record. Scientific drawings of the caterpillars were outstanding! Students paid special attention to the size color and detail to accurately record observations. Kids got a first look at our September calendar pattern. We packed our reading materials for MNMS after recess, lunch and PE. A warm ride on the bus made the cool school all the more welcoming and students settled right into their independent reading time as you will see on our Twitter account.  While at MNMS, we also played team building games, helping to expanded our knowledge and appreciation of one another. Kids made good choices and represented themselves and our school well!


    HOT DOG    9/4/18    HOT DOG  

    Quote from a 7 year old: "This is great weather if you're a hot dog!"

    Tuesday-  We finally got a look at our caterpillars in person! They certainly have grown over the past three days and kids were eager to see them moving and munching about. This week 2nd graders will be asked to take greater responsibility for doing their morning jobs independently and everyone is getting better at recalling the routine. Math time was fun as we explored, then built our own number racks. This is a neat tool for kids to begin showing what they know and helps them begin to subitize. We also played Show Me to get the hang of using our number racks. Readers identified and practiced great read to self habits, we enjoyed so cool shady time under our tree as we read, and even had a morning ice pop at Dr. D.’s urging. Shortly after complimenting our class and telling them I was sure this will be an adventurous year with this group, we learned about our impromptu field trip to MNMS. They carried on with regular routine through lunch, traveled to Library like high school students [with their backpacks in tow], then boarded the bus to MNMS.There, we colored our Lemont footballs in a way to represent ourselves, spent a little time speaking and listening, and even had a chance to use the middle school play area. This was a different situation and it’s not surprising that it excited many and had some testing their limits in the new environment. With a few reminders, they were right back to their usual, wonderful selves. The trip back and dismissal were uneventful and we had the BEST game of silent ball before we headed for home.


    lady liberty

     Monday-  Happy Labor Day!

  • Thursday-We continue to get to know one another and learn about good citizenship. We practiced how we like to read while reading The Pledge of Allegiance. We talked about patriotism and good citizenship. This carried over nicely to our STAR lessons for playground, cafe, hallway, bathroom and even buses. Math time found beetles crawling into the form of a picture graph based on characteristics.  Students observed, generated comparison statements, and even converted the picture graph into a bar graph! After lunch, Mrs. Snyder led our class in their first STEM special of the year. Later, writers practiced penmanship on a spelling inventory, gathered at Number Corner establishing routine. The Scrambled States of America finished the day and hopefully has all the students thinking about our states and the other states with which they are familiar.  Kids will be bringing home a sheet to record the states in which they were born or have visited. If you would help them recall those things, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Wednesday- We continue to establish routines on this 3rd day. Students have already gotten the hang of many routines like: signing up for lunch, unpacking backpacks and folders, and collecting things at the end of the day. Math time was spent categorizing using a Venn Diagram, writing clues about ourselves to match our glyphs, and exploring Math Work Places. Readers learned that readers don’t just choose what to read, but also how to read. You might ask your child to show you how they would choose to read their selection at home this evening.  We enjoyed the The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss and talked about the author’s purpose. After lunch, students met Mrs. Johnson, their Art teacher.  Writers shared their writing and then thought about things they may enjoy writing about and jotted them in their tiny tablets. We found our state on the map and started thinking about the different states in which we’ve lived or visited. Tomorrow, your child will be bringing home a little Social Studies homework in which they will identify these very items.  

    Tuesday- Whew~We may set a new record this year! It’s only day two of school and already this class has earned 5 all-class S.T.A.R. tickets for notable conduct in lunch, the classroom, Library, PE. We warmed up our minds with an extension of yesterday ’s read aloud, Rocking in My School Shoes, as kids completed an illustrated of themselves in their school shoes. (Kudos to all for remembering gym shoes today--not always an easy task on day two of the new year.) Mathematicians looked at a collection of our beetle glyphs and began classifying by generating appropriate categories. Next, we practice our Work Place routine for Math time. Kids did this flawlessly. Having this down-pat allows us to maximize our time for learning each day! Ask your child what they explored during Work Place time to learn more.  Readers review reasons for reading and then participated in two rounds of read to self, demonstrating good practice. After recess, we celebrated Cosette’s birthday with song and a compliment train. Thank you Cosette, for the birthday treats you shared with your classmates! Students joined Mrs. Constable for PE, then returned to talk about narrative writing before beginning to write to share a story about a time in their lives. During Number corner, student leaders pointed out the date, using day of the week, month, and year. They also solved thinking questions about our calendar. Our afternoon break was a time of free play due to the heat. As the temperatures cool, this time may be used for track. Some students have asked about snack in the afternoon.  Of course students are welcome to bring a snack to fuel their bodies during our afternoon break each day at 2pm. This is not a necessity, but a personal choice. Finally, to finish our day, we learned about our new Chromebooks, noting where they are kept, responsible handling of the laptops. Silent 60 finished our time together and most were smiling as they departed at 3 o’clock. Take a peek at our Twitter account to see Work Places today.

    Monday-  Welcome to our Room 23 Week in a Wink! This is the place to get a glimpse of what’s happening from day to day in our classroom. We had a great first day, with students displaying good manners, kind friend behaviors and simply using STAR behaviors all through the day.  We have 22 friends in our class. Today, we took time to share our names before creating a beetle glyph in Math to demonstrate different facts about ourselves, like: the month we were born, number of people in our family, favorite seasons and favorite sports. These glyphs will be used to practice observing, sorting, comparing and contrasting over the next few days. Readers generated ideas about WHY we read and listen to the story WHAT WAS I SCARED OF? before discussing a preference for fiction or nonfiction. Students enjoyed a morning recess and a brief afternoon break. Writers took time to show their best penmanship while most shared an idea or fact. During social studies, we read PETE THE CAT: Rocking in My School Shoes, to conclude our day with practice of our closing routine and dismissal. This class earned TWO all class S.T.A.R. tickets today for good choices and have made a great first impression! Thank you for sending me your children ready to learn and play in a positive community where we support and encourage one another. I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead. Please note that Students are asked to bring in a set of headphones for use with the school assigned Chromebook this year. More information is available under the Classroom Supplies link at the left on our website. Tomorrow is PE day. Please help your child remember to wear their gym shoes.

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