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    Welcome to "Math 180 / Seminar Math 2", an exciting math program that blends teacher instruction with innovative technology to help students become stronger and more capable math students.  This course is organized into 9 Blocks of instruction.  Each Block relates its mathematical theme to high-interest contexts, stories and careers.  Feel free to visit   http://www.hmhco.com/products/math-180/family/  for more information about the course.  This course prepares students for Seminar Math 3, upon successful completion.


    If you would like more information about the Seminar Math 2 course taught by Mr. Gettig, you may also click on the "Seminar Math 2" link at the top left of this page.  This link includes a description of the materials needed in the course, and general information about the course.

    If you would like to view a list of work and assignments for Mr.Gettig's course, please click on the "Assignments" link at the top left of the page.  You may return to Mr. Gettig's welcome page for a listing of his email address and phone number.

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Last Modified on August 22, 2019