• August and September - Back to School Time!


    Summer is a time for tackling household projects and clearing out ‘stuff.’ Decluttering is an ongoing challenge for me; we art teachers see potential in so many things, and hate to throw things out!  Is that true for you, too?

    The art room typically has a wide assortment of ‘stuff.’  Keeping it organized is the challenge! Here are items that the art room would be happy to take off your hands, if you would like to donate:

    • School supplies and art supplies of any sort (of course).

    • Rubber stamps, ink pads

    • Beads, ribbon, sewing supplies

    • Wire, pliers

    • Plastic containers with lids, (yogurt and sour cream-type containers, for example).

    • Sturdy cardboard boxes with handles (Banker’s Boxes) or plastic creates for storage

    • Shoes boxes or photo boxes with lids

    • rubbermaid containers with lids- med. or small.

    Items can be dropped off to the front office, or sent in with your child, or brought in on Back to School Night or during Parent Conferences.

    Have other things, objects  or artifacts that might spark curiosity or be useful in an art room?  Text an email with a photo and description to me at axa14@scasd.org and I will be happy to  consider.


    Thank you!


    -Ms. Anderson, rm 243

    8th grade Visual Art and Design

Last Modified on August 20, 2019