• Attention Parents/Guardians:


    I need your help, so I am asking a favor. 


    I understand that not all parents have a love for math.  I also understand that you probably learned how to do math problems in a different way than the students learn today.  I know there is controversy surrounding the 'new' Common Core Standards.  I understand how some problems can seem overwhelming and difficult.  Math can be hard.  I tell all my students that.  They will make mistakes.  I will make mistakes.  Mistakes are just proof that you are trying.  It is my hope and goal that your child leaves my class feeling more confident about math through perseverance and problem solving.


    So, what do I need from you?


    I ask that you are careful about how you talk about math at home.  Negativity can affect your child's way of thinking and approaching math.  Anyone can learn math with the right attitude.  I hope we can be a team and set your child up for MATH SUCCESS!  Students are allowed to make mistakes in my classroom.  They are allowed to ask questions.  You are, too!  Through failure and perseverance, students will become better thinkers and problem solvers.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out.  Thank you so much for your help in this!



Last Modified on August 25, 2018