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    Diversified Occupation/Capstone Y690

    Instructor: Mrs. Billie-Jo Hoover

    Email: bmr24@scasd.org

    Phone: (814) 231-5057

    Office:  State College Area High School - E123

    Classroom:  State College Area High School - E125

    Department: Career and Technical Center

    Course Title:  Diversified Occupation/Capstone

    Catalog Description:    Y690 Diversified Occupations/Capstone - 1 credit

    12th grade


    Course Description

    This is a full year, one credit course for all students interested in understanding careers and the essential skills needed in the workplace. The course prepares students for entry into the workforce at all levels and is designed for all students, regardless of post-secondary plans. Instruction is provided in such skills as employer-employee relations, applications and resumes, interview techniques and the acquisition of life skills. The course is designed to increase skills through individual and class study, and on-the-job training opportunities, encouraging attitudes and habits which meet employment standards. Course delivery includes class discussion, guest speakers, computer applications and audio-video materials. Students are evaluated on class assignments and individual projects.


    Students who are interested in earning two additional credits for work based experiences (Internships and/or Employment) must concurrently register for Cooperative Work Experience.


    Course Materials

    Diversified Occupations/Capstone Workbook

    Job Hunting Handbook

    Unit Information Handouts


    Web Sites

    Current Media Resources


    Attendance in this class is essential in order for the students to be successful as well as to learn the material. In the event that a student is absent from class the student will make arrangements to submit his/her work, take a test/quiz, and get assignments that were missed.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to check Canvas. Students are expected to make up all work missed within a time period not to exceed the total number of days absent from that specific class. Thereafter, deductions may be taken for each class meeting day the assignment/assessment is late following the student’s absence from class.
    • Unexcused Absences

    If a student cuts class and is unaccounted for in the attendance system, s/he cannot earn higher than half of the credit that was earned for the assignment.  The assignment/assessment is due the class period that the student returns to class. Student will receive a 0 for participation assignments that are given during the block.

    Late Work

    It is the expectation that all students will turn in assignments on the given due date.  Late work is an assignment not turned in by the established due date/class block. For each day an assignment is late 1 point will be deducted, some projects will not be accepted late. All late assignments are due by the end of the unit to obtain a grade. Any assignment handed in after the unit is completed will receive a 0.

    Cell Phone Policy

    Please see the Distraction Parking (Cell Phone Policy)




    Safety on the Job

    Independent Living

    Personal Finance


    Career Development


    Major Exams / Projects

    Safety Exam

    Apartment Project

    Money Management Exam

    Career Portfolio

    Invention Project


    Guest Speakers

    Post secondary Institutions - connect with resources, financial aid, academic integrity



    Grading Policy

    Grades are a combination of classwork, topic tests, projects and participation.


    Other Teachers Contact Information

    Shelly Ishler, sji11@scasd.org

    Kelly Pifer, kap12@scasd.org

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