• 6th Grade Physical Education Class!

    Did you know that physical education (PE) is one of the most important subjects you take in school? In PE class, we will cover basic sport skills, fitness, and movement concepts. By participating in different physical activities, you will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally, be more likely to participate in lifelong physical activities, and be less likely to suffer from health-related illnesses due to a sedentary lifestyle. Your success in physical education impacts your success in school by helping improve your focus and academic achievement! So let’s learn and move together!



    Grades for PE are calculated by a total number of points for each grading period (every 9 weeks).  For many of the units, your grade will will be calculated based on your participation, effort and attitude as well as improveent.  You do not need to master any one skill or sport, but we do expect that you dress for PE, participate and put forth an effort.


    Other assignments and assessments will be added to the grade book as assigned, which will vary during each 9 weeks. Other assignments and assessments could include (but are not limited to): homework, quizzes, projects, and/or skill sheets.


    Most classwork and homework will be delivered and assigned through Google Classroom. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with my PE Google Classroom. Be sure to stay up to date with assignments and due dates by checking your email and the Google Classroom feed regularly.


    Illnesses & Injuries

    • Report all classroom injuries to your teachers.
    • In order to be excused from class, you must have a doctor’s note that specifies what you can/cannot do in terms of physical activity and academics. If you do not have a doctor’s note, only one parent excuse note will be permitted each nine weeks. Any other excuses will result in a loss of points.
    • If you are not feeling well on a day you have PE, you are asked to dress for class and try your best.



    • Maintain appropriate behavior in the locker rooms, gym, and athletic venues.
    • You must obtain permission from a PE teacher to leave class at any time (i.e. rest-room, locker room, or nurse's office during class).
    • When arriving for class, leave your belongings in the locker room on a bench or in a locker
    • Change quickly and head outside for your warm up
    • Please do not touch any equipment until instructed by a PE teacher.
    • At the end of class, change quickly and you may wait in the hallway for the bell to ring 
    • Do not enter storage rooms unless requested by a PE teacher.
    • Do not leave your PE clothes in the locker room. Take them with you after class.
Last Modified on August 22, 2019