• 7th Grade Health Education


    Welcome to 7th grade health,  I am excited to have you as my student, and look forward to learning about you and sharing my passion for health and fitness.  This year we will explore many areas of wellness which can enhance your physical health, social health and mental and emotional health.  I enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions, so there will be many opportunities for discussions and group projects. In order for our year to run smoothly, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind; please read through the following expectations and ASK if your have any questions or concerns about the information.



    • RESPECT the comments and belongings of others.  All content related questions and statements are encouraged and welcomed!
    • Come PREPARED for class.
      • Charged Chromebook ( we will be using Google classroom )
      • Pencil/Pen
      • Paper
      • Health folder
    • If there are behavior issues/problems in class, the following steps will be taken:
      • (1st) Students will receive a warning  
      • (2nd) Conversation and email or phone call home  
      • (3rd) Written referral and administrative involvement as per code of conduct


    Google classroom:

    Most of your assignments and communications will be presented through Google classroom, so it is your responsibility to check Google classroom OFTEN.  Assignments on Google classroom will have due dates; in order to receive credit for an assignment, it must be submitted on or before the due date, unless otherwise instructed.  This means that if you miss a class due to a music, or band lesson, or if you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to check Google classroom. If the information you need to complete an assignment is provided in Google classroom, you are responsible to submit it by the due date.


    Classroom work and homework:

    Many of your health assignments will be completed during class time, but if for some reason you do not complete an assignment, it MUST be submitted PRIOR to the beginning of your next health class in order to earn full credit.  When homework is assigned, please make sure to submit it by the due date, points will be deducted for late and/or incomplete work. If you are absent from class due to health issues, please check Google classroom for what you missed,  and if possible, complete the assignment prior to your next health class.


    Late work:

    Students must submit/turn in completed assignments on or before assigned due dates in order to earn full credit.  Points will be deducted as follows for late and/or incomplete assignments:

    Loss of 10% -  turned in next class after assigned due date

    Loss of 20% - turned in the 2nd class after assigned due date


    An assignment that has not been turned in by the 3rd class after assigned due date will be given a ‘0’.  Any student who has a ‘0’ on an assignment, in a given marking period, will be given an opportunity to earn up to 60% for that assignment if turned in by the last day of the marking period.  If a student is absent--he/she can still receive full credit for an assignment if the assignment is received at the beginning of the students’ next health class. Students are encouraged to turn in any late assignments to my teacher mailbox,  which is located in the main office. I check my mailbox at the beginning of each school day.


    Missing quizzes and unit tests:

    Students who miss quizzes or unit tests MUST see me ASAP. * Please do not wait until the next health class--it could be a week before a student sees me again.  These items may or may not be made up during class time; it will depend on what is being covered in class that next health class.  If a student cannot make up the work during class--AREA or study halls will be used. All legal absences--are excused. Band lessons that a student attends without my permission on a day of a quiz, test, or homework due date, will result in a zero--parent/guardian may be notified.

    Most quizzes will be found in Google classroom, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that students come to class with a charged Chromebook !



    Missing class due to Band/Music rehearsal or lesson

    It is the responsibility of the student to notify me IN PERSON that he/she has a rehearsal and/or lesson during a scheduled health class.  An e mail is NOT an acceptable way to notify me of a lesson or field trip. Students are responsible for all information and assignments missed due to lessons; it is not considered an excuse for late (missed) work.  Students will be directed to check Google classroom or ask a classmate for any notes and/or missed assignments due to a practice or rehearsal. A student may be asked to split the period in order to take a quiz and/or participate in a  graded activity; once they have completed their assignment, they will be excused to attend their lesson. 

    Students attend health class 2 days out of every 6-day cycle, which equates to 15 or less classes per quarter; in order to earn a fair grade, students should try to attend health class on their scheduled day.



    Grades are calculated by the total number of points for the quarter.  Students begin each marking period with 30 points for participation; this may help a student increase their total grade at the end of any given quarter. Participation points may be deducted if a student is unprepared for class; student may also lose points if disruptive and/or inappropriate during class discussions and assignments. Class assignments and activities will be given various  point values throughout each quarter. Grades will be kept up to date in HAC as assignments are submitted and graded by all sections of 7th grade health.

    Excused absences will not count against a students’ participation or activity points.


Last Modified on August 22, 2019