• 7th Grade History: Ancient Civilizations
    Mr. Miller
    Timber Rattler Team

     Contact information:
    Email: rgm11@scasd.org


    Textbook: World History: Great Civilizations. Published by National Geographic & Cengage Learning.

    In addition to the text we will be using many outside primary and secondary sources.  Students will have varied instruction including lecture, self-discovery, research, simulation,cooperative and independent assignments with various types of media.

    The curriculum for Ancient World History will include:

    • Unit 1- Growth of Civilizations

    • Unit 2- Got Democracy?

    • Unit 3- Rome wasn’t Built in a Day

    • Unit 4- Ideas in Motion

    • Unit 5- Wealth Beyond Words

    • Unit 6- Pillars of an Empire

    • Unit 7- So you’ve got a Story to Tell

    • Unit 8- Who turned out the Lights

    • Unit 9- Why so many Questions?


    Students are required to maintain an organized and current notebook.  A three-ring binder with pockets or a folder will work best.  This notebook will hold their notes, handouts, and class work.  The binder can be used for multiple subjects.  Students will also be required to have a pen/pencil at all times.

    Student grades will be determined on a total point system.  Students will receive points for their work.  At the end of each grading period, students will receive a final letter grade based on their accumulated average.  Letter grades will be assigned based on the school’s grading scale.

    I have the following expectations of every student:

    -      Each student will come to class on time with all necessary materials, a positive attitude, and an open mind.

    -      Each student will listen to and follow directions when they are given.

    -      Each student will demonstrate behavior that promotes learning for the entire class, including proper language, body movements, and respect for themselves and all others in the classroom.


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