•  Physical Education
    Ferguson Township Elementary
    Mr. Treece    
      Pennsylvania State University
     M.S. Kinesiology
    We are part way through 2018-2019 at Ferguson Township Elementary School.  This year we are using a 5-day cycle, so class may be on different days of the week.  If you help your child get ready for physical education each week, please keep these things in mind:
         - Please make sure your child wears athletic shoes on their PE day for comfort and safety                          purposes.
         - Please choose clothing that enables your child to participate at their fullest
         - If your child has an injury/illness that prevents them from participating please email me              (jlt28@scasd.org) or send a note with them.
    Students in grades K-2 have been working on improving their locomotor skills as well as developing their throwing and catching skills as well.  Grades 3-5 have completed a soccer skills unit and will soon be working on a football skills unit.  If you have time, take your son/daughter out and see what they have learned.  

    Mr. Treece
    Phone: (814) 272-4213