• State College Area School District

    Physical Education Benchmarks

    Second Grade


    State Standards


    NASPE (National) Standards

    Locomotor skills


    1, 2 & 4

    Spatial awareness (self space & general space)



    Relationship awareness (above, below, around...)



    Running (aerobic vs. anaerobic)

    anaerobic - width of a volleyball court (30s)

    aerobic - 5 min.



    Skipping (1 minute)




    Hopping (R and L foot)

    -10 meters on R and L foot




    Galloping (leading with the R and L foot)



    Sliding (to the R and L)



    Headstand (3 sec )

    Tripod (10sec)



    Leap (10M)



    Jump Rope Group( 10 times)



    Jumping rope, individual (15 times)



    Standing broad jump (body length)



    Broad Jump



    Chasing, fleeing & dodging






    Forward roll (flat surface)



    Log roll (4 meter surface)



    Moves in a variety of pathways (straight, curved, zig-zag...)



    Moves using varying levels (low-to-high)



    Non-locomotor skills


    1, 2 & 4

    Balance twenty seconds on dominant foot



    Balance twenty seconds on non-dominant foot



    Plank 30 sec



    Manipulative skills


    1, 2 & 4

    Rolling a ball toward a target using dominant hand

    -5 meters (10 tries 3-5 inch ball)



    Underhand toss(DH)  at Hula hoop 5M away (10 tries 3-5 inch ball)



    Throws a variety of objects overhand at a target

    -5 meters (standard size hula hoop)



    Dribbles with dominant hand

    -50 meters walking/jogging



    Dribbles with feet

    Figure 8 @ 5M Timed



    Catches a ball with 2 hands at 5M using a ball of choice



    Strikes an object using a short handled implement(bumps/minute)



    Strikes an object using a long handled implement while stationary





    Cooperative activity/Ethics-related aspects


    1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

    Is respectful and demonstrates self control



    Health-related fitness


    2, 4 & 6

    Calculating heart rate using carotid pulse



    Muscular Strength( push-ups, squats, plank)



    CV Fitness( Aerobic Run)



    Flexibility( sit and reach)