• State College Area School District

    Physical Education Benchmarks

    First Grade


    State Standards


    NASPE (National) Standards

    Locomotor skills


    1, 2 & 4

    Spatial awareness (self space & general space)



    Running (aerobic vs. anaerobic)

    anaerobic - width of a volleyball court (30s)

    aerobic - 4 min.



    Skipping (20 meters)

    -Speed Skip



    Hopping (R and L foot) 10 meters



    Galloping (leading with the R and L foot)



    Sliding (to the R and L)



    Leap 10M



    Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging



    Seal walk 10 meters



    Bear walk for distance (30 meters)



    Crab walk for distance (10 meters)



    Cross Steps



    Log Roll 2M



    Forward Roll on Decline Wedge Mat



    Tripod - 5 Seconds



    Standing broad jump (body length)



    Moves in a variety of pathways (straight, curved, zig-zag...)



    Moves using varying levels (low-medium-high)



    Jump Rope/Hoop Individual



    Rope Turning with a Partner



    Non-locomotor skills


    1, 2 & 4

    Balance fifteen seconds on right foot



    Balance fifteen seconds on left foot



    Plank 20 seconds



    Manipulative skills


    1, 2 & 4

    Rolling a ball toward a target using dominant hand

    -5 meters ( 10 tries 3-5 inch ball)



    Underhand toss(DH)  at Hula hoop 5M away (10 tries 3-5 inch ball)



    Throws a variety of objects overhand at a target

    -5 meters (standard size hula hoop)



    Dribbles with dominant hand

    -10 meters walking



    Dribbles with feet

    Figure 8 @ 5M Timed



    Catches a ball with 2 hands at 5M using a ball of choice



    Strikes an object using a short handled implement(bumps/minute)



    Strikes an object using a long handled implement while stationary





    Cooperative activity/Ethics-related aspects


    1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

    Is respectful and demonstrates self control



    Health-related fitness


    2, 4 & 6

    Muscular Endurance



    Finding heart rate and carotid pulse



    Muscular Strength( Push-ups, Squats, plank)



    CV Fitness 4 minute run