• ScratchJr. Artist Project Information

    Artists: (You may choose an artist that is not on the list, but you must have it okayed by me.)

    Alexander Calder

    Mary Cassat

    Pablo Picasso

    Jackson Pollock

    Henri Matisse

    Wassily Kandinsky

    Jean Dubuffet

    Georgia O’Keefe

    Claude Monet

    Paul Klee

    Paul Cezanne

    Leonardo DaVinci

    Keith Haring

    Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

    Pierre Auguste Renoir

    Vincent Van Gogh

    Paul Klee

    Mark Chagall

    Piet Mondrian

    Charles M. Shulz


    Georges Seurat

    Edgar Degas

    Walt Disney

    Andy Warhol


    Artist Research Websites:

    http://www.factmonster.com/ (type the name of your artist in the search box.)

    http://www.wikiforkids.ws/ (type the name of your artist in the search box.)

    http://www.ducksters.com/biography/ (scroll down to the list of artists)


    What Must Be Included In My ScratchJr Project???

    1. A character representing your artist which has been creatively designed by you in ScratchJr. (Unless we have discussed a idea for designing your character in another iPad drawing app and transferring to ScratchJr. This is a challenging option, but is possible and has potential if used creatively.)

    2. Your character (artist) must enter 3 backgrounds. The first is basically the title page of your project. You will create a digital piece of artwork inspired by your artist using either ScratchJr or one of the 2 drawing apps available on your iPad. You will use this digital drawing as background #1 and #3. In background #1 your artist will introduce himself. In background #2 your artist will give important information about 2 of their pieces of artwork using audio, word bubbles or a combination of both and in background #3 he will describe how you created your digital piece and how it was inspired by your artist.

    3. What other creative ideas can you come up with to make your project more interesting?!



    Suggested Additions For Those With Extra Time-

    1. A famous quote by your artist.

    2. A background that is an original piece of artwork (inspired by the work of your artist) created by you in ScratchJr. or another iPad drawing app. This could even be made into an animated piece by using a "character" and "background" together to create the artwork.