Budget Development for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020

     Your input is important. As the district looks to prepare a budget for the upcoming year, we welcome your ideas to control costs or increase revenues. Feel free to give us your ideas at info@scasd.org

    The budget process is outlined in the Budget Timeline

    Our 2019-20 budget development process includes a review of the financial results from 2018-19, as well as multi-year budget projections. Refinement of these projections will continue throughout the budget process as the 2018-19 projections become clearer.

    Key factors considered in our budget development process include:

    ·       Revenue:
    o   Act 1 Index
    o   Assessed Value Growth
    o   Earned Income Tax Projections

    ·       Expenses:
    o   Capital Projects Transfer
    o   Capital Reserve Transfer
    o   State High Project Expenses
    o   Charter School Expenses
    o   Medical Insurance
    o   Salaries and Wages
    o   Special Education Costs
    o   Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS)
    o   Real Estate Tax Appeals
    o   Workers’ Compensation Expense

Last Modified on March 6, 2020