Letter Sounds

    **“long sounds”



    Mm- student must look at your mouth= closed mouth- 

    Nn- student must look at your mouth= open mouth- 

    Soft Cc- “ssss”

    Ff- teeth on lips

    Ll- tongue behind front upper teeth-

    Ss- ssss 

    Vv- teeth on bottom lip

    Zz- teeth together 


    **Mix of long and quick sounds


    Hard Cc- radio static- k… not voiced  

    Hard Gg- air conditioner start static and hum- g

    Soft Gg- j

    Hh- breath of air- clean glasses

    Jj- j (soft g)

    Kk- hard c

    Qq- with u- kw

    Rr- fire truck sound not “er” or “ruh”

    Ww- circle lips- restrict it- vibrate lips

    Xx- 2 sounds “ksss”

    Yy- “yee” and “ee” and “eye” 


    **All are “quick sounds”- 


    Dd- voiced- can be vowel dependent- “di” add short i

    Tt- unvoiced wisp of air (snare drum)

    Bb- voiced 

    Pp- unvoiced puff of air

    Ph-fffff (taught later)

    Sh- be quiet

    Th- voiced- this (feel throat)

    Th- unvoiced- think


    Avoid the schwa sounds!!!- 

    Example= the sound for b should never be "buh"  


Last Modified on April 6, 2021