• Open Enrollment will take place November 1, 2018 - November 16, 2018.

    Open Enrollment Q&A


    1. What are the rates for Vision Coverage for Employee/Children?

    A - Use this link to find the vision rates. https://www.scasd.org/Page/28869


    2. Are any orthodontics included with the dental plan?

    A - There is no coverage for this with Delta Dental. However you can use funds from your HSA or FSA to pay those expenses.


    3. Can I drop my supplemental life insurance? If so what are the steps to doing that? Do I keep my district provided life insurance?

    A - Yes, you can drop your supplemental life insurance anytime. You have to submit a letter to Cory Cunningham in HR, stating your request to drop the coverage along with the effective date. Once supplemental coverage has been dropped you will not be eligible to pick it back up. This will have no effect on your district provided life insurance and that policy will remain in place. 


    4. Is there a limit to how much can be in my Health Savings Account (HSA) at any given time?

    A - There is no limit to the balance that is in your HSA. The IRS only puts limits on how much you can contribute in a calendar year. For 2019 the annual limits are Individual: $3,500 and Family: $7,000.


    5. What is the cost for dental insurance if I wanted to add my two children?

    A - Dental rates are the same for all 12 month employees. Individual: $0.00 and Family: $16.20 per month.


    6. Do I have to fill anything out if I am keeping everything the same?

    A - Yes, you are still strongly encouraged to complete the Google Form. This will allow you to complete information relating to your spouse, HSA, and wellness incentives (if applicable). 


    7. How much does SCASD contribute to my HSA?

    A - SCESPA: Individual - $1,000  Family $2,000

       All others: Individual - $750     Family $1,500



    8. Are children allowed to be on two dental plans?

    A - Yes, children can be double covered on your spouses dental plan as well as your SCASD dental plan.


    9. The form I completed to add a dependent to dental should be sent to who?

    A - ALL enrollment forms should be sent to Cory Cunningham at Panorama Village by Friday November 16th. 


    10. Is there an additional amount I can contribute to my HSA if I am over 55?

    A - Yes, if you're over 55 you can contribute an extra $1,000 a year above the IRS limit.

    IRS Limit: Individual $3,500  Family $7,000


    11. If I retire in 2019 what month do your benefits stop?

    A - If you are a school year employee and your last day of work is the last day of school, your benefits would end August 31, 2019. If your last day of work is mid year, then benefits will end the last day of the month in which you retire. For example if you retire March 15, 2019, your benefits would end March 31, 2019. For 12 month employee's, your benefits end the last day of the month in which you retire. 


    12. Can you explain the Health Club membership benefit?

    A - For all employees enrolled in Highmark medical insurance, there's a discount offered to use local fitness centers. I have provided a link where you can find more information: Fitness Your Way


    13. Does your deductible go up when you add a spouse to your benefit?

    A - It depends on the situation. If you are on the plan as an individual and add your spouse, the deductible would then double. If you are on the plan with a child(ren) and add your spouse, the deductible would not change. 


    14. What will the employer contribution be for the HSA for a member of SCAEA?

    A - Individual: $750 (Same as 2018)

         Family: $1,500   (Same as 2018)


    15. Will forms sent electronically be accpeted? If so, whom should they be sent to?

    A - Yes, forms can be submitted electronically. They can be sent to Cory Cunningham --> cdc14@scasd.org



Last Modified on November 16, 2018