• Due to various reasons you may need to withdrawal your child(ren) from our school district.  Please use the checklist below to ensure your child is properly withdrawn from SCASD.


    1) Notify your child's current school that your child will be attending another school.  Please provide to the school staff your child's name and the name and location of the new school.

    2) Return all SCASD textbooks, library books and chromebooks to the appropriate SCASD building before leaving the district.  

    3)  Once you register at the new school please have them fax a Records Request to our school district.    You can either have them fax to your child's school or to the district registration office at 814-466-5094.  If you are leaving the country and the new school will not request records please notify your SCASD school staff by email that no records request will be sent.

    4) Once your child is un-enrolled from SCASD, your child will no longer have access to their district email or google account.  If there is anything you would like off their district google drive, please remove these items.


    * During the school year the district has 10 days, from the receipt of the records request, to withdrawal the student from school and send the records.  During this time you may still receive attendance alerts and weather related phone calls.  

Last Modified on December 10, 2021