● Come to school and attend all scheduled classes/study halls.

    ● You must maintain a “C” or higher in all classes or mandatory study hall and/or ACE will be assigned

    ● Attendance is a critical component of school success. If the student has 10 unexcused absences from school, a conference will be required to see if you will continue in the program

    ● Any day you do not come to school due to illness or suspension (in or out), you are not allowed to go to work

    ● Appropriate behavior and completion of assignments in all classes is expected to maintain enrollment



    ● Participate in class activities and be polite and respectful

    ● To earn the three credits you are expected to pass the Diversified Occupations class and work a minimum of 17 hours per week.

    ● Attendance at the Annual Employer Appreciation Banquet is expected of all Work Experience students



    ● Attend work as scheduled and notify the supervisor, in advance of school obligations

    ● Be polite, respectful and honest with coworkers, supervisors and customers

    ● Don’t quit or change jobs without prior approval from the instructor

    ● If there is layoff or suspension from work, the student will remain at school until a new job is attained

    ● Don’t get fired, being fired means failing your CWE and class for the marking period

    ● If a second job is necessary, contact your instructor to discuss the situation



Last Modified on February 6, 2019