• The SCASD Middle School Math Recommendation Process includes a 7A math readiness assessment and the IOWA Algebra Readiness Exam. These assessments are given to students who are being considered for out-of-grade placement. Classroom teachers recommend students for this assessment based on their observations, assessment data, and student performance. Parents may also request to have their child take these assessments.

    Please know that these assessments are very rigorous and are not at the appropriate instructional level for most students.
    Parents wishing to have their child schedule the 7A Math class as a 6th grader and accelerate past 6th-grade math must submit their requests digitally by May 9, 2019, at 3 pm. Students will then be scheduled to take the required assessments (IOWA Algebra Readiness Exam & the SCASD 7A Curriculum-Based Assessment) during the school day.

    If the request is not received by this time, our team will not be able to accommodate makeup testing during the school day. As an option, if there is still interest, the parent must call the Gifted Services office at 814-231-1054 to schedule makeup testing which will be held in the evening at a location to be determined.

    Please be sure to review the information shared above and/or talk to your child’s math teacher to help inform your decision.

    For questions, please reach out to your building's gifted support teacher. 

    To make your request, please click here

    Please note that score reports and recommendations will be mailed home as soon as assessments have been scored and processed. 


Last Modified on May 2, 2019