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  • Safe2Say Something

    The district has a new initiative meant to protect students by making reporting safety concerns easier. Safe2Say Something, a partnership between Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and all Pennsylvania school districts, is a 24/7 reporting system that allows students, faculty and parents to send anonymous tips via phone, texts and online reporting. This tip line is a valuable asset to our district because it gives our community an additional place to report concerns outside of traditional methods.

    Why was the program created?

    According to Safe2Say Something, the program is an “easy and confidential” way “to report safety concerns to help prevent violence and tragedies.” The goal is to help youth and adults recognize “warning signs and signals, especially within social media, from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others.”

    How does it work?

    Users can report safety concerns via the Safe2Say Something tip line, 1-844-SAF2SAY, the program’s website or its app.

    For SCASD, the Safe2Say Something link is on all of our website homepages as well as under the “Our District” channel. Additionally, there is a direct link in the SCASD App. Again, all tips are anonymous. 

    Submissions first go to a crisis center operated by the Attorney General’s office. The center assesses the situations before notifying school administrations and/or law enforcement for potential intervention. If necessary, the crisis center may contact a user anonymously through the app.

    What should be reported?

    Tipsters should report concerning threats, behaviors, actions and harassment. Examples include bullying or intimidation, threats of self-harm or bragging about planning an attack, violence, depression and social isolation, reckless behavior and substance abuse.

    Is Safe2Say Something the only way to report concerns?

    No. SCASD wants parents and students to feel comfortable directly telling faculty, staff or administrators about safety concerns. The Safe2Say Something system simply provides another resource for preventing violence and protecting schools.



Last Modified on December 11, 2023