• The foodservice industry is a vibrant, productive, and growing industry. According to the National Restaurant Association:


    Restaurant Industry Facts at a Glance

    • $825 billion: Restaurant industry's projected sales in 2018. 
    • 1 million+: Restaurant locations in the United States.
    • 15.1 million: Restaurant industry employees.
    • 1.6 million: New restaurant jobs created by 2028.
    • 10%: Restaurant workforce as part of the overall U.S. workforce.
    • 9 in 10: Restaurant managers who started at entry level. 
    • 8 in 10: Restaurant owners who started their industry careers in entry-level positions.
    • 9 in 10: Restaurants with fewer than 50 employees.
    • 7 in 10: Restaurants that are single-unit operations.




    The numbers, above, represent only a small segment of the industry as a whole. Factoring in other foodservice options (hotels, convention centers, caterers, crusie lines, education (K-12 and university), business & industry, sports & entertainment, military, corrections, and healthcare) these numbers rise exponentially. Many other, related career options exist in nutrition and wellness, writing, photography, styling, equipment, sales, manufacturing, product development and testing, research, academia, and countless more.


    Students interested in continuing education can find some links below. This list (sorted alphabetically) is not inclusive and ever growing. If you have a suggested addition, please email Chef Zach.



Last Modified on February 13, 2019