• Welcome to CTE Month!


    In February, Career and Technical Education Clubs are celebrated. Throughout this month, NTHS works to promote CTE clubs in our high school. Below are some student features from these clubs. 

  • “DECA has provided me with so many different opportunities.  I have networked with hundreds of business professionals, walked the College Football Hall of Fame with a private tour, been to the new Mercedes Benz Stadium for opening and closing ceremonies, and met people from all over the country, and surrounding areas. However out of all of these, my absolute favorite would be spending time with the other members, officers, advisors, and business professionals wherever we go. Doing any of this alone would be no fun at all, but doing it with your closest friends, while being exposed to real-world knowledge, is what makes it all worth it.”

    - Will Marsh

  • "The Roar Store has been the highlight of my High-School career. Throughout my three years in the Roar Store, I have developed as a person as a professional. For as long as I can remember I've had a burning passion for anything business, so the Roar Store was a natural fit for me. I love the networking, trips, experience and environment that comes along with the Roar Store. But in all honesty, I can't single out just one good thing, because it's collectively an amazing experience and opportunity. Although without the team of amazing students and teachers, the Roar Store would not be what it is today."

    - Kelton Fedor

  •  “My favorite part of SkillsUSA is the community service we have performed for the local community and places throughout Pennsylvania. I am very proud to announce this year that the SkillsUSA Central Region raised money, pajamas and books for the Pajama Project. We raised 66 books, 270 pairs of pajamas, and $5,280.05. All of the money, books and pajamas were distributed throughout counties in Pennsylvania. SkillsUSA is an amazing CTSO to be involved in and it has help me grow so much throughout the three years I have been involved in the organization.”

    - Maryn VanGorder

  •  “Being a part of the Health Professions program at State High has been such a tremendous experience. My favorite part of this program is the number of hands-on and real-world experiences we had through these courses, hands-on experiences that are so rare for most high schoolers our age. Whether it be learning to take vitals in Health Systems, getting to watch a baby be born in Clinical Observations or being the person to hold a resident’s hand as they take their last breath in Nurse Aide, these experiences are one in a million. Through all these experiences I found that being a Nurse is what I want to do; that taking care of others is where I belong.”

    - Anna Neal

  •  “I have been a part of the Agricultural Science CTC at State High for all of my high school years and I have also been a member of our Little Lions FFA Chapter! I have met some amazing friends through FFA, had excellent hands on experiences, gained leadership skills, and have had a ton of fun! My favorite part of FFA is the community that has always inspired me to do my best! My teachers, officers, and fellow members have always encouraged me to try new things that push me out of my comfort zone. Through the meetings, events, and competitions I have learned about servant leadership and how to put my best into everything I do! There have been many great events and activities, including my favorite which was a leadership conference called ACES; however through the everyday interactions with my fellow FFA members I have grown to be a better and stronger person! I am thankful for the opportunities and lessons that FFA has provided me with, but I am even more thankful for the people I have met through this program!”

    - Grace Pitterlee

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