• Click here for conceptual designs for the elementary school master planning presented to the Board of Directors April 9, 2019.

    Overall Narrative from Metcalfe

    We propose creating nature based playful interactions that find inspiration in the regional landscape of the ridge-and-valley topography of the Appalachian mountains. The opportunity for play in the landscape is highlighted by operations of modification, addition, deletion and opportunistic interventions on the land. The region’s long, even ridges and continuous valleys and the challenges of moving against them perpendicularly are reimagined at a different scale and playfully reinterpreted. Each site has a slightly different approach based on the individual landscape and spirit of the community. These influences are expressed in the experiential, play and learning opportunities on each site.

    We have used landforms, boulders, logs, trees and grasses – among other things -to create full body interactions, social spaces and pensive opportunities. Group play is emphasized with slides and swings for more than one to use at a time. Openended play is at the heart of this process.

Last Modified on April 8, 2019