Hello, I am Julia Howard. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Atlanta, Georgia shortly after. I spent part of my childhood in Atlanta before moving back to Pittsburgh to be closer to my family up north. Growing up, I participated in competitive gymnastics, volleyball, and track and field. I carried my track and field career through to college, competing on the Penn State University’s Varsity Scholarship team for my freshman, sophomore and part of my junior year. I made the decision to focus my priorities on the PDS program and becoming the best future educator I can be for my senior year of college. 

    Outside of the classroom, I have always enjoyed traveling to other states and countries, as well as doing artistic projects. Through my travels and experiences with immigrant family members, I have been inspired to obtain my ESL (English as a Second Language) certification in hopes of helping second language students in my future classroom. 

    This summer, I worked at a YWCA summer camp in my hometown. The camp was just as much fun for me as it was for the kids! We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo, Aviary, water parks, pools, forests, etc.. Apart from traveling around the Pittsburgh area for the camp, I went to Miami multiple times to enjoy the beach and my family, as well as visited friends sporadically. Although my summer has been fun-filled and eventful, what I am looking forward to the most is starting my teaching internship at Ferguson Township Elementary School in the fall. I am looking forward to a great year of learning!