• Friday -  Day 1 - Kids beat me at a game of Last Shape In Wins to kick off our new geometry unit! They also took their pretest to assess what I need to focus on teaching each individual. During reading, these comfy kids embraced Free Read Friday in their jammies. Word work carried on as usual and many jumped at the chance to write since our PM movie interfered with our usual writing time. After STEM, kids headed off to enjoy the movie in the music room.  They came back happy and energized to share at our class meeting and dance circle. I’m looking forward to the break AND to seeing everyone again in 9 days! Hope you all have a nice change of pace, even if you’re staying right her in good old State College!

    Thursday - Day  5 - IT was at the forefront this AM as students used the Diagnostic platform in IXL. It was a flurry of mathematical activity as kids completed these challenges then moved on to more patterns. Their moving ever closer toward third grade and today they focused not only on patterns, but also to reading and answering questions independently. Reading Stations included independent work, word work, and 1:1 reading check ins. Mrs. Johnson reported that this class was AMAZING in Art! That’s  becoming a trend in the classroom too! Writers are beginning to conference with peers to read, edit and revise writing! It's amazing to see how much more in-depth this is even compared to December. Number Corner had this class on fire! They’ve already decoded the numerical clues to learn more about the pattern and are ahead of the game with observations! Scientists labeled objects around the room that attract or DO NOT attract magnets, taking care to practice magnet etiquette. Ask your child about the dos and don’ts of magnets to learn more.

    Wednesday - Day 4 - Some silly hair, socks and hats brightened our day here.  We continued to look at patterns, and students are beginning to identify repeating AND growing patterns, before moving onto workplaces! Readers continue their research using two sources of information & putting all the pieces together.  Jotting down main events and big ideas in note taking format is a new practice for most. After lunch, kids had fun with Mrs. C. in PE, then returned to show all they know about being non-fiction authors. Kids were pumped to use magnets to test their predictions and wonderings, finding what things in our classroom attract a magnet and what items do not. 

    Tuesday - Day 3 - What a fun way to start the week with all kinds of hats & fun accessories arriving on the heads of the students of room 153. The fun continued in  math as students view pattern sequences, identified patterns and determined the next arrangement in the sequence. This was almost like a game and they are very good at it. Readers were focused on the job of finding and organizing information about their selected person of interest. Kids also worked on finding words in dictionaries. After lunch, Mrs. K. led Music. We viewed the new calendar markers which are a little puzzling. That doesn’t stop this class from trying to predict the pattern. Writers are adding to their nonfiction introductions to tell us more of what they know. Science time taught us magnet etiquette and generated more inquiry.


    Friday -  Day 2 - I’m happy to report that the entire class met the expectations for Unit 5 on their current assessment! Mathematicians focused on patterns today, each building the next module in a pattern. Afterwards, readers began reading and taking notes on the famous American of their own choosing. They’re learning to take notes more like 3rd graders now, as they seek information about the famous American of their choosing.  Students continued Word Work and reading practice. Mrs. Hickey led Library and returned the class with their THIRD all class STAR ticket for the DAY! Writers embraced FREE WRITE Friday and we enjoyed hearing 3 more peers share their works. Number Corner continued our study of patterns with some IXL practice in continuing and repeating patterns. A few even tried the challenge of finding and completing patterns on clocks! Using IXL at home is a good way to sharpen skills in free time. We finished the day with a bang as kids worked in pairs to sort their objects into groups based on properties. This time, they had the tools they requested--magnets! No school Monday, so I hope you have a good little break from the usual pace. 

    Thursday - Day 1 - Math meant learning a new game, Jump a Hundred, and assessing what scholars have learned in unit 5. Reflex time reveals many students either on their way or nearing the end of year goal for addition and subtraction fluency. Readers shopped for nonfiction books and began considering a famous American that they would like to learn more about. Kids earned another all class STAR ticket in STEM. There were no slackers as we introduced a new nonfiction category in our classroom library--a box waiting to be filled with nonfiction books written by none other than the students of room 153! Authors considered three things that they know A LOT about, and many wrote great introductions to their topics in the short time they had to work! After our final game of Capture the Clock, students toiled to solve story problems from around the world.  They are becoming very good at writing equations to represent giving and missing information AND labeling their answers! Finally students sorted a group of assorted objects into groups based on properties. Given NO tools, they came up with the idea of testing for magnetic properties! So tomorrow, they will work in groups with tools so that they may osrt their objects based on properties of magnetism among other things! This is a fun crew to work with all day long!

    Wednesday - Day  5 - Kids completed morning responsibilities, then moved onto free reading and writing. Miss Strosser led math as students found missing numbers on a number line between 0 & 1,000. They participated in math workplaces. Readers read to Miss Strosser, worked on words with Mrs. Williamson and read Scholastic News. After lunch and Art, authors returned to write long and strong with continued focus on conventions.  They’re great at hearing where end marks go when listening to writing or when viewing short works. Having the stamina to add them to their lengthy stories takes more effort. Everyone shared what they enjoy about writing and their least favorite things about writing. Number Corner had students using models of base tens to add double and triple digit numbers using strategies that make sense to the individual. Finally, we had our class meeting at the close of the day to celebrate the good AM with Miss Strosser and to learn more about our peers through circle discussions!

    Tuesday - Day 4 - Students worked with broken chains in Math today, seeking missing links & ordinal numbers up to 1,000. Readers learned that all nonfiction books do not look the same. Some even add drawings and text that may lead us to believe that they’re fictional! We combined Reading and Social Studies as we read My Grandma Likes to Say learning meanings of some of the idioms that some folks like to use. Some kids say they want to tell you all about this before they ‘hit the hay’ tonight. After lunch and some physical activity with Mrs. Constable, writers returned to write expanded sentences.  Saying them tends to take less effort than writing them, so we’re enjoying seeing all the interest they can stir when we say them; that seems to convince students that it’s worth the effort to write those same great ideas. Our student leader posed today’s story problems while the class identified what information the problem TOLD us and what it was ASKING. Reading and setting clocks comes more quickly now that we’ve played Capture the Clock a few times. With recess hanging in the balance, students strive to show what they know with efficiency. Finally, kids worked in teams to name properties of objects in the remaining mystery envelopes before we revealed the contents.  The class knows that I Miss Strosser will be in tomorrow morning. I will still be here working with Dr. D. and the 2nd grade team and will rejoin the class in the afternoon.

    Monday - Day 3 -  Mathematicians measured length of objects around the room using strings of 100s, 10s and extra single chain links. They used strategies to compare lengths of longest and shortest items. Most readers reveled in the opportunity to enjoy dwindling days of fiction reading selections. They also worked on finding words in a dictionary with Mrs. Williamson. This would be a great thing to pass some time [and build the skill] at home. Just give your child a word (or several) to find in the ol’ dictionary and see what they can do! After lunch, kids had fun with Mrs. K. in Music, then returned to show all they know about being narrative authors before moving onto Free Write time. We added on more tens and ones to our bank deposit and tallied the total. Ask your son or daughter how they total the tens and ones for more information. Finally we met with all of our 2nd grade peers to learn more about Managing Anxious Feelings in our Second Step lesson.

  • 2/21/20 Friday- Day 2 - Math time filled our first hour as students considered the questions, “How far?” and “How long?”  They estimated and worked amazingly as a team to count sets of 100 links, before combining them to make a chain of 1,000!  They showed remarkable team effort and collaboration as they worked at this--so much so that we were able to take our LONG chain into the hallways of SCE to see just how far it would reach!  Readers enjoyed visualizing and even sketching parts of their stories during reading. Retelling, identifying theme and story elements are the skills students are currently demonstrating on winter reading assessments. After Library and a glowing report from Mrs. Snavely, we buckled down for some extra time to finish our narratives for our Unit 3 writing assessment. Finally, after that day of positive, productive work [and their teacher depriving them of Free Write Friday] we used the last 35 minute block of the day to give students free choice reading writing or math activities. IT seems they think this was a great way to end a very good week! I’d agree!


    2/20/20 Thursday - Day 1 - Kids came in and buckled down on fact fluency before moving to math time. A friendly game of Three Spins to Win had students engaged in our latest mode of practicing adding amounts of money. The class completed a checkpoint on money and then enjoyed a full 20+ minutes of Workplaces. Readers seemed delighted with their latest shared text about a not-so-pretty fish. Not only are they engaged readers who are responding to their text, but they’re also making recommendations for classmates (and teachers). After a frigid recess, lunch and STEM, writers continued showing what they know for our Winter assessment. Capture the Clock had scholars setting and reading clocks, attempting once again to beat their teacher! At the end of the day, we finally got our hands on some magnets as groups worked to identify hidden objects based on several properties.

    2/19/20 Wednesday- Day 5 - Students warmed up with a few rounds of COIN COMBO on laptops, then competed in teams to collect, add and write amounts of money to find who had the  greatest total. This class is quite good at knowing when to use the $, decimal, and ¢ symbols!! Readers munched on popcorn as they heard the story of Gertrude McFuzz. They retold the story, identified character traits and even gave evidence of how the problem was solved in the story!  After recess, lunch and Art, authors practiced skills editing and revising their stories and shared favorite sentences from their work. Our calendar collector collected 28 more tens pieces for our bank and the class shared strategies for adding that number to our 134. After a nice, sunny break, the Mrs. Williams joined the class to turn our attention to Skills for Learning and STAR behavior! It’s great to hear the students’ ideas of how to show empathy and compassion. It is evident that they can not only talk about it, but also do it here as the days wind on!  Each day, I see our students being kind to others, having fun together and even cheering each other on as they do their work or play a game! I’m glad I was assigned these 17 students!! Thanks for all you do and all you’ve done to grow these ever-improving good citizens!

    2/18/20 Tuesday -  Day 4 - After a nice, long three day break, we had a productive day! In math, students were on their toes for Coin Flash! In 2 seconds or less, they were able to tell the amount of coins AND the amount of change! They moved quickly onto solving story problems, finding totals of change, splitting amounts evenly, and even finding how much more would be needed to make $1.00.  Readers met with their small group book clubs. PE with Mrs. Constable led us right into Writing time where authors paid close attention to complete sentences with capitals and punctuation. Our calendar time revealed a new pattern showing the amount of red on each marker’s flag. Students worked together and classified each flag as having exactly half, greater than half or less than half red flags. Finally, students shared what they already know about magnets, asked questions and shared wonderings about magnets.



    2/17/20 Happy Presidents Day! 

    pres day

  • 2/14/20 Friday - Day 3 - This class was ready to go with Valentines in hand and lots of positive energy for distributing their items, but also respectfully pausing for the Pledge of Allegiance! Friends finished work and read to themselves as they arrived. Everyone practiced listening and speaking at our morning meeting. Math time was busy as kids counted money and played games to sharpen skills with identifying and counting money.  Some are even ready for making change! Afterward, at literacy stations, Yaz, Katie and Kristin joined us as we unscrambled words using syllables and vowels to ensure proper spelling. We read a Valentine’s Day story and reflected on the plot. After lunch and Music, we added base tens pieces to the bank and tallied the 2 and 3-digit numbers! Book Buddy time with Mrs. Morath’s 4th grade was fun as we read ONE and learned what it means to be an upstander.  After a sunny but chilly break, kids nestled in to read their valentines and bellied up to a feast! Thanks for all your contributions to our party! Fancy cupcakes, cute oreo critters, festive rice krispies, heart-shaped pretzel snacks, personal water bottles, clementines/cuties and veggie trays certainly made it a feast to fill bellies! I encouraged students to empty their bags as soon as they get home because many thoughtfully chose to bring leftovers home to enjoy later. :) Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your family and friends!

    2/13/13 Thursday- Day 2 - The class spent the day with Ms. Cassell.  Beat You to $1.00 was the name of the game in Math as students practiced adding combos of coins to collect $1.00. Readers focused on character as they read personal selections, then moved to non-fiction for a little Scholastic News update. Ms. Cassell gave them rave reviews for their reading and it is no wonder!! After lunch & Library, students wrote valentines to a recipient of their choice. Reflex provided some fluency practice. Many friends are close to meeting the 2nd grade goal and nearly all are on track to meet it by the end of the year! Finally, students reviewed the roles of scientists and read about properties in preparation for our exploration of magnets!    

    2/12/20 Wednesday Day 1- It’s been a pretty wonderful Wednesday! This class is ramping it up and really showing what they know these days. Mathematicians counted coins in an effort to collect 25¢. Everyone practiced skills at Work Places. Readers began their next book with their current book club. Be sure to ask what book your child is reading! Readers also worked to identify verbs and nouns.  Writers looked at friends’ character posts on SeeSaw then practiced proper punctuation in their digital comments! The new idea of “must be correct to be posted” seems to motivate careful editing! Finally, we ended with Number Corner with careful attention to collecting information form story problems in order to write equations and find the solutions! These scholars are having fun with the process and story problems no longer seem to make students shudder as they may have ‘back in the day.’ :)

    2/11/20 Tuesday- day 5- Last year at this time, kids were all home for a snow day. Hard to believe the difference, but we’re not complaining. This crew is on the ball. They dove right into money during math time. Identifying coins, their value and finding multiple combinations to get the same amount of money. Friends shared ideas about Money and Valentines Day during our class meeting. We identified the setting, plot, and character traits as we read the story Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink. After lunch and Art, we collected 3 more tens and 9 more ones curing Calendar Collector. Looking at different strategies to add our Base Tens Bank Total is a great way to begin the conversations that reveal how students are thinking about numbers! A little fact fluency rounded out afternoon calendar time. Writers are revising and eager to share and hear their stories. Becoming more independent at adding conventions (capitals and punctuation) is a necessary task and many are striving to meet the goal! We’re wrapping up our Social Studies unit by sketching Emily of Long Ago and pondering what we may ask her if we could travel back in time.

    2/10/20 Monday-  Day 4 - After warming up with Reflex, we learned a new math game called Jump a Ten, then took a place value check up in Math. Readers completed character puppets and began recording to introduce their character. Soon, all will be enjoying some theatrical entries in SeeSaw. Kids continue to work on word building, both in stations with Mrs. Williamson and during writing time when they work to accurately record their stories. Ask them about breaking words into syllables and checking for vowels in each syllable to learn more. In Number Corner, the class ‘captured the clock’ in record time and we had some good laughs while thinking about AM and PM. It helps to continue to talk with your kids at home about AM and PM to help solidify this concept. For example, little things like, “It’s 7:30PM--time to climb into bed.” After indoor recess, we wrapped up with our Skills for learning lesson in Mrs. Mamolen’s class. Ask your child about belly breathing to learn more. Twenty belly breaths takes a longer time than we’d think!


    2/7/20--Friday  Day 3 Two teams of classmates went head to head in the game, Place Value Triple Roll! This got our day going quite nicely as kids worked together to create three digit numbers to score big! Some even tackled the challenge of adding the multiple 3-digit numbers to find grand totals! Readers gave up Free Read Friday to begin creating puppets of their characters. They’ve become quite familiar with the character traits of these and I can’t wait to see the videos they’ll be making to introduce their characters!  Music ended on a good note and with an ALL CLASS STAR ticket. Writers reveled in/sharing and hearing peers writing! Students selected strategies for solving math facts for a fluency exercise that lasted a total of TWO focused minutes! The class voted to have indoor recess this afternoon and it was a joy to see how they interacted and used their time~we haven’t had indoor recess in ages!! Finally, we wrapped up transportation by working in trios to categorize 4 modes of transportation in order from past to present. Almost a full class today, but still missing two absent friends. Have a great weekend, whatever it brings.


    2/6/20 Thursday - Day 2 - There was more estimating and counting in math today. Partners found sets of hundreds, tens and ones to find the grand total of cubes in our classroom collection. Representing numbers in hundreds, tens and ones, standard form, with number names and expanded notation are all part of the recipe to solidify the concept of place value! Readers continued their quest to name traits of their characters word builders learned that we should always be on the lookout for those tricky vowels! After lunch & Library, writers embraced Writing time and continued editing and revising to polish their stories. Sharing writing has become a favorite among many! During calendar time, we played a game of Capture the Clock, with a focus of counting minutes past the hour of 1 o’clock.  We’re also learning about AM & PM. Talking about AM and PM with your child on a regular basis will help them be more familiar with the activities associated with these times. We finished the day with our February seat change and a class meeting. Hearing all present highlight what they LIKE about our classroom community AND what one thing they think would make it better is INVALUABLE!! 


    2/5/20 Wednesday- Day 1 - Estimating and counting ruled our Math time. We estimated a LARGE amount of sticks, then our small class worked in pairs to efficiently count the 6 bins of sticks before tallying the entire number! Your child may recall that we counted 991! Readers heard the conclusion of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, noting her character traits. Students met with small groups to practice word work and began 1:1 conferring as a check to boost fluency &  comprehension. Many are also working intently at increasing vocabulary. After Lunch and STEM, kids reconvenined to work on writing. They seem to have new-found enthusiasm with their recent practice and display of THICK, JUICY SENTENCES! We had great fun with the calendar cars and their related story problems today. Learning to efficiently record necessary information in order to solve story problems can be a chore, but this crew found a way to make it light-hearted and fun as we made efficient representations of the subjects in the problems before solving and sharing  answers complete with labels! Finally, we reviewed the definition of transportation, viewed a video of different types and finished off our transportation webs. 


    2/4/20 Tuesday- Day 5 - Happy 100th Day! Kids entered to find a 100th day task awaiting on SeeSaw. They took selfies and worked on disguising themselves as 100 year old citizens. We’re well beyond the number 100 in math, and today we began our new place value unit by thinking about what 1,000 means. Pre-assessments are being checked to see what students know and what they need to learn or expand upon. Readers are thinking about personality/character traits and the thoughts, feelings and actions that make a character who they are. We began reading Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and are tuning into Lilly’s character traits. Students also noticed that she may need to use the steps for calming down that they’ve been learning in our Second Step lessons. Readers also worked on syllables with Mrs. Williamson and practiced writing paragraphs about a familiar character. After lunch, we looked at our new February calendar and found some cool flags. Now we’re all wondering what the pattern will be! Telling time, identifying base ten units, and reaching 1,000 on our class number line filled the docket at Number Corner. Kids set their clocks and did 100 exercises as we counted by decade numbers to 1,000. Students also tallied the amount of 100s in 1,000. Finally, we wrapped up the day with some transportation talk, comparing 21st century modes getting around to those of long ago.


    2/3/20 Monday- Day 4 - Sharing our plans for the week or fun from the weekend gave us a nice start to speaking and listening this week. We missed eight of our classmates today which gave our room a very different feel. Still, we made the most of our time together, practicing fluency, place value and enjoying some extra time in small groups. There was some friendly competition in Around the World Addition before readers broke out the first game of I Have Who Has . . . , practicing academic vocabulary for Language Arts. After lunch and PE, kids nestled in and practiced writing expanded sentences. They’re really coming up with some ‘thick’ sentences with lots of describing words. Ask them to give you an example! Lastly, we invited the entire 2nd grade to our room for a giant cirlce game of Feeling Football. Students identified strong feelings and paired up to practice the first two steps in calming down when strong feelings arise. The Calm it Down Dance song may be stuck in your child’s head as it is in mine!  Did you know that language (speaking) activates the thinking part of our brain?  That is just one thing that can help us to control strong feelings.

  • Friday- Day 3 - It’s good to be back and this team came ready to learn!  We started the day with a class meeting in which kids practiced speaking and listening as they shared highlights of their week or upcoming weekend. Students took their Unit 4 Math Post Assessment then moved onto work places. Readers shared a favorite character, then used character traits to work on writing a paragraph about the character, Horton. We were happy to have three Lady Lax players visit to read and have some literacy fun with us this morning. Ask your child if they enjoyed anything special about reading time with Kristen, Yas, & Kristen. (Watch for an upcoming email about possible times our class may go to see these ladies play at Panzer Stadium.) After recess and lunch, kids enjoyed the continuation of Little House in the Big Woods, then headed off to Music. Free Write Friday is STILL a hit, but now I notice most, no matter what they’re working on, paying greater attention to conventions and structure. This is what we strive for in 2nd grade! Finally, to end our day, we wrapped up our January calendar, recessed with Mrs. Mamolen’s class and finished our depictions of a cabin of days gone by. Hope you have a nice weekend! Here’s hoping that groundhog gives us good news on Sunday~

    Thursday- Day 2 -  Ms. Seib led the class today, beginning with a Math where the children were face-to-face with the giant’s door again, using nonstandard units of measurement to compare the height of specific items in comparison. During reading, kids used enhanced fluency to increase comprehension, stopping to think about what they’re reading. Scholastic News focused on times long ago. After recess, lunch and Library, writers generated character traits for Horton of the ever-popular Horton Hears a Who. These will be used to construct a paragraph about Horton. Fact fluency was practiced using Reflex Math. Finally, the class read another letter from Emily, who told us about the log cabin she lived in long ago. Using the details she shared, along with information collected in nonfiction texts about log cabins, student began to sketch what they believe Emily’s cabin floor plan may have looked like.

    Wednesday- Day 1 - The next chapter of Jim and the Beanstalk found Jim and five friends at the giant’s door looking at the large tools and using nonstandard units to figure out how tall or long they are. Work Places rounded out the session with kids practicing skills for adding and subtracting. Readers continue to focus on characters and making their reading smooth. Vocabulary and comprehension are not forgotten as students tune into new words and retell their reading. In the afternoon, young authors continued working on the body and conclusion of their narrative nonfiction.  In Number Corner time, students used information [from a color survey] to create their own picture graph and answer corresponding questions. We finished the day with a special visit from our very own Mr. Benson. Dressed in full attire from days of old, he imparted some interesting facts about life long ago. Ask your child what they like most, or thought was most unusual to learn more. 

    Tuesday - Day 5 - There were more worms in math today and kids are being good sports about the matter. Today we met the ‘yard worm’ [aka the yard-long worm]. Students compared them to inch worms and foot worms and worked on converting measurements of each. The class was pretty motivated to apply as a team for the job of ‘Word Builders’ for the BLC Construction Company.  They began demonstrating their qualifications by showing their efficient word building skills. You might also ask them what they learned in verse and song at Mrs. Williamson’s station. Readers noticed characters in their books and selected character traits to suit them. This class is very reliable about getting their chromebooks in preparation for Art and other specials after Lunch! That makes more time for our read aloud and calendar time. After Art, writers proofread their work and considered revising to add more detail. Ask your child who the character(s) are in their story and even what the problem is to learn more. During Number Corner, students used given information to create their own picture graph. Finally, students envisioned their home of today and created a drawing to represent their home so that we may later compare it with homes of long ago. 

    Monday - Day 4 - Jim was in the beanstalk again and this time a large worm--a foot-long worm, hitched a ride back to earth with him. Students noted similarities and differences between inches and feet, compared measuring tools, and reasoned the appropriate tool for measuring objects. Readers heard the story of Yertle the Turtle, paying close attention to the character traits of Yertle. Next, they compared and contrasted those traits with those traits they use to describe themselves. We played a syllable game while filling water bottles and washing up for gym. Later, the class returned with another STAR ticket earned by the entire class! Authors were eager to get to work on their realistic fiction. I marveled at how focused the class was today as they got their ideas on paper! In Number Corner, we looked at our final graph for January and predicted what question(s) may have been posed to collect the given information. Finally, we headed to Mrs. Wilson’s classroom to learn about the thinking and feeling parts of our brain and how they work together to manage our feelings. We’re missing our friends Jaxson and Owen today and look forward to having them back!

  • Fun Friday - Day 3 - We are happy to have our Ava back! This morning, a Math checkpoint gathered information that students have learned or still need to learn for inches, feet and yards. Then, we learned a new game, Climb the Beanstalk, to practice growing skills. During reading, kids used enhanced fluency to increase awareness/comprehension, stopping to think about what they’re reading. A surprise delivery in the midst of Reading had us stopping to celebrate Jaxson’s birthday.  Thanks for the snacks and trinkets, Jaxson! Later, we played a round of I Have, Who Has. . . to help with identification of synonyms and antonyms. Don’t hesitate to ask your child to tell you what those are . . . or to give you examples! They are getting quite good at the speaking and listening parts of these games and their communication skills are also evident in our class meetings. After lunch and Music, writers were eager to move on to FREE WRITE FRIDAY.  Not surprisingly, many opted to work on their stories they’ve worked on all week. Most were also excited to share favorite parts of their writing. I love that peers listen and collect cool writing moves and ideas from others and make plans to try similar moves in their own writing! We celebrated the 9th Century Day before our PM break, then finished the day with a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast schools from the olden days with schools of today. 

    Thursday- Day 2 - Mathematicians learned a new math game today which had students measuring and comparing items around the room before comparing total differences with a partner. Readers are rehearsing reading voices, scooping up phrases, and reading punctuation clues to make their voices more smooth. After earning an all-class S.T.A.R. ticket in Library [and some fine compliments from Mrs. Snavely on putting numbers from the Dewey Decimal system into numerical order] writers returned to write. They heard and saw a good example of a realistic fiction ‘page turner’ as we read Shortcut by Donald Crews. During Number Corner, we finished our game of Up to Ten, then generated story problems to match our calendar bar graph and its corresponding equations. Finally, we reviewed what we’ve learned about schools of long ago so that we may compare them to our modern-day school. It’s been a great day in second grade!

    Wednesday- Day 1 - Math time filled our first hour with students working in pairs to find their height and how tall they would be if they we TWICE as tall! Ask your son or daughter to see if they recall how many yards, feet and inches they would be-- They should also be able to convert it to feet and inches measurement as well. Readers practiced rereading parts of their books to improve fluency. In fact, it’s been found that this is the best way to change the voice inside a reader’s head. It also helps them visualise and comprehend what they’re reading. This crew is not afraid to share their experiences with the class and that makes the learning process all the more fun! After S.T.E.M., kids returned to practice this same strategy as they looked at their writing. Thinking about the reader, as they write, is helpful to add details and needed punctuation  to their story. Teams played a new game, UP TO TEN, rolling, adding and subtracting to race to the highest total. Practice of using the open number line in this game will be a great help in tomorrow’s math lesson! Finally, after a sunny break, we returned to a group of four 5th grade S.T.A.R. ambassadors who led a lesson in respect. Not only were our young leaders very in-tune with their audience, but our students were tuned in to them and what they had to say! Lot to smile about today! 

     Tuesday -  Day 5 - Math time was busy with a new Work Place, Measure and Compare, allowing students time to measure items and compare lengths using their strategies for finding differences. Students reviewed Jim and the Beanstalk and considered how tall Jim or they themselves would be if they were TWICE as tall. Today, everyone was measured and tomorrow they will find not only their height [in yards, feet and inches], but also their height, doubled!! Dr. D. popped in just in time to challenge the class to think about whether or not they are as tall as their out-stretched arms (wingspan). Readers continue the adventure of fiction reading. They’re finished with Winter assessments and are thinking about the things they can do to make their reading more fluent. Practicing talking like the characters has been a favorite skill for many to practice. This adds an extra layer of memorable fun to our reading! After recess & lunch, Hannah led our calendar time and they dashed off to Art. Mrs. Johnson also had a glowing report of their time together when they returned with an all class STAR ticket! Writers are working on their latest job of creating a realistic fiction story. They’ve created characters, brainstormed story ideas and have now begun to add the words that convey setting. Our continued Number Corner focus has us working on interpreting graphs and improving fact fluency. A chilly PM break refreshed everyone for a special presentation from Ms. Merritt from the Red Cross of America. She taught us about what the Red Cross does and also told us a lot about the parts of blood with the help of Rudy Red Cell, Penny Platelet, and Pete Plazma. She also helped us understand how donating blood can be helpful to people. Not to worry, 2nd graders can’t donate blood. But this crew seemed to know that you have to be 16 to donate blood.  Spring Creek will be hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive in February. Now our students will understand a little more about what’s going on when that happens!

  • Please help your child make sure they have clothing appropriate for the colder temperatures as they depart for school each day. We do try to get outside daily for recess, while also respecting our district's guidelines for safety.

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  • Friday- Day 3 -  Fun Friday warm ups had kids selecting applications on Clever to sharpen their 21st century skills. Even with that enticing activity, students still took responsibility for completing unfinished work first! Partners worked together to find objects in the room less than one yard, exactly one yard, and greater than one yard, using their yard strings to measure. Readers worked on vocabulary, scooping up word to become more fluent, making their voices sound like the characters, and some reading check-ins. Our 4th grade book buddies visited and we enjoyed the book, Max’s Box which led to some great thoughts and discussion about how to handle strong emotions. Ask your child to learn more about what they’re thinking! After recess & lunch, Ms. Hickey led the class in Free Write Friday. Math brains were powered up for Number Corner and kids practiced reading and creating bar graphs using IXL.  Finally, kids ended the day hearing another journal entry from Emily of long ago and pondering how her school compares & contrasts with our school of today. Having so much great input from student interviews has been very helpful in enriching our discussion! Have a great weekend. I hope you enjoy the change of pace on Monday. 

    Thursday - Day 3 - Ms. Welker led the class today as students participated in math Work Places, practiced fluency in reading and also read Scholastic News about times long ago. After lunch and Music, the class heard Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King and practiced summarizing the story. Reflex gave everyone time to practice fact fluency before an afternoon break. Finally, Nathan of Yesterday and Michael of Long Ago had the class focused on how people, space, events and communities change with time. We’re happy to have Clara back!  

    Wednesday- Math time found us. . . you guessed it: MEASURING! Kids used what they know about 12 inches / a foot to estimate and then measure a much greater distance in the hallway! As anticipated, they decided that using yards to measure would be more efficient. They worked in trios to measure and cut yard-lengths of string and measured the proposed distance. Readers finished MAP & posters, and practiced reading with expression by using punctuation. It was tough not to join the class for an extra sunny recess! After lunch, they headed off to  Library, where they practiced using the call numbers and letters of the library catalog to locate books. Afterward, we thought about characters, and began to brainstorm story ideas that would make a ‘page-turner’ of a story. During Number Corner, we reviewed the data we’ve collected so far on our Graph of Red Tiles. We enjoyed presentations from our friends who interviewed folks to find out more about life long ago. We even saw some photos of students who attended Lemont long ago to stir our ideas of comparing and contrasting lifestyles.

    Tuesday- Today we began with Math MAP after a brief class meeting. These kids are amazing! They log in and proceed with MAP with ZERO delay! Afterward, more than half the class reported thumbs up on MAP today, saying that they like math, so that made it better and some even said it was fun! Still, the class was happy to move onto reading time where kids seemed to appreciate the time for independent work, whether working on presentations of posters or reading new good fit selections. Many also met with me for 1:1 reading or with Mrs. Williamson for word work and fluency practice. We are wrapping up winter assessments and I am excited to see how students are growing as readers every day! After lunch, we welcomed our new writing unit. These writers know many of the elements that make a good story. Today, we honed in on the characters that grab their attention in stories and also began to generate our own characters. We played Draw, Add and Compare during Number Corner. This gave students practice in recognizing quadrants, rows, and columns, as well as writing expressions to represent those things. They also worked to tally tens and ones to find 2 and 3-digit sums as we finished the game. Emma  & Logun kindly shared information about their interviews with their grandmothers. Both talked about the toys they played with and compared them to the things we play with today. Hannah interviewed a couple in her neighborhood and shared neat pictures of a washboard, doll and even a rocking horse and rocking chicken! The conversations that arise from students sharing their experiences are priceless! It was also the perfect transition into taking a look at the price of toys today. Tomorrow, everyone will have a chance to use the same imaginary $10 to find some toys online. This time, they’ll be considering the price of shipping and handling in their total expense. 

    Monday- Day 5- After sharing our weekend adventures during class meeting, kids nestled into their 2nd Reading MAP of the year. These kids are no strangers to technology and are not daunted by sharing what they know on the laptop. I always appreciate their honest input about the MAP once they’ve completed and today is no different. Be sure to ask your child their opinion about MAP to learn more. Math time meant working at Work Places to practice skills today. This afternoon, kids read another journal entry from Emily of long ago and considered how toys have changed from the long ago to present day.  They also had an opportunity to shop using a 1930’s Roaring Spring Toy Catalog! Recognizing the what $10 could buy nearly 90 years may be more of an eye-opener when then can compare it with their next modern-day shopping task. Finally, after a sunny afternoon break, kids worked on finishing up reading posters and shopping for new books. Hope you enjoy the sunshine today! Hope our absent friends are back soon. We miss you!


    Friday- Purple yearbook order forms are coming home today!

    Friday - Day 4 - Warming up with fact fluency was a pleasant start to the day. Then, we rolled into choice Workplaces, and applicable math apps.  Readers continue to put together and polish posters. Winter reading assessments are also in full swing as I meet with students 1:1. Writers enjoyed Free Write Friday if they were finished with their final nonfiction project. We played the century game for our 8th century day, then did some more celebrating as Logun shared tasty cupcakes in honor of his birthday. Compliments & ‘thank yous’ were plentiful [and are always good to hear.]  Ava shared a bit about her family interview, including a picture of her great-grandfather’s school house. Finally Finn brought us back to the modern day by his sharing his 3-d printed pug! Looking forward to the continued excitement among this crew as we continue to study past, present. . . and ponder the future!

    Thursday - Day 3-  During Math everyone added numbers to their inchworm rulers students. We made estimates, measured using tiles and rulers, and began thinking of methods and tools that are most efficient for measuring objects. Readers worked on their nonfiction teaching posters and carefully orchestrated their information. I’m happy to see so many students thinking about their audience as they work on this project. In fact, their diligence & focus on tasks in all subjects these days has been notable. So, we took time for a little celebration & thank you before recess. Finn and Owen have been keeping us up to speed in Number Corner! Today, we viewed the data we’ve collected so far this month pertaining to fractions. We’ve been practicing writing fractions to represent portions of a whole group. Students are also practicing reading those fractions. Writers completed and polished their teaching writing and as they finished, they moved on to free write.  No matter WHAT we’re writing these days, there’s a major focus on the 2nd grade skill of complete sentences!  At this point in the year, everyone should be independently writing complete thoughts, including capitalization and punctuation. I’m wowed by those who completed and returned the optional social studies interview sheet already! I love how eager they are to share and hear about the lives of those who lived in a different time! More discussion on how communities grow and changed transpired as we viewed a video about that topic! Pretty cool that just yesterday, one of our students shared that someone moved to new location for gold mining, and today we’re seeing and hearing about that very thing!



    Wednesday - Day 2 - Busy students focus on finishing math and social studies projects during their morning work time. This is also a great time for extra practice on Reflex to build fluency skills! You likely guessed that there was more measuring in math today. Making and using an inch worm ruler assessed students listening and direction following and I must say they did a great job!! Next, they put this tool to work, identifying things around as less than, greater than, or equal to one foot. Readers had their shoulders to the grindstone and I’m pretty impressed with their attention to careful organization of their teaching posters! Ask your son or daughter to learn more about what they’re doing. After a short, chilly recess break, lunch and Library, writers were actively identifying proper places for punctuation. A little physical activity to stress periods and exclamation marks seemed like the perfect warm up before applying this skill into their written work.  We’re in the final days of this informational writing unit and the products kids are creating are good evidence of their growing skills. Many were eager to share reasons their families moved to this community as we sunk into Social Studies. Many drew the parallel that over the decades, communities grow for the same or very similar reasons. Things like jobs, school, safety, friends and family top the list or reasons that most families moved to this community. Thinking about our extended families and elders, students began pondering what times may have been like long ago. We began reading IMAGINE THAT, to get one perspective on the differences generations experience.  In addition, your child will be bringing home an optional homework assignment today that they may complete and share as they wish. I think many, if not all, of our families this year have solid ties to their parents, grandparents and even family friends from other decades. Hopefully, this class study/discussion will simply lead to enriching those relationships you’ve already established across the generations! These second graders already demonstrate appreciation and connection as they contemplate how the lives of these dear folks they know differ from or are the same as their own 21st century lives. 

     Tuesday- Day 1 - Math time brought more measuring. Kids measured and cut string the circumference of their head, then measured it’s length using 1-inch tiles. Next, they used the strings to estimate the length of different objects before finding the actual lengths. Readers focused on organizing and planning how to share the new information they’ve been gathering. Your child may tell you about a couple of visitors we had during our writing block today. There were two adults here from the Intermediate Unit #10. They were interested in seeing what kids were working on as well as instruction delivery. They took a close look at several students’ teaching writing. We played a new game in Number Corner which had everyone thinking about effective strategies to apply to find sums fluently. After a welcome snowy break, we reconvened to talk about why/how communities grow and change. That got many wondering why his/her family moved to our community. So, don’t be surprised when your son or daughter starts asking questions about why  your family moved to this area.

    Monday- DAY 5 -  Jim and the Beanstalk may or may not have been a source of excitement during math, but it did inspire kids to think about using different tools to measure different sized objects. Using giant feet, kids estimated and measured things around our classroom and considered the outcome based on the tool they used. Readers are finishing collection of information for teaching peers about their selected topic. Perfect penmanship was encouraged as students planned and constructed their timelines this afternoon. Not only are they cute, but pretty terrific too! These students were thoughtful about the organization of their pictures and captions! Finally, we gathered in Mrs. Mamaolen’s class for our Second Step Lesson. After reviewing Skills for Learning and what we know about empathy and compassion, kids considered what to do when they make a mistake. Predicting others’ feelings in response to scenarios and offering possible reasons for others’ actions and feelings in response to scenarios were interesting, thoughtful practice for the entire class of second grade students!


    Friday- IXL warm ups for reading and interpreting picture graphs allowed students to practice skills introduced last month. During Math, we learned some history of measurement and students made predictions and measured the actual number of footsteps it took to measure the width of our carpet. Ask them to find out more about the different outcomes! Pretty sharp, they are! It took little time at all for them to notice the small the foot, the greater the number! Next, they worked in pairs to estimate and measure objects around the room, taking care to put their measuring tools end to end to get accurate measurements. Readers sought and collected information on their chosen topic and noted new information. After lunch, we traveled back in time as we began a new unit-related read aloud, Little House in the Big Woods. Writers are showing their maturity as they focus on using their 2nd grade writing checklist to check and critique their own informational writing. Making editing marks and revisions are beginning to feel a little more natural to many these days! Most of the class voted for an indoor break this afternoon and who could blame them on this soggy day? Afterwards, we updated our calendar, focused on fractions, and used an array to demonstrate quadrants and efficient methods of finding the total number of shaded blocks within. Finally, we viewed some old-time toys. It’s pretty cool to see so many students familiar with toys that their grandparents & great-grandparents may have had. The family connections continue to run deep as students shared stories of their photos which we’ll be using on Monday to make our timelines. Thanks for all your help collecting those special pictures of your kids!


    2020 Thursday- DAY 3- Happy New Year! It was nice to come back and see 16 smiling faces and hear about holiday fun. Kids kicked off the day sharing a highlight from their break. In math, they worked to show what they know in preparation for our next math unit. The information for unit 4 is in today’s folder contents. Readers reviewed the different actions they take to collect and synthesize information found in their reading to gain new knowledge, them practiced as we began the process of assessing students’ reading growth [comprehension, fluency, accuracy and vocabulary] for this point in the year. After recess, lunch and Music, we got right to the business of writing! Owen shared an introduction from a book he found over break and what a great inspiration it was to have such an example of a great way to ‘hook’ an audience! We were surprised by a fire drill in the midst of writing, them marched on to our January calendar. Students noted patterns, made predictions and learned about this month’s Calendar Collector job which involves recognizing parts of a whole (fractions), greater than, less than and equal to. Finally, we finished the day making comparison between our toys of today to those of long ago. Reviewing the meaning of past, present & future, and collaborating to construct a timeline of events which have affected all of us. Thanks to all who’ve already sent in photos of your child. We’ll hope to have them all in by Monday morning at the latest so that students can construct a timeline of his/her life.

  • winter break

    Hope you have a happy winter break with your family and friends.


    Friday- DAY 2 - What a fun Friday! The day began with a surprise as students spotted ornaments for each waiting in our classroom when we arrived. In math today, students were introduced to the game “Merry”ahtzee and had fun playing this game and tallying totals. They also seemed to enjoy the time to work together on decoding coloring pages based on their solutions to math problems. Readers reveled in comparing and contrasting text to the film for the story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In addition to free reading time, they were invited to select a book to keep as their own. After lunch and Library writers dove into Free Write Friday. Some chose festive paper to write letters and notes. After a brisk break, we headed off to our first ever Holiday Sing and it was joyful to see and hear them singing the songs that they’ve been learning in music class with Mrs. Kolmlenic. May you have a restful, happy break with your family.  I’m looking forward to 2020 with these 17 second graders in the new year!

    Please note that report cards & unit 3 math tests are coming home with your child today.

    Thursday- Day 1 - or as the kids have come to know it: STEM DAY!  In Math, students made predictions about unknown collections of unifix cubes, then worked with a partner to find the total number in their collection before working to break the collection into two equal groups.  Writers enjoyed some time to create cards and letters for friends and family members, but also worked diligently to complete their teaching writing. Readers worked on finding ‘troublemaker words’ within their own writing, and read personal selections. Number Corner was buzzing with more symmetry as we worked to find the proper number of lines of symmetry on the remaining markers on the December calendar grid, then categorized the shapes accordingly. We finished the day learning about PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE and creating a timeline of our day. Tomorrow, you’ll see a note requesting a 3-4 photos of your child to use in creating a timeline of his/her life shortly after we return from break. The students were excited and animated about this, recalling pictures of first steps, bike rides, parties and even their birth. More good vibes were in the air at our class meeting as everyone shared a favorite holiday activity that they enjoy.

    Wednesday- DAY 5 - Kids kicked off the day with fact fluency, finishing Unit 3 tasks, and reviewing symmetry. They practiced spelling trouble maker words in multiple ways, read nonfiction selections, and worked on a project for the holidays. After Art, polishing nonfiction teaching writing with specific goals of making certain they had all the parts necessary for a complete teaching writing. We learned more about lines of symmetry, cut and folded shapes and categorized shapes by their lines of symmetry. Finally, we read a 2nd journal entry from Emily of Long Ago, and compared the games she used to play with our games today. Students were mostly thrilled to play marbles and jacks. They also reflected on how these games are different from our games today, especially video games! Many exclaimed, “HOW did Emily do this?!” 

    Tuesday-  After the delay, Day 4 began with a Unit 3 check up in Math. Symmetry was at the forefront of Number corner as students folded shapes to find all the possible lines of symmetry in given shapes. After lunch, we thought about being more careful spellers, always on the lookout for troublemaker words & knowing how to spell them! We added those 9 troublemaker words to our word wall and your child may be able to recall them. Kids  kicked up their heels in gym before returning to sink into reading. Finally, work on their nonfiction teaching writing, thinking about hooking their readers with an interesting lead. I can’t wait to read these! It’s been a short, but productive day! Hurry back, August and Robby!

    Monday-  Day 3 - It was a quiet morning until the crowd gathered to share weekend highlights. Math students practiced fluency, reviewed skills for their unit check up and played STAR POWER. Readers discussed the importance of using the whole page to unlock the meaning of keywords in their text, then read non-fictions selections on Epic. After recess and lunch, we checked out the calendar with Fia at the lead. Many students are counting the days until the 25th. We played Guess My Number and used clues to determine the number that has 48 decades. After Music, we enjoyed another chapter in the adventure of Stink Moody and his giant jawbreaker. Students browsed and shopped at the Crafts & Caring Fair. There were many crafts and lots of caring too! I witness classmates showing kindness and gratitude toward others throughout the period. Finally, we met with all of our 2nd grader friends to learn more about empathy. Today, we played  Human Bar Graph to indicate preferences and also to realize that we often have different preferences. Understanding and respecting those differences helps us have empathy! We missed Bryson and Ava today and can't wait to have them back in the fold!


    Friday- Mathematicians worked at stations. They solved story problems challenges on whiteboards, played Five in a Row, and worked independently on IXL. Readers hunted for words with the r-controlled vowel sounds while reading free selections. Then, kids headed off to their choice Star Stations for 30 minutes to enjoy some fun with primary friends. Madelyn kindly shared cookie sandwiches to celebrate her birthday and peers shared wishes and compliments with her! As usual, we embraced Free Write Friday and kept our eyes on the phonic prize, paying attention to snap words and phonics rules to spell more accurately.  August led us through Number Corner as students identified shape names and types of shapes. Finally, we finished our day with Magic School Bus Shows and Tells to learn more about artifacts! We missed Ricky today, and can’t wait to see him again next week!

    Thursday - DAY 5 - Students arrived and worked to solve story problems created by their classmates.  It really gives them an idea of clearly communicating their ideas in written form when they toil to use the clues to solve problems without asking their peers what they meant. Readers reviewed all the letters that make the r controlled vowels sounds and identified some of those words. After lunch & STEM, writers reviewed their plan for teaching writing and began to work on using their written communication to address their audience. Some catchy introductions got many excited to read stories written by their peers. During Number Corner we played Rows and COlumns to help familiarize everyone with the orientation of each. They created arrays and wrote and solved related equations.  After a break, partners worked collaboratively to order events of a story of long ago.

    Wednesday- DAY 5 - The class warmed up trying out story problems on IXL. Next, mathematicians shopped for story problems created by classmates before solving them. With a wide selection to choose from, this activity will continue tomorrow!  Nonfiction readers learned about tuning into the expert language or lingo of a topic and how that can improve accuracy when reading. They hunted for words that make the or, er, ar sounds in their text, and read to self. After lunch and Art, authors thought about something they are really good at that they could teach to others through writing. They planned aloud and began thinking about the expert language or lingo that goes with their topic. August lead our calendar time and we also learned about polygons and lines of symmetry. We read RIGHT HERE ON THIS SPOT, seeking artifacts and recalling the events that took place in one setting over more than a century. Dr. D. popped in just in time to present some related vocabulary and challenged the kids to find out what ‘vintage’ means. 

    TUESDAY - Day 4 - Students started their day with math, finishing & solving story problems and practicing fact fluency. Literacy stations found kids training their ears to listen for the “Rascal R” sounds and sorting words based on that sound. They also worked on SeeSaw entries, and used phonics rules and resources to decode reading and to spell words in their writing. We had a class meeting this afternoon, not only to share favorite winter treats, but also to consider the things that would make our learning community more comfortable for all.  We’re not talking sofas and luxury carpet as some had hoped, but rather things we can do and not do to make everyones’ days more enjoyable. Finally, students recorded what they know or believe about how schools, homes, transportation and toys differ now compared to times long ago.

    Monday- Day 3 - Kids were happy to have some Free Reading time to start their week.  Math was fun as parcels and presents danced on papers as students created story problems for their classmates to solve over the next few days. Readers worked in their small groups and began a new nonfiction book. Not only are they working on fluency and accuracy, but also putting together all the parts of the book to gain new knowledge! After in indoor recess, lunch and Music, kids were eager to gain access to their classmates’ nonfiction books. As they read, they complimented things like complete sentences, use of captions, table of contents and word selection. They also shared wonderings and suggestions with their fellow authors to help create books that are fun and interesting to read. We celebrated our 6th century day in Number Corner and students generated ideas for their own surveys to gather data about our class. We are continuing to learn about Skills for Learning with all our  2nd grade peers. Today, students continued to learn about empathy and played a game to increase empathy awareness, and demonstrate that practice helps boost confidence. 

  • Friday- Mathematicians talked about what makes story problems interesting, challenging and fun to solve before beginning to create story problems of their own. Readers worked on identifying vowel sounds, decoding new words, reading names of  patriotic symbols, and enjoyed some free reading time. August kindly shared cookies to celebrate his birthday and peers’ compliments seemed heart-felt. Everyone embraces Free Write Friday. I was also happy to see that they remembered what a mixture is, so who could blame me for serving more ‘mixture’ to munch on as they worked?  Finally, we finished our day with seat changes and a class meeting to give everyone the chance to practice speaking, listening and building community.

    Thursday - DAY 5 - There was a flurry of activity this morning as students arrived and worked to solve story problems, test their knowledge on Symbols of the United States and even do some 1:1 reading check-ins. Mrs. Rockwell joined us for some math time, scaffolding with students as they toiled on their math work. After Work Places, students participated and pitched in as we used matter to concoct a mixture and a solution! As students. As they consumed their creations, they generated characteristics of the solids and the liquid and viewed the conclusion of Properties of Matter. After lunch, we continued Stink, the Incredible Shrinking Kid before heading off to STEM. Writers took time to review their use of SNAP WORDS booklets as a tool for writing, then polished their work with editing and revising. During Number Corner we checked out the new calendar markers, practiced writing the date in two abbreviated forms and collected data to create a chart which illustrates favorite read alouds among our classmates. After a chilly break, we gathered with our other 2nd grade friends to kick off our new unit, THEN & NOW. Ask your son or daughter to learn what was in the time capsule that Mrs. Wilson shared.

    Wednesday - DAY 5 - We’re full of energy on this 4th day of December and taking advantage of all those positive feelings and energy to grow as learners. In Math we used some cool pictures to help us solve story problems about the presents and parcels that are dancing in the minds of many. Kids demonstrated their skills in combining and separating problems, giving me more information about what they know and what they need to learn. Nonfiction readers met with me or Mrs. Williams, building vocabulary, practicing fluency, phonics and comprehension. After lunch and Art, Mrs. Inman led the class. Students heard the book Roller Coaster noting author moves for telling the details of small moments. Reflex fluency practice filled our Number Corner block then, after a brief break, students reviewed and tested their knowledge on Patriotic Symbols as we conclude our Social Studies unit.

    TUESDAY - Day 4 - Mrs. Inman led our morning while I was away at a professional development with fellow 2nd grade teachers.Students started their day warming with place value activities on IXL. During Math, Mrs. Inman taught the class a new Work Place game called Base Tens Triple Spin. This practice is intended to sharpen place value and adding 2 and 3 digit numbers. Literacy stations focused on nonfiction reading, speaking and listening using academic vocabulary and Scholastic News. It certainly was nice to arrive after the first morning back after a long break to receive a positive report from the guest teacher!  We had a class meeting after lunch to give all a chance to share highlights from their break. After specials, writers learned about using all they know about phonics in their writing to spell words more accurately. Next, the class took a look at the word 'data' and shared their knowledge about what it means. Next, we took a survey, collecting data and creating a graph to show the class’s favorite colors. Making comparison statements about the graph and its data came naturally. During Science, we’re recapping states of matter as we prepare to wrap up our unit this week.


  • class turkeys

    Tuesday - Day 3- I’m thankful for a class who got right to work on finishing their math and language art projects from yesterday! The room was filled with calm and working students as they strove to complete equations on their math turkeys, tallied shapes, recorded details and played games to build math skills. Kids also enjoyed free reading time before taking their recess break. After Music, authors worked on finishing books and practiced fluency. FInally, we ended our day with book buddies in Mrs. Morath’s room where we learned more about EMPATHY. They viewed the book Those Shoes and talked with 4th grade friends about what it looks like to show empathy toward others. It’s been a good start to the Thanksgiving week and I’m thankful for these 17 second graders!


    Monday - Day 2 - Kids kicked off the morning with Reflex math and I’m happy to say that nearly all students achieved green light status today. This indicates a good day’s practice of fact fluency! Mathematicians had some holiday fun. They constructed turkeys with pattern blocks and tallied the number of each of the specific shapes before recording them on SeeSaw. They also self-selected numbers for which they could find multiple ways to make that number using equations or amounts of money. During reading & writing, students focused on gratitude. They read an assignment on SeeSaw and created a Gratitude Journal. It’s nice to see family at the top of many students’ list of things for which they’re thankful!! Finally at the end of the day, these digital citizens used google classroom for the first time this year to gain & test knowledge about the states of matter!

  •  Friday - Day 1 - Friday - Our Addition & Subtraction Checkpoint started our day along with fact fluency. Readers explored nonfiction in the form of Scholastic News. After recess, lunch and STEM, kids rejoined in Room 153 to look at the art of writing through the eyes of peers. Later, they searched the November calendar grid for complex patterns hidden among the digital and analog watches and clocks that have marked our days.

    Thursday - Day 5 - Kids shared their favorite part of Thanksgiving during our class meeting. In Math, we learned a new math game called HIT THE ZONE. This is a complex game with many steps to recall, but this crew stayed focused. Readers made still more connections to real life, noting how photographs are used in nonfiction text compared to illustrations. They continued reading and sought nonfiction text features with a scavenger hunt of their text. Kids gathered their laptops for Art because they’re keeping a digital record of their work in Mrs. Johnson’s class. Students were excited to have some time to share their favorite parts of near-finished Book Creator books and show off their author moves.This time inspired most to edit, revise and in some cases push to finish their draft of their book. Finally, there was a flurry of patriotic activity as students played Five State Rummy, labeled states and capitals, and worked on puzzles of the states. 

    Wednesday - Day 4 - We used number lines to find differences of height and length during math. After some sharing and independent practice, kids moved onto work places and also solved similar story problems on IXL. Readers tuned into and shared parts of their nonfiction books that help them learn more about their topic.  Ask your child what nonfiction text feature(s) were helpful in the book they’re reading. Mrs. Constable returned an energized class after Gym. Authors proofread, edited and revised. I am seeing some great author moves! Our Rows and Columns time is Number Corner is allowing students to familiarize themselves more with each and to write the related equations. Science was a hit with mystery balloons filled with matter. Ask your child how we sorted or categorized the balloons to learn more. Don’t be surprised if they ask you for a colloid sandwich! 

    Tuesday- Day 3 - Kids warmed up with free reading. During math, they learned strategies to use the open number line efficiently to solve story problems. Next, they used one of the strategies taught (or thier own effective strategy) to solve additional story problems and write related equations. Readers became more familiar with snap words, learning to play I Spy with the words. This helps strengthen recognition as students use the Professor of Phonic lingo to talk about the words they’re identifying. Readers sought nonfiction text features and began discussing their purpose in the text. They’re noting author ‘moves’ and this is beginning to show up in their very on nonfiction text! After a successful Music class, this class did an outstanding job of being patient, polite and respectful as we completed health screenings for our whole crew. Finally, students each generated a solid, liquid and gas to add to our MATTER document. They were also able to sort the matter into subgroups within each group. We used our sniffers to test information we read in a book about a gas’s ability to fill a space! Ask your child what fragrance they detected to learn more. They may be asking you to try this activity at home.  

    Monday - Day 2-  Kids spent the morning with Mrs. Fragin. They worked on: placing numbers on the open number line up to 1,000, skip counting by 5s, 10s and hundreds, and played skill-building games during Math. Readers did some nonfiction reading with Scholastic News, using the skills they’ve been learning to build new knowledge from their reading. After Library, our guest teachers worked with students to edit and revise writing as many are wrapping their books and strive to show all they know as 2nd grade writers! Number Corner was filled with fluency practice on Reflex.  Ask your child to see how they are progressing with this. If your child has a fluency goal, progress will be recorded on their goal sheet this Friday. Finally, the class met in Mrs. Mamolen’s room to learn about using physical, verbal, and situational clues to determine what others are feeling. They are also honing in on labeling their own feelings as the same as or different from others’ feelings. It certainly is nice to get a positive report when I need to be out for the day!



    Friday - Day 1- Kids warmed up with fact fluency then worked in stations playing Steps & Leaps, finding age differences on an open number line and practicing double digit addition and subtraction. Readers acted as detectives looking for clues to determine the genre of Earmuffs for Everyone. Next, they sought parts of their text that give them new information. They answered questions to demonstrate comprehension, practiced fluency, and worked on vocabulary, too. Students surely look forward to STEM on Day 4 and Mrs. Snyder never disappoints! After lunch and STEM, kids sank into seats to tell their story and show what they know as writers and citizens of the digital age! It’s great to see students helping and teaching one another as they navigate the programs that store their writing. During Number Corner we continued to add to our collection. Students made predictions and found the measurement of at least one object in our classroom. Finally, we ended the day learning more about State of Matter from the ever popular Bill Nye. Don’t be surprised if your child is looking at all matter as solids, liquids as gases this weekend. They’re always amazed to learn there’s gas in their soda! 


    Thursday -  Day 5 - Kids got right to work solving 2 digit addition problems this morning. This was a nice extension of the work they’re doing in math! During Math time, we reviewed strategies for adding two digit numbers with a stick flash, then used choice strategies to solve problems during 3 math stations: IXL, 5 in a Row & Whiteboard Challenges. Those who are comfortable with mental math are beginning to see the need to show proof / evidence of thinking as they encounter more complex problems. Readers were eager to browse the book fair and I must compliment this class on their thoughtfulness in selecting books and their attention to ‘how much’ things cost. There was a lot of math thinking happening at the book fair. Afterward, students had a chance to enjoy and share their new purchases before putting antonyms and synonyms to work in a vocabulary game. The calendar posed an opportunity to read & say times, set an analog clock, and scribe the times. Kids communicated to solve the Guess My Rule challenge before a brief break, then welcomed our three PSU athlete readers, Rachel, Sloane, and Meghan. These lacrosse players read stories to small groups as students focused on the feelings of the characters and tried to put themselves in their shoes.  Ask your child to learn more about this. They may even recall the word empathy and what it means.


    Wednesday - Day 4 - Kids got straight to the morning work of exploring their Clever page, then share a bit of their experience with the class at our morning meeting. Next, they did what great learners do! They estimated HOW MANY sticks were in a huge collection of sticks, estimating their sum, then working as a team to put the sticks into bundles of 100s, 10’s and 1’s to find the sum. Next, they transferred the skills they used for this task to add double digit numbers by separating the tens and ones. Readers studied words with Mrs. Williamson, recalled how their memories of 1st grade snap words and began to build new memories of 2nd grade words. Many began to practice reading state and capital names, playing games to become more familiar with each. After lunch and PE, kids jumped at the chance to continue their nonfiction books. Writers are motivated to use ‘moves’ that they see in published nonfiction books to make their books interesting to read!  We played a game of Double UP, and students were tuned into identifying doubles and doubles + or - 1. Mrs. Williams taught our Social Studies lesson where students talked about identifying feelings, having empathy and even identifying bullying.

    It’s been another good day in 153! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this class who has a series of different leaders yesterday and STILL managed to earn many compliments, STAR tickets and 2 ALL class STAR tickets. I am one lucky teacher!


    Tuesday - Day 3 -Mrs. Fragin led the class this morning in my absence. Students brushed up on their math skills with a highly anticipated day of WorkPlaces. Readers enjoyed Scholastic News about Fall topics, practiced speaking, listening and phonics with a game of  I Have, Who Has. . . and read nonfiction selections. After recess, lunch and Music, authors continued to work on their nonfiction book projects on their laptops. Several students shared their writing. Science time found students sharing what they already know about the states of matter, then introduced some evidence for their knowledge, and stirred some ‘wonderings’ as they began reading What’s the World Made Of? with Mrs. Thomas. As we continue, these wonderings or inquiries will guide our study in the next several days.




    Monday - Day 2- During Math, students learned and played a new game, STAR POWER. This game strengthens their understanding of commutative and associative properties of addition as they strive to land on decades numbers in their quest to reach 100. Readers browsed, selected and read books with an American theme and some read to Mrs. Neumann. Thank you, Mrs. Neumann! Readers also meet with their book clubs to discuss shared reading, and worked on phonics with Mrs. Williamson.  Many used maps to gain an understanding of where a story or event took place. Students learned more about Veterans Day in our book of the same title. Be sure to ask what they’ve been reading about. After lunch, kids were eager to talk about the veterans they know. Then, Mrs. Snavely led the class off to Library. After a brief break, we learned more about Veterans Day, signed a card, and generated many questions for our guest veteran. Our all-school gathering left an impression with 12 visiting veterans, all of whom have a connection to our Spring Creek family. After the gathering, we welcomed our book buddies and guest veteran, Joel Hoffman to our class for a question and answer period. I am proud of this class, the thoughtful questions they asked, and time they took to come forward at the end of the day to thank Mr. Hoffman for his service! This class (and our 4th grade book buddies) haven’t just learned about thanking veterans--today, they put it into action! It makes it extra special, to me, to see the young students that I know coming forward and shaking hands with the man I call ‘Dad.’

  • Friday- Day 1- It’s been a fun Friday! Students practiced speaking as they shared their weekend plans. During Math, kids worked in  workplaces & stations to strengthen skills for adding numbers within 100. Some are working on challenges and I’m impressed with those who came to the table as a choice time for extra challenges to show what they know about representing and adding numbers beyond 100! During Reading, kids had an opportunity to read nonfiction, work on words and read to me. Writers were delighted to have time to share portions of their books that they’ve been creating. Students were serious editors, spotting things they need to revise and making changes. The class tied with me during our game of DOUBLE UP durning Number Corner, accurately identifying facts as doubles, doubles plus or minus 1 or neither. They’re becoming very good at this & that helps exercised and strengthen their computational fluency! We observed the calendar grid and found many different patterns. Part of the pattern looks at elapsed time, so reading digital and analog clocks is a good way to practice at home.  At the end of the day, kids enjoyed the sunshine and crisp air before taking a look at the Scrambled States of America and finding their state of birth on the map. We’re looking forward to celebrating Veterans Day on Monday. Students are invited to wear red, white and blue on Monday. Have a great weekend!  

    Thursday- DAY 5 - Math was fun, learning a new math game that helps us practice quick addition for decade numbers and those skip jumps we learned on the numberline yesterday. Readers were excited to find new facts in their nonfiction text and have been working to record information to teach to others. Mrs. J.’s ART class livened up the afternoon. Writing meant working on non fiction books on Book Creator. This takes time as kids learn to use the tools in the app to make their books just as they want them to appear.  Students leaders supported peers with text editing, uploading and editing images, and creating appealing backgrounds for their book pages. Number Corner keeps us on our toes with a new activity each day! Finally, in Social Studies, kids viewed the digital book, The Scrambled States of America which they’ll compare and contrast with the video of the same title tomorrow as we learn about the states.

    Wednesday - Day 4 - Students completed a pre-test for our third unit in Math. This process simply allows me to know what your child is already good at and what concepts to teach your child next.  Readers paid attention to nonfiction text features in a book about the Liberty Bell and considered using those things to gain new knowledge. After lunch, Mrs. C. gave the class a workout on the Whittle equipment before we settled in to begin writing. Student leaders demonstrated features of Book Creator such as adding and editing text, and adding and resizing and moving imported pictures. Many were eager to work on their own writing projects but due to lack of internet connectivity, were not able to use book creator. This crew is pretty good at going with the flow and they embraced a day to work on choice writing once their planning pages were complete. Number Corner revealed a new visual for doubles plus or minus 1. Kids seemed to grasp the concept and even identified the odd - even pattern in the answers to such problems.  An afternoon fire drill both brought awareness that some need a little practice at being calm, cool and collected during drills so that necessary information and remain safe. Our class meeting revealed several great ideas for making good choices of which we can be proud. This afternoon, we took time to learn two new card games to helps us become more familiar with our country, its states, and their capitals. Don’t be surprised if your child is asking about the capital of Pennsylvania sometime soon. 


    Tuesday - Day 3 - One year ago, we welcomed Mrs. Williamson, our paraprofessional to our class. We are happy to have someone who is familiar with our school community here to lend a hand daily! Today she supported students as they sought and recorded patterns in the even numbers on a 100s grid, worked to determine how many eyes were in given sets of animals and worked on fact fluency & work places. We kicked off our nonfiction reading unit. Kids were pretty comfortable making the transition since they’ve already begun to use such text to do research for their American symbols writing projects. They’ve collected information from digital books, books, and in some cases, the internet. Be sure to ask what they’ve been reading about. Students also worked on words with Mrs. Williamson. We were happy for the sunshine today and are excited to see some new equipment taking shape on our playground. Kids continued to collect and organize information about their chosen American symbols and some began creating their books on Book Creator. Number Corner time found the class thinking about length, then estimating, measuring and recording length of our screen on the whiteboard. They estimated and measured the length in some unusual units.

    Monday - Day 2- Today, we took a close look at the twos chart we made last week, noting the equations that match each row and observing number patterns. Work Places were a welcome change in pace as students practiced their skills using a variety of games. Readers paid attention to details and put parts of the book together to gain new knowledge. Thanks to Ms. Mayes who made certain everyone could log onto Epic to read to gain new information about the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty. Sharing that new information is very exciting to this crew--especially when we find information that is conflicting.  After Library, lunch and recess, authors began planning for writing about an American symbol of their choice. Finally, we welcomed the rest of the 2nd grade students to our class to review skills for learning and to learn a new skill: Identifying feelings.


    Thursday- Day 1 - was an extra fun day with all the excitement in the air! This class did a great job of taking care to keep track of their costumes. I must say this is one of the most calm, cool, collected celebrations I’ve ever had with a group of students! Mathematicians practiced subitizing on IXL and fact fluency on Reflex before heading off to our first Book Buddy gathering. Everyone got a book to take home and a 4th grade book buddy to read with periodically throughout this year! Seeing them enjoy their time together reading was pretty neat.  We are thankful to Ms. Mayes who came and helped us access Epic on all chromebooks for future reading endeavors. After recess and lunch, Matilda led the class off to STEM where they--once again earned a STAR ticket! Writers seized the day as a pseudo Friday and were eager to have free write time! They changed into costumes, shared experience with buffets to help our party run smoothly and were kind to one another throughout our celebration! Many thanks to those who donated treats and drinks. Everyone’s  coming home with a snack in their belly and a small stash in their backpack. I hope you have a nice time with your 2nd graders on their extended weekend! Check out our twitter page for some pictures.

    Wednesday - DAY 5 - We started the day thinking in pairs of two. We practiced subitizing using what we know about 2s & doubles, wrote equations for arrays, and even found related multiplication equations. The class considered things that come in twos, and created our own chart to show groups of twos. Readers unveiled new information in their nonfiction text. Today readers paid attention to details and began putting together lots of little pieces of information from their books to gain new knowledge about the Statue of Liberty and other American symbols. (In the midst of reading stations, we had a situation drill and this class did a nice job of keeping their cool and following instructions.) Authors practiced all they’ve been learning about using google docs to tell their stories. We reviewed the completed October calendar grid, with students revealing multiple patterns. After a brief break, kids gathered to share their facts about Lady Liberty and then enjoyed BEARS CAN’T READ, as read by Dr. Dishong. Ask your son or daughter what message(s) they heard in this story to learn more.

    Tuesday-Day 4- Kids brushed up on place value using IXL this morning, then demonstrated their skills on the Unit 2 Check Up. Readers met with book clubs and were also invited to read non-fiction selections on Epic to learn more about our country and its symbols. After lunch, Mrs. Constable led the class in PE. Next, we nestled into writing, learning more about how to use the tools of Google Docs to edit work. Finally, we were very thankful for the four members of the PUS Women’s Lacrosse team, Madison, Madison, Cara and Regan, who visited to read with our class! What a great way to build community! 

    Monday-  DAY 3 - During our class meeting, kids shared one highlight from their weekend. Students may have sighed when I told them that Jack is still working to make more money from selling the products of his beanstalks.  This week, he’s using the vines to make ropes. This led to some double digit computations to find out how long the ropes would be when combining the lengths of two or more. Kids used the open number line and strategies such as skip-jump by 10s, getting to a multiple of 10, and using a sharing strategy. They should all know that starting with the largest number is the most efficient way to find the length when adding on the open number line. In addition to stations, readers read nonfiction text with their Stick Together Partners and began collecting facts about the Statue of Liberty. After lunch, they were off to Music with Mrs. K. and returned with a STAR ticket for the class! (They ALSO received an all class STAR ticket when Mrs. Fetterolf caught them in the hallway silently gathering their things for recess and helping one another. A third was earned because we had a “NO card day” in room 153! It’s an understatement to say I’m pretty please with these young people.) Writers seemed to have left the doldrums in the dust and are eager writers as they use their chromebooks to record their stories.  Today this tech - savoy bunch learned to use the spelling and grammar tool as well as speech to text. Not to worry, their doing the typing and work of getting their words just right; these two tools are to help them along the way. During Number kids demonstrated their ability to tell the difference between odd and even. This was their ticket to a sunny recess. Finally, we gathered more information about the Statue of Liberty with an article on FactCite123. It might make some good dinner conversation to hear what your child has learned so far. Hope you enjoy the sunshine!




    Friday- Day 2 - It’s been a fun Friday in Room 153! Everyone arrived excited for the day.   During math there was more bean measuring. This time though, we used an OPEN NUMBER LINE to add double digit addends (or lengths of beans) to find that total. Students picked up on this concept quickly and rose to each challenge, even finding totals for 3 - 6 addends and differences! Literacy stations were a hit with choices of free reading, digital reading and free writing along with our usual phonics and reading clubs. After lunch, Mrs. Snavely complimented the class on their practice of using their skills to solve the mystery states! Today in writing, students were happy to create a writing folder on their Google Drive and begin writing on Google documents. It’s fun to see how familiar they are with the keyboard. We played Rolling for Minutes in Number Corner to practice telling time. We learned more about American symbols and landmarks at the end of the day. Then we talked about our Fall Harvest party. A few friends voiced their desire to bring treats, themed napkins, water bottles, etc.  IF you wish to contribute, you are welcome to do so, but it is not necessary. :)


    palmer 10/19

    Thursday- Day 1- Kids practiced using the open number line to add double digit numbers, continuing to think about them in groups of tens, fives and extra ones. They are no longer surprised when I announce that there is MORE to the Jack and the Beanstalk story. They are great sports though, and did the math to help Jack figure out the price of his lengthy beans by using the number line to add the totals. After Math, we go new seats. Everyone was very cordial in accepting their newly assigned seats. We headed off to Palmer Museum to view the works of American artists. Having Mrs. Lintner as our docent was an added touch since she’d previously been in our classroom. Maybe your child will recall some of the knowledge shared about the art. After lunch and STEM, kids reconvened to write letters of thanks to our Palmer guide. I think you’d be pleased with the thoughtfulness and gratitude they shared in their notes. We had a nice, sunny recess and returned for a round of reading American-related books. 


    Wednesday - Day 5 - Kids kicked off the day by using 23 tiles to see how many different arrays they could build using exactly 23. They also celebrated the fourth century day by solving equations with totals of 300 - 400, and wrote their own equations. They learned a new game in Math called, Steps and Leaps. Of course, they beat me at the game, then they played in partners, working to add totals up to one hundred to win the game! Readers learned about doing the complex work of using multiple strategies when they encounter tricky words. We also began selecting good fit books on American - related topics, and began our new book clubs. Art time earned lots of compliments for work time. It’s reported our class is still working on polishing ‘clean up’ time. During writing, authors used their phonics knowledge of vowel teams and trigraphs to help them write their stories. Students completed and mounted their Great Seal and related writing to display in our SCE hallway. Finally, Mrs. Williams, our school counselor, came for a visit and to review the Skills for Learning that we’ve been studying and practicing. Hope you have a great sun-shiny afternoon. 


     great seal

    Tuesday -Day 4- It’s been a cloudy, but a good day! Students started by using the meaningful colors to color the Great Seal of the USA. We learned about this symbol and it’s meaning yesterday from Liberty. During math time, we played a new game, Count Around, in which students practiced counting-on by tens, beginning from any single digit number.  Later, kids made their own measuring tool and practiced measuring items, paying attention the the number of tens and ones in the measurement of each object. Next, students sank into comfy spots to read. Some worked on words with Mrs. Williamson and others read to check in with personal reading goals. After lunch, Mrs. Constable led the class in physical education in our shiny, new gym. Writers reviewed what they learned about the Great Seal and then used a word bank, and focus on conventions to write what they’ve learned about this symbol. Finally, during Social Studies, we enjoyed the book that Liberty delivered, Being a Good Citizen. As you know, these kids have already shown they know a lot about being good citizens and they were eager to share their connections! Everyone also voiced one thing they were going to do at home to be a good citizen. You'd be proud to hear their choices like: being kind to siblings, not being 'difficult' about going to practices/activites, waking up with their alarm, and many kind gestures to moms, dads and other family members are a few these kids shared. Ask your son or daughter what he/she is planning~or just enjoy the results. :)

    Monday - Day 3 -  Thank you, families, for taking time to meet at conferences this past week! Students seemed to arrive with a sense of direction and copies of their goals are now in their communication folders for regular reference. This copy will stay in the folder’s back cover. If you would like another copy to keep in a special spot at home, just let us know. Students warmed up with Reflex math, then collaborated to make a measuring tool to help measure Jack’s giant beans. Readers generated a strategy chart to help guide them as they tackle difficult words. They met with Mrs. Williamson or Mrs. Fedorko to work on phonics & vocabulary. After recess & lunch, kids  practiced speaking and listening as friends shared a favorite part of their weekend, then Mrs. Komlenic led our young musicians. Writers are wrapping up narrative writing and enjoyed sharing some of tehir work with the class. At Number Corner, kids took on new roles, and recorded observations about the calendar markers. We also played a friendly round of Around the World to practice fact fluency. Writers reviewed 2nd grade writing expectations and worked to tell their stories and meet expectations. They used clues to accurately predict that our mystery symbol is an eagle. Not just any eagle, but Liberty the American Bald Eagle!  Learn more about why this bird was selected to represent our country. Ask your child to learn more. They may laugh when they share the ‘other’ bird that Ben Franklin wanted to be our national bird.

  • Wednesday - Day 2 - Learning to play Pick Two, Roll and Subtract was a great way to liven everyone up this morning. Afterwards, we took a math measurement check up and revealed the competent abilities of this class!  Students selected Work Places to help build skills and engaged in games with partners. Readers learned that it takes work to become better readers. They reflected on and shared strategies for figuring out new words and applied those strategies in independent reading. They also worked on phonics and had 1:1 reading check-ins. We were able to squeeze in recess before the rain and headed off to lunch and Library. Writers seized the opportunity for a pseudo-Friday so they could “Free Write.” (I do love their enthusiasm!) We had some technology practice as students completed an online quiz to reveal their knowledge on Social-Emotional skills for learning. Despite an error in the electronic score reporting, most students got a perfect score once the glitch was fixed! Students had an opportunity to explore math apps and then focused on telling time as we collected and recorded time on our Number Corner clocks.  Finally, the class voted on student-created class symbols and found a clue in the classroom about a certain American symbol. By Monday, we should have enough clues to help us discover what the symbol is!


    Tuesday- DAY 1 - Warming up with fluency practice was a good way to start the day before moving on to math where we heard MORE about Jack and his beans. This time, he’s planting them in garden beds, and students worked in pairs to find the perimeter of five garden beds before comparing their answers with peers. This crew is very accurate, with nearly all answers coming within 2 or 3 units of one another! Readers worked on personal writing goals as students met in small groups to work on words. During STEM, Mrs. Snyder said these kids were on task! Writers worked to add detail and proofread their writing.  Number Corner is helping us build skills for arrays as students use tiles to make various arrays, noting columns and rows and related equations. We had our first ever severe weather drill and this class did a great job of being serious and respecting everyone during the drill. During Social Studies, we reviewed the meaning of symbol, and discussed how that applies to creating our own class symbol. 


    Monday - DAY 5 - It was a marvelous Monday in room 23! Math time met us with another chapter to the Jack and the Beanstalk story. This time, Jack has discovered GIANT beans which he needs to measure. Kids wasted no time using manipulatives to measure and compare the beans. After a bit of free reading, we welcomed Mrs. Lintner, our docent for the Palmer Art Museum trip which we’ll be taking on the 24th. We viewed some art, learned about a bit of the architecture of the Palmer Museum. We talked about proper conduct when visiting a museum. Students are prepped for the trip, having brushed up on identifying portraits, still life, landscape, cityscape and even sculptures!  After lunch, we spent some Art time with Mrs. Johnson, celebrated our 3rd century day and worked on generating story problems for specific tens frames. This class seems more a bit more enthused with writing time each day. The results are writing with more details and description as they strive to tell their stories in an entertaining way. Finally, we met with our 2nd grade peers to learn about being assertive in order to get the things we need. This is another skill that helps us not only as citizens, but as scholars. Ask your child what it means to ‘be assertive’ to learn more. 


  • Friday - It’s FUN RUN DAY! - Friends arrived in good spirits this morning ready for a great day. We kicked off the AM with some fact fluency practice, before exercising our math skills at Work Places.  Next, kids kicked up academic vocabulary with game of I Have Who Has. Students reflected on themselves as readers and mathematicians, highlighting strengths and areas in which they would like to grow. Kids also used some time to read and write before heading off to PE and our first ever SPRING CREEK FUN RUN! What a beautiful day to be outside! Hope you have a great weekend with your families.   

    Don’t forget: Tomorrow is our FUN RUN! Please help your child choose appropriate clothing for the weather. We will spend most of the afternoon outdoors. 

    Thursday-  Day 3 - The class strategized and reasoned as they played a new game: Number Line Race. They spun to determine direction and then chose which and how many dice to roll to help them reach their end goal. Of course, luck is part of the game too. This is such a pleasant group to work with because, not only do they ‘do the math’ when playing the game, but they are also having fun and being great sports continuously! The class also had a check up to measure current progress with their understanding of place value. Readers piggybacked on yesterday’s learning to think more about the LENSE through which they are reading. Not only do 2nd graders decide what and how to read, but they can also learn a lot about how words work! Today, everyone practiced learning more about words, by seeking words to fit phonetic patterns. Number Corner is revealing more of our October pattern on the calendar and today, we reached a new century number.  Ask your child to learn more about this. We later looked at some familiar symbols, being thoughtful about what they mean. Finally, we viewed some of the familiar symbols of our country! 

    Wednesday- During Math, students learned more about arrays using dot arrays. They also devised methods of seeing groups of dots within the arrays to quickly subitize and find various dots in numerical order all the way up to 1,000! Readers stopped and thought about their reading and began to think about their purpose in reading. Our authors continue to tell their story, with a focus on using the kind of words and ‘moves’ that make their story fun to tell and read. Finally, students showed all they know or have learned about the monarch life cycle on our Science test.  Watch for these to come home in your child’s folder by Friday. If you ordered any Spring Creek Spirit Wear, that is coming home with your child today, just in time for the Fun Run on Friday! Your gear is being delivered in a tied plastic grocery bag, along with the attached receipt. 

    Tuesday - Day 1 - Kids fired up laptops for Reflex today as a way to bolster fluency, then we moved into math, studying place value and using manipulatives to build and decompose numbers to solve riddles. Readers learned to stop and jot as they read and are thoughtful about reading. This helps increase comprehension. After recess, lunch and STEM, students settled into writing. I must say many are really finding their writing voices. It’s also fun to hear morning conversations about the things that occur during their day and then hear someone say, “Hey! That’s going to make a great story at writing time!” Students are showing what they know in science, identifying solutions to solve problems and talking about metamorphosis.

    Monday - DAY 5 - Mrs. Thomas led the class today. In math, students used unifix cubes and landmark 10s to show and combine numbers up to 100. Speaking and listening were just two skills practiced with vocabulary games at literacy time as students practiced short and long vowel sounds with a friendly round of I Have, Who Has. . . They also worked on phonics and read Scholastic News. Later authors worked on writing and shared favorite parts of their writing with peers. All of 2nd grade met to  identify classroom distractions. They learned about and practiced using self-talk in response to different situations. These are skills for maximizing learning!


    Friday- Day 4 - Math students scooped beans to try to collect close to 50. Then, they paired up and tallied the number of beans they had when combining theirs with a partner’s. Practice counting larger groups using tens, ones and hundreds makes many students quite efficient! Finding out how many more or how many fewer are needed to hit a landmark number can be a little tougher.  Readers nestled in to practice fluency, accuracy and comprehension. They also worked on words. Writers embraced their FREE WRITE Friday with enthusiasm and even began writing stories like some of their favorite real life authors! Number Corner is becoming a highlight of our afternoon with student leaders taking charge. Today we learned about arrays and corresponding equations which tell us something about the rows and columns. This is all part of our study of odd and even, but also lends to learning additional math concepts! Finally, we finished the day with a class meeting. I hope you have a nice weekend!  


    Thursday-  Day 3 - The class used what they know about estimating as they  learned a new math game called Scoop, Count & Compare was introduced, then the class took a pre-assessment for our upcoming math unit. Readers practiced stopping after short passages to think and retell what they’ve read. After a pleasant indoor recess and lunch, they scurried off to Music. Authors looked at a piece of 2nd grade writing and worked together to add details to make it more interesting and complete! Writing time is quite focused these days in our classroom as students work to tell their stories!  Number Corner cards led to the discussion of how different leaves can be identified, sorted and grouped. Maybe your child will recall two types of leaves, palmate and pinnate. Finally, we finished up our video on taking responsibility, then ended with a class meeting in which students shared times they have seen classmates taking responsibility.


    Wednesday- Reading Jack and the Beanstalk (as told by Iona Treahy) kicked off our morning and our new math unit, Place Value and Measurement with Jack’s Beanstalks. After hearing the story and sharing opinions on Jack’s decision to trade his cow for magic beans, we broke out some beans of our own. Students estimated the number of beans in pound, then after witnessing how many were in one sixth of the pound, had a chance to revise estimates. Everyone participated in counting the bean collection, grouping beans into groups of 10s, 100s and extra ones. See if your child can tell you how we tallied them all. Readers gathered on the carpet to review strategies for growing as readers. Today everyone practiced periodically stopping, thinking and retelling what they’ve read. This increases comprehension. The class received big compliments from Mrs. Snavely after Library! Writers learned that writing takes practice and hard work as they strove to add settings to their stories and continued to edit for 2nd grade conventions. Colton led the calendar time, Finn helped us collect 5 minutes, and afterward kids headed to PM break. Finally, students reviewed and labeled the parts of the butterfly. They’re becoming very scientific!


    Tuesday- Day 1 - Students demonstrated their understanding of the concepts presented and practiced in Unit 1, then moved onto Work Places. Readers revisited long and short vowels and silent e. Practice with identifying these words and even generating their own words helps support growth in reading and writing. After a toasty recess and a cooler lunch, kids enjoyed STEM and returned with more compliments and an all class star ticket. Writers are working on proofreading their work like detectives and editing for 2nd grade expectations like complete sentences with capitals and punctuation; missing or extra words; spelling no excuse words properly; and beginning middle and end. A brand new pattern is on deck for the October calendar and we’re now practicing telling time using 5 minute landmark numbers on the analog clock. We witnessed a Popcorn Park character as he realized he’d hurt others by not taking responsibility and discussed what we may do differently. We had a class meeting where students highlighted many positive things they notice and like about our class and its citizens. Some examples are: most people are using STAR behavior in the hallway, at specials and lunch; classmates are almost always using kind words; most  students are listening to the speaker; most use transition time well so we have more time for learning and fun . . . The list goes on! We also began laying the groundwork for using class meetings to talk about things that we can work on together to make our community the best it can be! Having conversations with your children at home are a great way to support this growing, positive community. 


    Monday- DAY 5 - Today’s Math time focused on the 2nd half of the Addition Table, identifying equations for doubles, doubles plus or minus 1, fast tens and the leftover facts. Later, students solved addition tables, indicating which strategy they used. Readers were paired up with ‘Stick Together Partners’ to practice Read to Someone. After Recess & lunch we updated our calendar grid and practiced our date chant for the final time in September. Mrs. Johnson returned with an excellent compliment to the class regarding their focused work and calm demeanor. After our PM break, we gather with the rest of our 2nd grade friends to learn more about focusing attention and listening in order to become better learners. Ask your child about what they can do to better focus attention and listen. If they need a reminder, ask them to recall what they did to notice when the sound stopped from the tuning fork.



    Friday- Day 4 - Reading Picture Day Perfection seemed appropriate on this day. Math students solved story problems and studied the addition table. Kids fired up their new touch screen laptops for Reflex to bolster fluency. Speaking and listening were just two skills practiced with vocabulary games at literacy time. Students also made entries to SeeSaw to introduce themselves and worked on phonics, fluency and comprehension. After lunch kids enjoyed Free Write Friday. Many were chomping at the bit to work on fiction writing while others were happy to continue their narratives. We had another no card day in room 153 and we were also pleased to release Burrito the Butterfly. Sciencentists explored some up-close views of a beetle noting similarities & differences of the beetle and butterfly feet and mouth parts. Happy Friday!


    Thursday-  Day 3 - The class spent the morning submerged in math stations. They used math tools to solve story problems, played games and practiced fluency. Readers reviewed strategies and practiced them with 1:1 check-ins.  Indoor recess was a must with all the rain. The class got rave reviews from music class for great STAR behavior! Writers hear Ralph Writes a Story and then worked on their own stories before taking time to share them with their peers. It was great to hear the compliments friends shared with one another about their writing! Finally, we release 3 more butterflies!  Adrian, Mega Charizard, and Sparkle all made their way into the great wide open this afternoon.  



    Wednesday- I’m so thankful for this class! They read the morning list and got right to work! They kept their great focus throughout math time. . .even while we were busy building number strings with tiny beads. Skip counting and using landmark numbers, students demonstrated various numbers and combinations on the number string and number line. Readers rotated in stations. Some met with Mrs. Williamson to work on phonics, while others read independently and worked on SeeSaw tasks. After lunch and recess, writers went to work on their true stories. We even had a few disappointed authors when I stopped the class for PM break. We released our two latest male butterflies, got some fresh air, and settled into the ribbon cutting ceremony. Finally, we finished the day with Number Corner and said our goodbyes!  



    larvae      boy

    Tuesday- Day 1 -Students started the day examining our monarch habitats. Seeing the wing pattern through chrysalides was a sure clue we’d meet new winged friends today In the midst of Reading, one butterfly emerged! The class is quite good about celebrating, observing and also moving on to do their work! We continue to compare numbers during math time. We played a new game called Find the Difference. Readers enjoyed two rounds of focused reading and also revisited first grade phonics that will help them grow as 2nd grade readers.  After making a list of all phonics terms they know to talk about words, we searched our names for those features. Kids found things like vowels, consonants, syllables, vowel teams, and blends to name a few! Writers were introduced to the idea of proofreading their work like detectives and used pens to edit and revise work to polish their writing. We played the Century Game, practicing counting by decade numbers, forward and backward. Calendar leaders updated collections and led the calendar time. Finally, we made some cool and disgusting discoveries at Science time using the super magnification of Zoomy to see our new male butterfly’s feet, face, wing pattern, and tachina flies larvae! We finished the day by saying farewell to our first male butterfly!

     NEW BFLY em's bday BFLY

    Monday- DAY 5 - We are already in our 5th week of 2nd grade. What’s more exciting? Returning to find two newly hatched butterflies in our classroom with a third emerging during our morning work time. Students named and released 3 female monarchs this morning, bidding farewell to Samantha, Rose and Senorita in the beautiful morning sunshine outside of our classroom. Our Math time focused on the meaning of sums, totals, and finding the difference between numbers. We played a new game called Battling Bugs and discussed different ways to find differences along with related equations. Readers were paired up with ‘Stick Together Partners’ and practiced scooping up words in bigger chunks to make reading more smoothe. One to one check ins with readers found most making good fit selections and practicing fluency. To learn more about reading, ask your child what 2nd graders DO to grow as readers. At lunch, Emma shared a birthday treat and afterwards, we celebrated with a song and compliment train for the birthday girl. Writers combined their science knowledge with writing practice to record monarch butterfly facts. Emma updated our calendar grid and led us in our date chant. We took a look at strategies to solve story problems posed on the calendar and students worked on whiteboards to show their thinking. While the computations may be simple right now, we are focusing on showing HOW we find the solution. Finally, after recess, we joined the other 2nd grade classes for Social Studies. Students considered what respect is and shared ideas on they show respect. The class earned two all class  STAR tickets today for their ART time and for great choices during our 2nd grade gathering! 

    *Update on Friday's butterfly: Since she was unable to fly, she was released into nature near the PSU arboretum.



    Friday - Day 4- Math students reviewed and finished the work of finding suitable seating arrangements for a tailgate party, careful to follow guidelines and test their ideas. They also practiced fact fluency on Reflex. Readers practiced phonics, and brushed up on academic vocabulary, and practiced stopping to think about their reading during independent reading time. Be sure to ask your so or daughter what thoughts they have about their reading when reading at home each day! After Gym with Mrs. C., writers hunkered down to continue working to write with purpose. Science time was a relaxing end to our day as we had the opportunity to see our new Butterfly. She has some physical characteristics that were not allowing her to fly when we took her outside to say farewell.  As a result, we took her back into the school to end our day. Finally, we shared our plans for the weekend as we practiced speaking and listening to one another. Have a great weekend.

    Thursday- Students started the day with the challenge of helping make seating arrangements for a tailgate party. Using an arrangement of assorted plates and specific guidelines for placement of guests, they toiled to find multiple combinations for different numbers of guests. Students wrote related equations to demonstrate their arrangements. Reading time focused on using strategies to make reading sound more smooth. Reading ebooks was an option that some students enjoyed. Writers practiced planning their stories across their fingers before getting started on recording ideas on paper. . . with added detail! Scientists are compiling information they’ve learned about caterpillars as they begin to create a fact-filled booklet of their experience with our monarchs.  Everyone is waiting to see if or when the chair chrysalis will produce a butterfly!

    Wednesday- This crew kicked it up a notch with Math! I am amazed at how they take each task in stride and ‘take care of business.’  Readers warmed up with phonics and reviewed the guidelines for selecting good fit books. Reading to teachers holds all accountable for taking the time to read the words how they want to be read. We are also taking time to STOP and think about what we are reading! We welcomed another Spring Creek Hawk to our class to travel to lunch and specials with us in the coming weeks. After Library, students composed thank you letters to Mrs. Ford for her wonderful presentation yesterday. Paying attention to placement of capitals and end marks is a focus right now.  Many are doing very neat printing already! We finished up our day recording caterpillar facts which we’ve learned through our observations.

    Tuesday- We started the day thinking in doubles, halves, odd and even and about how these terms relate to one another. Students built numbers on their number rack and practice proving whether they were odd or even numbers. Work Places are so pleasant in this classroom as students pair up and play games to strengthen math skills. During reading time, we learned that 2nd grade readers read more and more.  Students read to Mrs. Williamson or myself and also discussed choosing good fit books. We began reading The Constitution in honor of Constitution Day. Maybe your child will recall that the constitution was written over 200 years ago! There’s little action in our monarch habitats right now, but Mrs. Ford, our Master Gardener, livened up our afternoon with her presentation on all things monarch / butterflies.  Actually, she taught us a new word to represent all moths and butterflies: Lepidoptera.  She, along with the assistance of her grandson, Owen, also showed us how to identify male and female butterflies. She kindly led the 2nd grade classes at SCE to name and release four butterflies. In a surprising twist, students were given the opportunity to feel the butterfly feet on their finger.  Ask them what the butterfly was doing! (Tasting!) Our Number Corner time is falling into place with student leaders heading up the routines as they collect 60 minutes each day, determine numbers odd or even, practice saying and writing the date and many other skills. STEM seems to be a day many anticipate and this class is good about staying on the ‘Day Cycle’ and recalling each special class. The kids earned another star ticket today and are making quite a great name for themselves! This was part of our social studies discussion this afternoon as we really enjoyed celebrating all the great citizenship and friend behaviors in our classroom!  Thank you for all you do, families! All the time you spend rearing these young people is really making our days together enjoyable!

    Monday - Hard to believe it’s week 4 already! Routine is in place with students recalling AM procedures with few reminders. We returned today with caterpillars still munching, two new hanging J’s and chrysalides showing signs of change.  Mathematicians thought about doubles and showed examples of doubles. They talked about how this relates to halves and shared ideas. Our latest Work Place game is a hit and students were eager to get started! Ask your child what game they’re enjoying at Work Places to learn more. Readers are reading more and more each week. We talk about the importance of selecting books that challenge us, but still allow us to comprehend the text. It is sometimes tempting for kids to get books just because they’re ‘big’ and this class also has an appetite for some ‘dessert books.’ (Dessert books = books that are really easy books for them/not challenging them to grow as a reader.) Of course, all books are welcome at free reading times, but during instructional time, good fits are a necessity. After our time with Mrs. Johnson in Art, we read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen and considered how she comes up with ideas to write books. Kids thought about their day(s) and jotted memorable details or ideas for their ‘small moments’ in their tiny tablets.  New Number Corner leaders took over tasks to lead the class. We’re noticing patterns, counting by decade numbers, practicing using the analog clock and becoming more familiar with AM and PM times. Finally, we finished the day brushing up on R-E-S-P-E-C-T as we joined the characters of Popcorn Park for a fun video on respect.


    Fun Friday- Everyone’s on the ball with AM routine, checking the board for their jobs as soon as they enter! After sharing activities they’re looking forward to this weekend, they challenged me to a game of Count and COmpare Twos. (Yes, they won despite my best efforts.) Readers shared their interests on a special survey, enjoyed a book with Dr. D., and, of course, read. This top-notch class earned ANOTHER STAR ticket. . .and this time they actually fooled me into believing that they did not.  Their painted-on sad faces really had me believing they’d broken their streak! The afternoon was extra fun as authors shared favorite pieces of their writing and had their first experience with REFLEX math. Ask them about it to learn more. Finally, we got into place for an all-school picture and enjoyed the extra recess they’ve earned. Have a great weekend!

    Thursday - We are now 17 students strong in room 153! This class is making me feel like one fortunate teacher. They’re really starting to get into the groove of our routines and becoming more focused on their tasks. During math we learned & played a new game called Make the Sum. It’s fun to see the fun kids are having together while applying their math skills! We have a lot of good sports and kind kids in our class which makes these game times extra enjoyable. Readers used good fit books to build stamina and practiced taking sneak peek at their books to find clues about how the book wants to be read. Mrs. Komlenic returned the class after music with a nice compliment about their time together. Writers heard the story Sincerely Yours, about writing their own letters, then dove into writing. The entire class was able to watch a caterpillar transform into its chrysalis on the big screen & a few moved their bodies in imitation of the caterpillars motion. Science time is tough to top these days, with so much happening in our Monarch habitats! Dr. D. stopped by to announce that in addition to an all school picture at 2:00pm tomorrow, everyone has a chance to earn extra recess.  This class is up to the challenge and I have NO doubt they'll earn it!! Thanks for sending me your best!

    Wednesday - Students arrived, signed up for lunch, and checked out the caterpillars and chrysalides. Several noticed there was a chrysalis with a black line. We found 2 or 3 new chrysalides today. We also found another hanging J!  Everyone logged onto laptops and completed math MAP! These kids are amazing with their technology!! After a few minutes to move in the dance circle, students choose book bins or epic reading with others read to me. Library time is reported by Maddie to be 'great!' We learned about writing friendly letters and children wrote to people they know and deserve letters. (<--in Ava's words) Then, we wrote equations for odd and even numbers. Fia reports this to be fun! Mrs. Gilligan arrived and told us we will be welcoming a new student tomorrow. The class came up with terrific ideas on how we can make our new friend feel welcome. Studnets wondered about, then figured out the boy to girl ratio in our class. Love this crew!

    Tuesday- Your children began this 'Day 1' by greeting our caterpillars and wathing them chow down on the juicy green milkweed that Mrs. Darlington has supplied! We’ve been waiting and hoping to see some hanging J’s or green chrysalides soon and after a focused morning with our first Reading MAP, we had an unbelievable surprise!! In the midst of Math, Robby spotted a chrysalis on. . .the bottom of one of our spinning chairs! I’m sure your children will tell the tale of how we suspect this happened. Needless to say, it has made for quite an exciting time in our class! Kids eagerly inspected other nooks and crannies in the room to check for more escapees. Who knows, maybe we’ll have butterflies emerging from mysterious places in a couple of weeks . . .After STEM (where the class earned another STAR ticket), we found that another of our caterpillars had transformed into a chrysalis. We enjoyed watching the final wiggles on the big screen as kids jotted stories about our caterpillar adventures & other engaging topics. Number Corner is now student-led for most of the session. Today, moving our bodies into horizontal and vertical positions helped us to identify and name two different number lines. Students counted decade numbers to 100 and then added another decade on our class number line. They’re getting quite good at collecting 60 minutes a day. Any time spent looking at analog clocks or talking with your kids about AM and PM will help support this learning. Finally, we finished our day by selecting new seats and reflecting on the ‘glows and grows’ of our day. I, for one, am feeling grateful for this class of 16 pleasant, second grade students!

    Monday- Everyone kicked off the morning seatwork time as many finished work from Friday. They observed our caterpillars, which are not too active, but still eating and growing. We’re still observing, asking, wondering,recording.  . . and eagerly awaiting their transformation to the next stage! Mathematicians learned a new game, Count and Compare Fives and practiced subitizing for fast totals of 10. Literacy time found students reading good fit books, reading with me, and recording complete thoughts about the changes in our caterpillar habitat. Recess was a welcome time to share and play with friends, though a few are still working on getting to line in a timely manner once the whistle is blown so we’ll have plenty of time for lunch. Mrs. Johnson returned the class to me with ANOTHER all-class STAR ticket!  They are really getting a reputation for this and that is something to be proud of for all! Later, students studied the calendar grid, noting equations for the number depicted on today’s card. We added the first century to our number line! Writers did the work of 2nd grade authors, getting started quickly and writing right away! Finally, we observed real time and time lapse videos of two monarch caterpillars transforming into chrysalides. This will prep us for watching for those tiny details when our eventually go to the hanging J stage. It never seems to get old, watching and wondering, when we see this transformation! Tomorrow, we’ll kick of the day with technology as students log on to MAP for Reading. Having a good night’s sleep and good fuel for breakfast will help them be at their best, just like any other day!

  • Friday- 9/6 The day was full with Mrs. Heim at the helm. Playing Flash Attack, working at Math Work Places, making discoveries in Scholastic News, independent reading, & Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar filled our morning. After lunch, Mrs. Constable led the class in PE. Students later enjoyed coming up with imaginative story ideas about fictional caterpillars. Finally, second graders worked on using complete sentences as they recorded scientific observations and completed drawings of the caterpillars! They paid special attention to the size, color and detail to accurately record observations. (Thanks to Mrs. Darlington for the special, juicy, green milkweed for our little critters!)

    Thursday - It was great to see so many of you at Back to School Night! There’s a refreshing sense of community in the classroom and those who weren’t able to attend enjoyed getting updates from their classmates. Morning work included opening up Chromebooks to explore tools, watch a video about MAP, and even try some practice questions like the ones they’ll see on the site for our 2nd grade Measures of Academic Progress. We got a close up view of our caterpillars, identifying and counting different parts of their bodies. A review of our schedule and morning gathering were the perfect start before moving onto Math where students built their own number racks and began showing efficient ways to represent numbers within 20. Readers nestled into cozy spots to enjoy their good fit books while Mrs. Williamson and I conducted 1:1 check-ins. Number Corner gave us a closer look at the pattern shaping up on our September calendar and students are taking the lead with jobs to become more familiar with the analog clock, corresponding digital times, and representing the date using numbers and abbreviations. Writers embrace the opportunity to tell their stories! Finally, we watched a few close-up video clips of monarch caterpillars hatching from their eggs and munching leaves in real time! Students reviewed expectations for STAR behavior in 2nd grade and confirmed their desire to make good choices!  


    Tuesday -  We finally got a look at our caterpillars in person after the long weekend! They certainly have grown over the past three days, and we were eager to see them moving about. This week 2nd graders will be asked to take greater responsibility for doing their morning jobs independently and everyone is getting better at recalling the routine. Nearly every student has been remembering his or her folder daily! Math time was spent learning about bar graphs and picture graphs, then creating one of our own. We worked on strengthening our language skills with some fun, active word work.  Readers identified and practiced great Read to Self habits as others began meeting with myself and Mrs. Williamson to assess sight words and phonemic awareness. Our first Fire Drill went smoothly, with students taking great responsibility for their role in our community. After lunch & STEM, students had a chance to read with Mrs. Allen or Mr. Rockey and also worked on writing. Finally, we finished our day observing our caterpillars and recording changes. Ask your child what TOOL they used to get a closer look. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing some student work tomorrow evening!

    Monday-  Happy Labor Day!


    Friday- What a first week! The class has earned 5 all-class STAR tickets in the first week of school. Good citizenship is shining more brightly with each day. We kicked off the morning sharing our weekend plans, then moved onto math, using Venn Diagrams to categorize our beetles. Readers reviewed Good Fit books, and how to make those selections. We also learned that 2nd grade readers don’t just choose what to read, but also how to read. Students practiced in pairs, demonstrating their ability to make their own choice, based on the text and their interpretation of it. After recess, lunch and Art, students were eager to get to writing. We peeked at two mentor text and considered how these authors may have come up with such ideas. Second graders also have story ideas and can choose to tell meaningful stories that people are interested in reading!  We’re just beginning to learn how to use the sort of moves language to tell our stories in ways that are more powerful. Scientists observed caterpillars and recorded scientific details to share some information which they collected. Have a great weekend with your family and friends and I’ll look forward to seeing your children and our caterpillars next week!

    Thursday 8/29 We continue to get to know one another and practice being a part of a larger learning community. Mathematicians choose Work Places to apply their skills to various tasks using unifix cubes, geoboards, tiles, and pattern blocks. S.T.A.R. lessons for playground, cafe, hallway, bathroom and even buses filled much of our morning as we explored our new school with all of 2nd grade. After lunch, Mrs. Constable led our class in their first P.E. class of the year. We continued to talk about and practice ‘thinking like scientists.’ Partners observed rocks and used specific words to describe characteristics. Mr. Ferguson surprised us with a plant teeming with tiny caterpillars. This led to great discussion on what students already know and what they’d like to learn about caterpillars. Later, writers practiced penmanship as they labeled the parts of a caterpillar. Most were surprised to learn that there are three different categories of ‘legs’ on these little critters. Students created an August calendar to record our caterpillars’ events in the coming weeks. This helps establish our Number Corner routine as we familiarize ourselves with the calendar.

    PS There was a spectacular turnout of friends remembering their green folders on this first day already! 

    Wednesday 8/28 - We continue to establish routines on this 3rd day. Students have already gotten the hang of many routines like: signing up for lunch, unpacking backpacks and folders and bringing all needed materials into the room upon arrival. Today, everyone received a green communication folder which they’ll use to transport important items to and from school. (Students should soon be responsible for independently collecting mail things at the end of the day and ALSO for sharing them with an adult at home.) During Math, we began classifying by generating appropriate categories in which to place our beetle glyphs. Next, we practice our Work Place routine for Math time. Kids did this flawlessly. Having this down-pat allows us to maximize our time for learning each day! Ask your child what they explored during Work Place time to learn more. Readers learned that they don’t just choose what to read, but also how to read. They were eager to get their hands on some books from our class library and nestled into spots to read without any prompting at all! They only stopped when I insisted they needed to take their recess break. Writers thought about things they may enjoy writing about and jotted them in their tiny tablets before continuing their first narrative writing. Finally, we also enjoyed the The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss and talked about the author’s purpose and the message. Ask your child to hear all about their first Music class!

    Tuesday 8/27 - We warmed up our minds and hands creating with Play-Doh. Students were thoughtful in teaching us something about themselves with their handy work! After Library time, students enjoyed some reading time before calling on all their first grade skill for writing. They began demonstrating what they are able to do as writers, recording visions or goals for themselves and also began telling a true story about a time in their lives. Kids are beginning to settle in a bit. For many, this means more positive learning, sharing, exploring and living! For some it means they’re testing limits and may need reminders for making positive choices. We continued to build our community by reading a portion of the Energy Bus for Kids.  We discussed the message and how it relates to our lives. These students think deeply and are quick to make connections! By the way, this class is VERY responsible for knowing their travel routine and for keeping track of where they go, weather it be a regular routine or adjusting to planned or impromptu change in routine. That’s nothing to sneeze at for kids of 7 & 8 years, and I know that all comes from home. Thank you!

    Monday 8/26 - Welcome to our Room 153 Week in a Wink! This is the place to get a glimpse of what’s happening from day to day in our classroom.  We had a great first day in our new school! Students are displaying good manners, kind friend behaviors and simply using many STAR behaviors all through the day.  We have 16 children in our class. Today, we took a tour of our new building and learned about some daily routines before taking time to share our names. It was wonderful to see how all of the students in our class enjoyed visiting with one another at our arrival gathering in the gymnasium.  We’ll do this one more time tomorrow! Students established some guidelines to help make our learning environment a comfortable place for all. Of course, everyone must do their part here! Parents have already set the foundation; it’s easy to see that you’ve already instilled very valuable traits in your children that are essential to positive community! Thank you!  Students learned a bit about each other in our class meeting. Then they used hieroglyphics to share some important facts about themselves, which we will later decipher during math time. This class earn their first all class S.T.A.R. ticket today and have made a nice first impression! Thank you for sending me your children ready to learn and play in a positive community where we support and encourage one another.  I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.  

Last Modified on March 28, 2020