• Mr. Gettig’s Website Access


    You may access the assignments and other course materials for the classes that I teach by visiting my State College Area teacher website.  My website is accessible by going to the State College Area School District website home page.


    To access Mr. Gettig’s website, please follow these steps:

    1) Use any web browser and enter: www.scasd.org

    2) Go to the “Select a School” rectangular box and click on the down arrow,

    3) Drag down to “State College Are High School” and select this link.

    4) The State College Area High School home page will appear,

    5) Go to the “Staff” link at the far right of this page and click on this link,

    6) An alphabetical list of all the staff members at the High School will appear,

    7) Scroll down the list and click on “Gettig, Scott, Math”,

    8) The “Welcome Page” of my website will appear on the screen. You may now   

          click on any link in my website to view materials that are related to the classes   

          that I teach. To obtain specific information, see the directions below.


    To find Mr. Gettig’s contact information:

    1) Go to my “Welcome Page” and scroll to the bottom of the page.


    To view and print a copy of the Course Syllabus:

    1) Go to my “Welcome Page” and look at the links listed on the left of the page,

    2) Select the “Course Information Sheet” link for the desired course.

    3) The Syllabus will appear and you will be able to print the page, if you desire.


    To view assignments for a particular course:

    1) Go to my “Welcome Page” and look at the links listed on the left of the page,

    2) Select the “Course” link for the desired course.

    3) The home page for that course will appear,

    4) Select the “Assignments” link at the top left of the page for the desired course,

    5) Click on the desired date of the calendar to view the assignments for that day.

    Thank you for taking time to view my website!

Last Modified on August 22, 2019