• Syllabus for culinary 1, 2, 3, 4, and CWE - includes embedded links (updated July 26, 2023)

    Individual assignments posted in Google Classroom



    The curriculum for our culinary arts program is built on several pillars:


    1) Pennsylvania Department of Education approved task grid for "Institutional Food Worker" - CIP code 12.0508


    Institutional Food Worker

    PDE Task Grid



    2) National Restaurant Association Education Association's ProStart Program





    3)Student Interests and Suggestions:


    As each near school year begins, we will do a class-wide brainstorm to find specific foods, dishes, cuisines, and techniques that students want to explore. We use these suggestions to supplement the curriculum and gear learning to what the students want. For example, last year, students requested everything from sushi and cheeseburgers to cotton candy and fresh squeezed lemonade. Some items are cost prohibitive or time did not allow for them, but we were able to successfully incorporate dozens of student's requests during the spring marking periods


Last Modified on July 26, 2023