• Welcome to Fantasy Football Bonus Math for Room 84!


    Objective: Choose one of the teams attached on this website to root for this weekend. The better stats your players compile, the more points they earn! Calculate your total team's points based on the scoring scale I share each week on this page.


    What you need to return to me: Bring your sheet of paper that you have calculated your team's score on. I have attached an example sheet of what it should look like! Anyone who returns a page will have it tracked. If your student returns 8 fantasy football scoring sheets (at least half the season), they will qualify for a football party during lunch with special treats and games during a week near the end of the season. 


    Scoring Scale:


    11/15 New Scoring update!


    ****** Each 25 yards thrown by a QB counts as 1 point. *******

    Each touchdown (TD) scored by a player counts as 6 points.

    - Every 10 yards rushing or receiving (running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends only) counts as 10 points. **********************

    - Each field goal (FG) from a kicker counts as 3 points

    - Each extra point (XP) from a kicker counts as 1 point.

          - (Example) Tom Brady throws for 3 touchdowns, how many points would he earn? (6+6+6=18  OR  6x3=18)

          - (Example) Saquon Barkley runs for 96 yards, how many points would he earn? (9 groups of 10, or 9 points)

          - (Example) Matt Prater kicks 2 extra points, how many points would he earn? (1+1=2  OR  2x1=2) 

          - (Example) Greg Zuerlein kicks 2 field goals, how many points would he earn? (3+3=6 OR 3x2=6)


    You can find the team's touchdown amounts by searching your players' stats for this week's game here:



    Don't try to cheat by looking at their fantasy points listed on the website! Our scoring will be different than the numbers listed, and I need to see your addition work to count your entry!