• You will learn all these notes for your instrument! Click on the link then click on your instrument to get a look!


    1. Fingering Chart for every Instrument!!

    Online fingering chart. Just click your instrument and see how to play every note on your instrument. 

    (Here is the website if the link doesn't work https://daviehighbands.weebly.com/fingering-charts.html)



    Someday we should play songs with a metronome instead of just tapping our foot! Check it out!

    2. Try to play a song along with a metronome. This will keep the beat musch like tapping your foot.

    Metronome online



    Using a pratice chart to write down when you practice is really helpful. After our first lesson, the first practice challenge will be to see if you can get 7 days in a row of 10 minutes of practice or more!

    3. New Practice chart if you lost the one we use in class. Ask for a new one right away since you will turn it in at the end of the month!

    Practice chart



Last Modified on August 19, 2021