MUSEUM by Tina Howe

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    WHAT: Museum by Tina Howe

    WHO: State College Area High School Thespians www.scasd.org/Domain/1104  

    WHEN: November 22 & 23 at 7:30 pm and November 24 at 2:00 pm

    WHERE: State College Area High Performance Hall

    DESCRIPTION: This fall State High Thespians will open their season with Museum by Tina Howe, a contemporary comedy. “Museum takes place on the final day of a group show, of three fictional contemporary American artists being exhibited in a major museum of modern art. Over the course of the day some forty people walk through the show: art lovers, skeptics, foreigners, students, lost souls, fellow artists, and of course, museum guards. The play is about the movement and yearning of these people.” The audience will be invited on stage prior to the show and during intermission to tour the gallery on the last day of the show entitled, “Breaking the Silence.” 

    COST: Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for youth (18 and younger).  Tickets can be reserved online beginning November 4 at  https://tinyurl.com/museumshow OR visit the box office to purchase tickets one hour before each performance. 


    MUSEUM, by Tina Howe, is a contemporary comedy that takes a rather sophisticated look at modern art from all angles, bringing all types of folk, and the audience too, to the last day of the show, “The Broken Silence. Tina Howe is known for her situational pieces and with “MUSEUM” she has created a real ‘artistic’ experience for the audience. Watching ‘MUSEUM” we get to observe folk observing art and they are just like us. We all see ‘art’ differently and respond to it differently. In an interview for the William Inge Center for the Arts, Tina Howe explains why exactly a museum, more specifically a single exhibition, was chosen as the setting, "They [the audience] didn't want a kitchen, they didn't want a living room. But they wanted a seascape, they wanted a beach, they wanted a locker room. And so I tried to think of an environment that had never been put on the stage that would be a very unlikely place to put onstage, and I thought of a museum". Howe goes on to explain that the artists in the play, Zachary Moe, Agnes Vaag, and Steve Williams were based on the actual artists Robert Ryman, Nancy Graves, and Duane Hanson who all differed in their style of art; themes she successfully incorporated in her play. When asked about the visitors to the gallery she stated, “Well, I try to have the real rabid art lovers and the skeptics. Hopefully in MUSEUM I covered all the bases.” In the play everyone has a very different reaction to ‘modern art.’ From those who stand in awe of: life size bodies hanging on a wash line, sculptures of found items of bones and fur or 4 large white canvases, to those who pretend they ‘get’ them or those who have to laugh at them, there is so much of all of us to laugh at in this play. “So there are moments, hopefully, of real beauty and awe in the play, and I’ve tried to mix it up so that there’s total chaos and Vaudeville, but then I think there are moments of beauty and worldliness.”

     Although the play premiered in 1976, we are encouraged by the playwright to change the dates and other relevant references in the script to reflect the current year and time of our production and we will. 


    Cast List 

    Recorded Voices:

                Broadcaster                  Tynan Butler

                Guided Tour                 Isabelle Snyder

                Museum Host               Layla Thornton

    Cast in Order of Appearance: 

    Guard                            Dylan Henderson

    Michael Wall                 Lucas Monroe

    Jean-Claude                 John Michael Rosenblum

    Francoise                     Nora Goudie

    Annette Froebel           Emily Stoller

    Liz                                Mariele Wassom

    Carol                            Nicole McFadden-Derer

    Blakey                          Mia Cornali

    Mr. Hollingsford           Avery Jones

    Elizabeth Sorrow          Sarah Cook

    Peter Ziff                      Elijah Snyder                            

    Mr. Salt                         Joe Peters                                

    Mrs. Salt                       Madi Hunter

    Maggie Snow                Emma Walker

    Bob Lamb                     Tynan Butler

    Will Willard                  Christopher Cole

    Freddie Izumi               Caylee Thompson

    Mira Zadal                    Becca Zeigler

    People Passing             Kate Horn & Alexis Pupo

    Barbara Castle              Demanie Redhead

    Barbara Zimmer           Anna Farris

    Mr. Gregory                  Avery Jones

    Chloe Trapp                  Isabelle Snyder

    Ada Bilditsky                Emily Stoller

    Gilda Norris                  Sarah Cook

    Tink Solheim                Cecil Querry Goncalves

    Kate Siv                        Cassidy Brown

    Bill Plaid                       Elijah Snyder

    Lillian                           Layla Thornton

    Harriet                         April Staab

    May                              Jacqui Torrez

    Giorgio                         TBA

    Zoe                               Madi Christopher

    Julie Jenkins                Alexis Pupo

    1st Guard                      Avery Jones

    2nd Guard                     Kate Horn

    Steve Williams              John Michael Rosenblum

    Elderly Couple              Christopher Cole (Mr. Moe) & Sage Castro (Mrs. Moe)



    Mitchell Case Assistant Director/Dramaturg  

    Madi Christopher  Production Coordinator

    Auden Yurman  Production Stage Manager

                Kate Leous  Deck Manager

                Georgia Weaver & Maitlyn Poduszlo  Assistant Stage Managers

    Sofia Micci  Assistant to the Scenic Designer/Artist

    Laura Cahoy  Master Carpenter 

    Lucy Chang  Paint Charge

    Layla Thornton  Assistant to the Costume Designer

    Anna Farris  Wardrobe Master

    Layla Thornton  Hair/Make-Up Designer

    Jessica Gondak  Assistant to the Lighting Designer

    April Staab  Master Electrician

    Sydney Fitzgerald  Assistant to the Sound Designer

    Ainsley Glaze  Props Deviser

    Emma Walker  Props Master

    Sage Castro  Assistant to the Producer

    Molly Richendorfer  House Manager

    Anabelle Walters  Publicity Director

    Anabelle Walters  Videographer


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