• March 5, 2020 Girls Parent Meeting

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    Feb 22, 2020 Boys Parent Meeting

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    Feb 6, 2020 Girls Parent Meeting 

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    January 23, 2020 Parent Meeting

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    Q - How do scrum caps and shoulder pads help?

    A - There is no proof that caps help prevent concussions, however they do protect the ears when playing certain positions. Shoulder pads have not been proven to protect against injury, however they may provide a sense of confidence to the player when tackling.  Both teams have several scrum caps that can be used by players.


    Q - How can turf burn/abrasions be avoided when playing on turf?

    A - The best protection is leggings and long sleeves. We prefer to practice/play on grass and will do so as soon as the fields are safe for play.


    Q - What if my child plays a winter sport and will miss indoor practices?

    A - Attending practice is important.  However, conflicts from other sports are OK.  Please let the coach know of the conflict. 


    Q - What if my child works and will miss practices?

    A - Attending practice is important.  However, conflicts from work are OK.  We encourage players to attend as many practices as their schedule will allow.  Please let the coach know of the confict.  


    Q - Will my child get concussion baseline testing with SCASD?

    A - SCASD does provide baseline concussion testing for our club athletes.


    Q - Does my child need to be fitness center certified to workout with the team?

    A - Yes, certification is required to use the State High fitness center.  Most students get certified during 9th grade PE.  Additional certification courses are run thoughout the year for a small fee.  A new parent permission form is needed each year, but students only need to get certified once.


    Q - My child had a concussion last year.  Can she play this year?

    A - "Return to play protocol" will be followed for all concussions, including a note from the doctor.


    Q - My child had an injury during the season. When can he return to play?

    A - Any injury must have a note from the doctor clearing the athlete to play.




    Thursday, September 26, 2019


    Officers were elected for the 2020 season and are as follows - 


    President : Kaylen D

    Vice President: Sydney M

    Secretary: Cassie A

    Treasurer: Mia W

    Sophomore Representatives: Laura H and Natalie R



    President : Nick D

    Vice President : Owen B

    Secretary : Shane F

    Treasurer : Cooper P


    Here is an overview of the notes from today’s meeting with important events:

    - The homecoming parade float theme will be “The moon is a glow in 20-2-0” or some variation, with a Halloween theme. The float decorating date is Sunday October 6th at 2:00 pm and will be at Taylor's house unless plans change. Bring Halloween supplies/ decorations you may have. The boys rugby team is also encouraged to come and help.

    - There will be an intro to rugby camp in the first week of November on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. More details will follow.

    - Make sure to let anyone who may be interested in rugby know about the opportunity. We may be trying to meet with various athletic teams to encourage participation.

    - Our parent rugby meeting will be in late January and the date will be announced closer to that time. Parents can come and learn more about the sport and what their child would be participating in. Specifics will be sent out at a later date.

    - If you are interested in participating in rugby please REGISTER. You can do so on the school website by going under activities, choosing rugby and clicking the forms and player information link.

    - Lastly, thank you so much to Mr. Kissel for allowing us to use his room for our meeting.

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