• Pre-Game Meals and Snacks

    Having the right mix of nutrients at the right time is key

    to maximizing your performance and competitive edge.  

    Pre-Game Snacks


    Tournament Meals and Snacks

    Nutrition is extremely important when playing multiple games during tournaments.  The following recommendations come from one of our former coaches.


     Main thing on game day is replenishing energy which is carb based and protein based. Sandwiches or anything with high protein and carbs work well.  Fruit is also good as the sugar is used as a carb fueling source during activity.


    Meals before tournament - Try to eat a lot of carbs in the breakfast and dinner before games.  ALWAYS HYDRATE!


    30-60 minutes between games - Gatorade, fruit bar, protein shake immediately after first game

    60-120 minutes between games - sandwiches, peanut butter & jelly, dried fruit, fruit bars

    120-240 minutes between games - full meal with good carbs like rice or potato, lean protein like chicken, fruits and veggies


Last Modified on November 13, 2022