• Important Papers Folder

    Your child’s Important Papers Folder will be sent home daily and should be returned to school daily.  It is very important that your child has his or her folder every day.  I have provided a very sturdy folder that should last for the entire school year. 


    Please use the folder to send notes, lunch money, PTO or school forms or any other kind of communication.  Please check your child’s folder daily and remove papers from the Remove and Review pocket.  Papers that need to be returned to school will be placed in the Sign and Return pocket.  Folders will be sent home even if they are empty so you have them to return things to school the next day such as lunch money or notes.  I have found that a daily folder works better than a weekly folder because things can be sent home or returned to school on any day rather than having to wait for a specific day to send communications.



    We will be using Seesaw to share classwork and classroom happenings.

    • Seesaw is a digital journal of student work.
    • Information about setting up Seesaw will be emailed home to you.
    • You will only be able to view your child’s work.
    • You will be able to comment on your child’s work.

    All content and student comments will be approved before a post is complete.


    Classroom Newsletter

    Our classroom newsletter will be shared through an email. Usually weekly though some weeks there may just be reminders. The newsletter will highlight our week and include communications about classroom and school events. A list of reminders and the snack schedule for the week will be included.



Last Modified on October 5, 2019