• Advanced Algebra 1 Retest Policy/Procedures

    1. Retests are required for any unit test with a score below an 80%.

    2. Retests are optional for any unit test with a score above an 80%.

    3. Students will be responsible for asking for an AREA/GROWLS pass to take

    the retest after they have completed the test corrections and studied.

    4. Students must take the retest prior to the next unit test.

    5. Students may come in for any AREA/GROWLS day except day 1.

    6. Tests may not leave the classroom.

    7. Test corrections must be done during class or AREA/GROWLS. Students can

    take their test corrections home to study. Also, study from the review in

    the packet, which is very close to the test.

    8. Test corrections must be turned in to get the retest.

    9. Students only need to retest questions they missed, but they will need to

    do all of the questions they missed (even if it is ó point off).

    10. Only 1 retest will be given for each unit test.

    11. There are no retests for mid-unit quizzes.

    12. Retest scores, even if they are lower, will be the final unit test score.

Last Modified on October 29, 2019