Booster Club Officers:


    Bobbi Knapp - President
    Chad Todd - Vice President
    Tara Shaffer- Treasurer
    Roxanne Corson - Secretary

    Chris Campbell- 8th grade Representative


    Booster Club meetings are for parents of all players from 7th-12th grade.

    We love having middle school parents be a part of what we do!


    Meetings are generally held once a month. If you would like to be added to the notifications, please contact Bobbi Knapp at knapp.bobbi@gmail.com or Roxanne Corson at scasd.softball.secretary@gmail.com


    See current Agenda and Minutes here.


    We the Booster Club welcome your family and daughter to State College Softball!

    The goals of the Booster Club are to provide enthusiastic support to the student athletes and coaches. We want to contribute to making the Softball experience educational, enjoyable, and create the environment for team success. We support the team through our dues, fundraisers and other contributions to provide:

    • Spirit gear for all players.
    • Travel meals and snacks for away games.
    • Optional winter work outs using facilities.
    • Training equipment and player gear.
    • Practice and Game day support.
    • Improvements to Softball Facilities.
    • Special Softball Event Days.
    • Year end Banquet.

    We are always in need for volunteers to help make the season a success, please contact one of the board members if you can make time to support the team.

    Welcome to the State College High School Softball Family


    State College Girl’s Softball First Pitch Social
    Not sure how it will look in the Spring of 2022 yet, but here's what it was in the past...


    All State College Girls MS and HS Softball Teams and their families

     The First Pitch Social is a wonderful opportunity to meet the members of the coaching staff, the players and their families as well as show support for our State College Softball program.  Important information will be shared about the season and the Booster Club.  We respectfully request that all players and at least one parent attend this important dinner meeting.

    Purpose of the Meeting:
    ·        Meet coaches and teams (Varsity, JV, Middle School)
    ·        Review softball program expectations, practice and game schedules, calendar of events
    ·        Review role of Booster Club and need for volunteers
    ·        Collect player dues ($85 per middle school player and $125 per high school player)
    ·        Distribute/Collect payment for discount cards (10 per player @ $10 each = $100)
    ·        Provide opportunity for players and parents to order Team apparel. Samples will be available
    ·        Open discussion for suggestions or questions
    ·        Other fundraisers we are doing:



    State College Softball Program Advertising

    The State College Lady Little Lion Fastpitch Booster Club and Athletes greatly appreciate your help and support in the upcoming season. You can help by placing an ad in the program for distribution to fans at all home games. The program will provide useful information about the players, coaches, schedules, and other team-related statistics associated with this year’s varsity, junior varsity, and middle school teams.

    Ads can be placed from a business or you can also have a family ad supporting your daughter or the team. For more information, please download the following forms, or contact nherncane@live.com if you have any questions.

    Sponsorship Ad Form

    Thank you for your continued support.  

Last Modified on January 18, 2022