• Vocabulary Journal Specifications: Due at the beginning of the class. Late journal (except for excused & unanticipated absenses) will not be accepted.

    • Fifteen words are due every Monday, either typed & printed or written VERY legibly.
    • Journals must be dated.
    • Source must be specific:
      • WRONG: New York Times/ RIGHT: New York Times 10/14/19 “What is wrong with Capitalism?”
    • All words (entries, definitions, sources, & sentences) must be spelled correctly.
    • All entries include word, dictionary definition, source information, & sentence revealing an understanding of the definition and correct usage of the word.
    • Sentences should begin with capital letters and end with end punctuation.
    • Entries cannot be from the current unit or past units of Word Power Made Easy.
    • Up to five words can be “Gary” words from Vocabulary Class.
    • Up to three words can be from classmates.

             No words are to be selected from word generating sources or dictionaries.


    Vocabulary Syllabus


    VERY Tentative Schedule (subject to change as needed)


    Monday:         Go over corrected test; answer questions.


                         Play vocabulary games if time and schedule permits. 


    Tuesday:        Book Work.


    Wednesday:     Book Work


    Thursday:         Vocabulary Journals due & Book Work. 


    Friday:              Test.


    Tests will consist of objective questions (completion, matching, multiple choice, etc.).  Every test will have the potential for 5 points extra-credit drawn from that week’s journal.

    Approximate pages of the Units:


    Unit 1:         19-53            Unit 2: 54-80


    Unit 3:         81-114            Unit 4: 115-147


    Unit 5:        148-181            Unit 6:  182-238


    Unit 7:        239-281            Unit 8: 282-340


    Unit 9:        341-391            Unit 10: 392-450


    Unit 11:        451-496           Unit 12: 497-527


    There will be a Midterm Exam (Units 1-6) and a Comprehensive Final Exam.



    Due 23 January 2020: 50 "cool" words (typed list; definitions are not necessary.




    Due 22 January: 50 Cool Words List

    Due 31 January: 15 Flash cards

    3 February: Test 1

    12 February: Journal 2

    13 February: Test 2


Last Modified on February 9, 2020