Are you ready for the challenge?

  • Students are invited to be a part of the Department of Gifted and Learning Enrichment Services Summer 2020 Champs Enrichment Camp.

    These courses are open to all SCASD students who will be entering 5th and 6th grade during the 2020-2021 school year.

    Options for students:


    • Week 1: Shapes Take Flight (July 6-9, 2020)


        • Exploring geometric shapes and their properties through bubble fun and kite construction.  Students will blow bubbles of various shapes and study their three-dimensional properties. Students will build kites and learn how to use a clinometer to calculate altitude.


    • Week 2: Geo-Mapping (July 13-16, 2020)


        • Students will explore plotting points on a coordinate plane and use of technology to create and solve GPS scavenger hunts. 


    • Week 3: Investigating Probability (July 20-23, 2020)


        • Students will create games of chance, investigate probability, and then showcase their learning and “take a chance” at a Probability Fair.


    • Week 4: Wind Turbines (July 27-30, 2020)


      • Students will research wind turbines, determine their parts/uses, build windmills, and conduct various cool experiments.


    Courses will be held at Corl St. Elementary this summer. Round trip, complimentary neighborhood transportation is available if needed. Each course costs $100.

    The registration form is below or can be picked up from your school's gifted support teacher.

    Space is limited so register today! Call 814-231-1054 for more information or questions!


Last Modified on February 14, 2020