Welcome to the Boys Lacrosse Booster Club! Our purpose is to provide support and assistance to the State High Boys Lacrosse program for both the varsity & junior varsity teams each season. Booster Club membership dues and fundraising efforts help to support the players, managers & coaches by providing away game meals, printing home game programs & schedule lanyards, Senior Recognition festivities & gifts, team celebrations, End of Season Banquet, and much more. We are able to help as much as we do thanks to parents and families volunteering their time to help with activities for the team. Our goal is 100% participation by all parents and families! 



    The 2023 Boys Lacrosse Booster Club is led by the following officers:

    The 2023 Boys Lacrosse Booster Club is led by the following officers:

    • President:  Dave Young
    • Vice President: Ryan Williams
    • Treasurer: Brett Hollern


    The Boys Lacrosse Booster Club is assisted by the following volunteers to take on the support activities required:

    •  Away Game Meals: Varsity- Tina and Jim Scourtis

    • Megan Weyandt

      • Cookie Donations for Away Game Meals: Jamie Cunningham 

    • End-of-Season Banquet: Tiffany Brushwood and 

    • Fundraising: Booster Club Reps 

    • Concessions:?

    • Merchandise:

      • Clothing Orders, Boathouse Jackets & Gear: Ryan Williams =

      • Team Clothing: Ryan Williams
        Programs/Lanyards at Home Games: Holly Salazer and Denise Cameron 

      • Scorekeeper/Stats: Does a parent want to do it?

    • GAME EVENTS (Assisting with Dave Young):

      • Military Appreciation Night: Maureen Kelliher

      • Senior Night: Dawn Keller

      • All-American Night:

      • Teacher Appreciation Night:

      • Youth Lacrosse Night: Stefani Bjorklund and Jeff Banks

      • Lax Mom Appreciation Night:

      • Rally Towel Giveaway:

    • Social Media:

      • Facebook] Coach Tyler Kaluza

      • Instagram and Twitter: Coach Tyler Kaluza

      • Student Social Media Team:

        • Jacob Will 

        • Leighton Smithwick

        • Michael Powell 

    • Team Photos: Stefani Bjorklund w/Todd Judd Photography

    • Webmaster: Coach Tyler Kaluz

Last Modified on February 9, 2023