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    Week of 4/6 - through remainder of remote learning

    Bi-weekly math assignment support/ concept review sessions are now scheduled online for my students in grades 1, 2, 3, and 5.



    In Math Club, students continue to work on number sense and problem solving-- students in grades 2-5 also work on building their fact fluency.

    Girls and boys in grades 2-5 may continue working on their fact fluency goals at home (as they have been doing regularly since the fall)-- Reflex or Incremental Rehearsal.  Students in grades K and 1, as well as all the other grades, may choose to work on IXL, which provides practice in each of the grade level standards.  For more variety of online grade level games, visit our Bridges resource link: https://www.mathlearningcenter.org/resources/apps.  Click on the "For Families" tab at the top, and then scroll down to the specific grade level to click again.  Scroll down to the bottom, and choose from games listed under specific math topics.


    Here are direct links to Bedtime Math's off-line activities, differentiated for all grades.  Enjoy! 


    Get a Jump on It   (Rather than using the game to practice facts, kindergarten learners can practice numeral writing to 20-- drawing two different hopscotch boards; numeral identification; counting forwards and backwards; saying the numeral that is one more or one less; and finding how many more hops from a given numeral to make ten.)



    Face Off, K-5





Last Modified on April 5, 2020