• Keep a journal.  It could be pictures or writing, or both, whatever you feel.
    • Practice printing neatly
    • I spy
    • 20 questions
    • Practice Phonemic awareness games,    and more here
    • Listening CAREFULLY to a song, do you "really" know the lyrics???
    • Read aloud (listening to someone read, or reading aloud to someone) 
    • Silent Reading
    • Describe your favorite character- see if someone can guess (ex. He is round, made of 3 circles, he makes funny jokes, he would melt in Florida)
    • Categorize--- a chair, a bed, and a table are all "furniture" (excellent for kids using AAC devices and learning to navigate!)
    • Face time a friend or someone in your family


    • Tell time on your clocks at home. 
    • Time yourself doing something.  How long did it take?
    • Look at your favorite videos- how long are they.  If you started watching them right now, what time would it be when the movie ended?
    • For my Disney fans out there with big collections ov videos--- pop in a movie--- find something to count--- ex. how many times do Anna and Elsa say the word "sister."  
    • Does someone in your house have a collection? Like movies???--- count how many you have. 
    • Count and compare: How many chairs are in your house?  In each room? Which room has the most? The fewest?
    • Take a walk, count your steps from one place to another--- ex. from the front door to the mailbox, how many steps is it?
    • Count money
    • Count by 5s, 10s, 20s and 25s.
    • Counting Games
    • Make patterns with objects-  ex.  knife, fork, spoon, knife, fork, spoon....

    Life Skills/Transition

    • MEMORIZE your name, address and emergency contact phone numbers--- you should be able to write these AND tell them to someone in case of emergency (or pizza delivery)
    • Help with chores! For real, you're going to be grown up one day.... if you want to be out there on your own, you gotta learn it!
    • Exercise-  whatever that looks like for you, do it! ;-)
    • Help with meal prep and clean up
    • Experiment with different outfits--- what's your style?  
    • Sort things out--- it's a great way to get organized-  match socks, organize your closet by color (yes, mine actually is!), tackle pantry or cupboard organization
    • Fold laundry-  particularly towels and washcloths--- practice folding in half, in a quarter, or a third, and wah lah!  Math and a clean house!
    • Label things--- learn some new words-  ex. grab some sticky notes or masking tape and have an adult help you write "chair," "cabinet," "oven" etc...
    • Make grocery lists


    • Get crafty!  Color, cut, glue---whatever you've got.
    • Odd sock art!
    • Have a dance party- experiment with different types of music--- slow, fast, rock, classic
    • Act out a scene from your favorite movie, be careful to memorize the words correctly and be dramatic!
Last Modified on March 20, 2020