• State College Area School District Remote Learning Plan K-12

    K-5 Remote Learning Plan
    6-12 Remote Learning Plan

    remote learning On Monday, March 30, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that all K-12 Pennsylvania schools will be closed indefinitely. During this time, we are still implementing a remote learning plan for our students. Beginning Monday, March 30, teachers will communicate specific expectations for particular classrooms and courses. To provide flexibility, our plan is mostly asynchronous, meaning that lessons and learning materials can be accessed throughout the day. In addition, teachers will be offering live opportunities for conversations and support.

    When we said “required” previously, we were trying to emphasize that we want students to engage. So what does required mean? The answer is that it depends on what grade level your child is in. 

    Elementary K-5

    For the elementary level, we want our K-5 students to engage in the learning opportunities that the teachers will be providing. We will continue our menu of options for learning over the next two weeks, March 30-April 6. No attendance will be taken, but teachers will give students feedback on their learning. Our K-5 remote learning opportunities website has information elementary families need to know about our plan.

    Secondary 6-12, including the Delta Program 

    At the secondary level, teachers will not be taking attendance but grading will occur. However, we are finalizing the details of how grading will work. Instruction and content will be delivered by our Learning Management Systems: Canvas, Google Classroom and now, Zoom. We will be running specific schedules for middle and high schools.

    For specific details of our secondary remote learning plans, including scheduling information, please view our 6-12 remote learning information

    Please note: We will be ending the third marking period as of March 6. Teachers will allow students to hand in any missed work for credit by April 8.

    We’re still trying to identify students who need a computer and/or Internet access at home. We are prepared to provide a Chromebook to any students, as well as support to families with Internet access issues. If your child already has a computer at home (laptop, Chromebook, tablet, iPad), that will work with our plan and you do not need to sign up. Please fill out this form if you require a device at home or lack Internet access. Once your need is identified through the form, we will contact you directly to fulfill your request. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your teacher or building principal.

    Our IT Department is available to help with any computer related or login issues. Please email itsupport@scasd.org or call 814-231-7743 for assistance.

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