• Hello! Thanks for your interest in finding out a little more about me. 

    My Journey in Education:

    My passion for learning and teaching began in my early childhood, which eventually led to me being a 4th and 5th grade classroom teacher at Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) in the early 1990s. 

    My classroom teaching experience has also been enriched by my many diverse roles in education over the years (e.g., a math coach at PPS, a K – 12 Math Coordinator at Bellefonte Area School District, an educational consultant for McGraw-Hill Education, and a Penn State Supervisor/Instructor of Mid-Level Math Student-Teachers).

    I am elated to return to my roots as a classroom teacher to work collaboratively with colleagues and students to continue to grow and enhance my teaching practice.  This will be my fifth year at SCASD teaching 6th grade Math. I am very excited about meeting all of my new 6th grade students this year at Park Forest Middle School!

    My Family:

    I live with my wonderful family… my husband, John, my daughter, Catherine (18 years old) and my son Aiden (16 years old) in Bellefonte, PA. 

    Catherine and AidenReed Family Kayak Trip  Steelers 2021Aiden Catherine Summer 2022     

    Of course, I must also mention the other important members of our family…  our dogs, Koda (husky) and Kaia (chocolate lab), and our cat, Sapphire. 

            Koda   kaia       Sapphire                                   

    Interests Outside of School:

    Outside of school, I like to spend time in nature. Some of the activities I am most fond of are taking a long hike in the woods, fishing, kayaking and watching hummingbirds at the feeders off my deck.

    Another interest of mine is traveling and exploring places and peoples in our country and around the world.  Of all the places I have traveled, my most relaxing trips typically involve hanging out on a beach somewhere; however, our family trip to Alaska in the summer of 2019 was one of my all-time favorites to date and there wasn’t a beach in sight. :)


    Denali Mountain in Alaska

            Denali Mountain in Alaska

    (This picture was actually taken with my iPhone.)

    One Final Note:

    I am extremely dedicated to creating classroom environments that provide all students with a safe, nurturing space to reach their fullest potential.