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    I am unsure when I will get to see you in person, but I do not want to wait to 'see' you we can start virtual and work together on way or another! 

    If you are interested in attending some or all of an 8 Week Speed and Agility Program, please complete this form. The program will run from Tuesday, Sept 22 through Thursday, Nov. 12.  

    Below you will find the schedule and the meeting links to attend the sessions.  


    Hello Everyone!  

    I am missing you all and I hope this message finds you doing well!

    Now that we have had some time to get use to our new schedules, I would like to offer another 8 week Speed and Agility program.  The program will start next week on Tuesday, Sept 29 and run through Nov.12.  Use this link to find out more information or sign up for a time. 

    This Wednesday, Sept 16 I am offering a sample session at 3 pm.  

    SAMPLE SESSION: if you are interested in seeing what a session will be like, come on Wednesday, Sept 16 at 3 pm! (click on the date for the google meet link)

    I wait 10 minutes past the start time of a scheduled session.  If I have no one by that time, I will cancel the session. 

    The plan...improve our balance, agility, form and athleticism! 

    Here are the things we will do: Warm up, plyometrics, running mechanics, agility ladder, athletic stance starts w/ short sprints (if possible), stretch.   

    What you will need: 

    1. You in athletic gear (especially proper shoes which should be tied)
    2. Open space: you can be outside, garage, basement.  Just make sure you are on a safe surface so you don't slide.  Rubber flooring is best, but do the best you can.  
    3. Cone, small object to jump over/around.  Start with something low (a piece of string will work!) 
    4. Agility Ladder: I have attached some instructions if you have some materials around your house that you can make one.  Be creative.  You can also use chalk or just pretend you have one.  The fact that you are here and trying is the most important thing.  
    5. If you have the space, measure out 5 yards.
    6. Bluetooth wireless headphones: help but are necessary.

    I'm very proud of you all for giving it a try!

    Please do not hesitate to email me with questions/suggestions.

    Have a great day,

    Coach Swauger



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  • Google Meet Sessions: (click on the time listed below for the google meet link to attend)

    These session start Tuesday, Sept 22 and will run through Thursday, Nov 12

    Tuesday and Thursday: 4:00-5:00 pm and 5:15-6:15 pm.  

    Wednesday: 3-4 pm


    Thank you for joining us!

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  • Dot & Cone Drills: We have started these drills, therefore if you can check out the instruction sheets so you have your drills set up ahead of time it will help.  I do review each session so do not worry!

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