• Meeting start time: 7:00

    In Attendance:

    Ann LaMotte
    Ann Limegrover Yvette Willson
    Jodi Thompson Rebecca Litzell
    Cathy Leonard-Hall Summer Radzanowski Margie Haller

    Treasurer Update:

    SCASD Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 30, 2020

    Account Balance: $23,700
    Still waiting on T-Shirt Vendor to send payment
    New Dues $50.00 -$25.00 for each additional athlete in the same family

    2020-2021 Projected income $21,400 2020-2021 Projected Expenses $21,200

    Banquet Update:

    Banquet must be moved to another date when the county will hopefully be in green and we will be able to proceed as planned.

    Prefer Monday dates ranging from the end of June into July
    Will send information out to families as soon as we have a possible date.

    Picnic Possibilities:

    May do team picnics if the banquet will not be possible.

    If needed each team Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School will each have their own picnic with the coaches and keep the number of attendees under 25

    Getting prices on boxed lunches

    Picnic location possibilities include school grounds, and parks Margie Haller will contact Center region parks and rec to see about reserving a pavilion

    Camp Update:

    Can not go to camp in Kutztown July 6th-9th as planned due to Covid-19
    We will have a Home camp that will be held at the high school August 13th-15th Camp cost is $199 per athlete

    The booster club will be paying $60.00 per athlete Clothing order forms to come


    Ultimate Subs and dumplings: Ann Lamotte will be getting information Car washes: Yvette Willson will be getting available dates and locations

    Next Meeting:

    May 11, 2020, 6:00 Zoom meeting

Last Modified on July 6, 2020