• Meeting start time: 6:00

    In Attendance:

    Yvette Willson
    Karrie Copp Argiro Tracy Binkley
    Ann Lamotte
    Margie Haller
    Gwen Bodner
    Ann Limegrover Summer Radzanowski

    Coach Webb:

    SCASD Cheerleading Booster Club Meeting Minutes
    Monday, June 1, 2020

    Coach Webb is home and recovering
    Booster club ordered flowers and is collecting money to send gift cards

    Treasures report:

    Account is a little under $24,000

    Received $1015.07 from T-Shirt vendor

    Ordered new signs and poms

    Dues form and payment are due August 1, 2020
    $50.00 per athlete and $25 for each additional family member


    Banquet still scheduled for July 20, 2020, 6:00-10:00 Mountian View Country Club Ann Lamotte has sent out the new E-Vite to families

    We have received no new information on seating, food set up, attendants, or social distancing procedures but have been assured by management they will have it set up following all guidelines, rules, and regulations.

    Elections for booster club officers:

    Elections for officers positions will be held at the next booster club meeting Positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
    Will discuss adding other positions to the booster club
    Would like a cheer member representative on the booster club

    Clothes orders due:

    Varsity Clothing Orders due June 26th PIN: 2020

    Collegiate Pride Clothing due July 17th

    Camp Update:

    Varsity and Junior Varsity camp will be held August 13-15

    Varsity and Junior Varsity camp cost $199.00 booster club is paying $60.00 per athlete Payment of $139.00 due July 17th

    Middle School Camp will be held August 13-14

    Middle school camp cost $163.00 booster club is paying $50.00 per athlete Payment of $113.00 due July 17th


    Ultimate Sub and dumpling orders due June 10th delivery due July 7th
    Car wash dates for July are cancelled per Mr.Weakland due to health and safety concerns

    Next Meeting: July 6, 2020, 6:00 Zoom Meeting

Last Modified on July 6, 2020